Airbnb etiquette

Airbnb etiquette 101: Helpful hints from the super hosts

Airbnb etiquettes can help you in numerous ways – increased booking, better rating, etc. It can also benefit you in many other ways also that are discussed below.

What are Airbnb etiquettes?

Etiquettes are a set of habits and rules that are followed in a special group. But do you know what Airbnb etiquettes are? These are rules that are followed by the people on this platform. These simple Airbnb etiquettes help in a lot of tough situations..

For a better host and guest experience

Airbnb etiquette plays a significant role in improving user experience and on the platform and also reduces problems. It is very effective because every user on this platform abides by these rules and follows standards. Consider an example that a host wants to a pet to your rental where it is not allowed; thus, the guest can call and ask the host about it. Then it’s up to the host that whether he allows it or not. This prevents further misunderstanding and also prevents future conflicts. 

Etiquette for Airbnb hosts (Tips shared by super hosts)

Your communication with your guest can become a deciding factor whether he will accept your booking or not. Our super hosts have shared some tips and tricks that you can use for Airbnb etiquette. Described below are the tips.

Be clear about your rules and requests

To follow good Airbnb etiquette, you must be clear and strict about your Airbnb house rules and try to make them follow by everyone. Including a copy of your rental rules in your Airbnb welcome letter or Airbnb listing can be a good option. You can add some special instructions in the Airbnb message. And make sure that your guests have read that message. If you have any appliances in your rental, then don’t forget to add it’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in your Airbnb message or welcome letter

If your rules are clear and obvious, then there is a lesser chance of any misunderstanding between you and your guests in the future.

Stay in contact with your guests

Always being in touch with your guest is a good Airbnb etiquette and can help you a lot as a host. Remaining in touch with your guest simply means that staying in touch from the booking date till your guest leaves your premises. Letting know that you are available there for guest’s help, they will enjoy your service. But make sure that you don’t make so many unnecessary messages to your guests. 

A good messaging strategy can help you a lot in getting the attention of your guests and ensure them that you are available for help. Responding to your guest’s messages is likely as important as sending them messages from your end. Until the checkout, date tries to maintain healthy relations with your guests. On the day of checkout, you send a short reminder message about the time of checkout to your guests. And if you manage to stay in contact with your guest during their stay, then there are higher chances for you getting a positive review. 

Be accommodating of guest’s requests where possible

It’s good to make and maintain some rules in your rental premises. But in some cases accepting a special request from a guest can help you a lot. If you put a little effort from your end, then it will make your guest’s stay memorable. While accepting a guest’s request, you should be precise because sometimes your guest’s request can be practical, but even in some cases, it won’t work for you. If you can, then be always ready to help your guest, but if you can’t, then don’t hesitate to decline the request. 

Have your Airbnb clean and ready before your guests arrive

Maintaining a clean and tidy vacation rental is one of the most necessary Airbnb etiquettes that you should follow. If your guest finds your rental premises dirty and messed when they arrive, then you can get bad Airbnb reviews. All the rooms and other spots of your premises should be clean and tidy, and you must look after it and if it’s dirty then make it clean. However, you can also hire Airbnb personnel for cleaning services. 

Always remember that the first impression is the last, and it counts a lot. Your guest’s experience when they visited your rental service for the first time might account in their reviews. It can also become a huge factor whether they recommend your place to other people or not. Maintaining a neat and clean environment possess your caring attitude towards your guests. 

Don’t disturb your guest during their stay

Remember that your guests are on vacation. And they have paid to maintain their privacy. Thus disturbing your guest’s privacy unreasonably might cost you a lot, and it is against Airbnb etiquette. These kinds of practices might hurt your guests. Abiding rules is good, but you can’t interrupt our guests every time.

If you ever need to visit your guest’s room, then try to know the suitable time to meet with them. As you confirm a time, then make sure that you don’t reach there too before or late the expected time. If your guest calls you for any help or they want any service from you, then you can visit their suit. And again, in this case, try to be on time.

Etiquettes for Airbnb guests

As a guest, it is always good to be polite and courteous while interacting with the host. If you do so, then your host will try to provide you the best experience on their premises. By following some simple tips and tricks, you can become a perfect guest and enjoy quality services from your host.

Communicate with your host

Your host will be in contact with you from the date of booking till your checkout to make sure that you should get everything you need. Good communication can play an important role in maintaining healthy relations between the host and the guest. But this communication shouldn’t be one way. That is, your host will message you about every update or regarding any information, and like a good guest, you should also acknowledge them and reply to their messages. You can even call your host in case of any queries or questions. 

If you have any changes in your plan, first let know to your host so that he can arrange accommodation facilities for you accordingly. Like if you are arriving late or early, tell your host so that he makes a change according to it. If you have any special request, then tell it previously to your host. 

Be honest and upfront

Being honest is one of the Airbnb etiquettes that should be followed by a host as well as the guest. As a guest, it is your duty as well as responsibility, to be honest with your host. Don’t try to hide things from your host and let him know everything. Like if you are carrying an extra pet or member with you, then you should previously acknowledge it to your host. 

Similarly, if you want to invite your friends to your stay, then you should ask for permission from your host. Also, if you aren’t convinced or unhappy with something, then make your host let it know because they are there to provide you the best service. So if they can improve any asked service, they will improve it. But make sure that you don’t unnecessarily trouble them. 

Try to be punctual

Your host might have arranged something special for you, so try to be on time while arriving. But if, due to some reason, you are not able to arrive on the specific date or time, then let your host know about it on a priority basis so that he can reschedule your arrangements. However, if you miss acknowledging it to your host, then there are higher chances that you might lose your stay. 

Treat their house as if it were your own home

As you are in someone else’s house so try to treat it as your own home. Mistreating your host’s place is against Airbnb etiquette. If you are unclear about operating any appliance or any other facility, then try to check it out in the Airbnb welcome letter and rental book provided by your host. But if still, you didn’t get how to operate any appliance, then in such case, you contact your host without any hesitation. 

A cleaning team would always be there to clean your room, but try to keep it clean and tidy from your side and don’t unnecessarily disturb the cleaning staff. Don’t use any dirty wrapper or dirty paper from the floor, and always try to clean your cutleries before you leave. Showing this kind of gesture will create a good impression of yours in front of your host.

Follow their house rules or any other requests

When staying in your host’s premises, try to abide by all the rules established by the host and keep in mind if any special request is made by your host. Always keep in mind that they have made these rules due to some reasons and not to trouble you. 

If you are in doubt about any rule, then you should clear it with your host at the time of booking to prevent further conflicts. Your host might compromise on any point but make it clear at the time of booking. 

Checkout at the specified time

As you are a guest in your host’s rental and you can stay there from the time of check-in till checkout. If you spend some extra time on that premises, then it is not covered in your Airbnb booking, and you might need to pay extra for it. Checking out the specified time mentioned by your host is an important Airbnb etiquette that should be followed by every guest. If you do so, then it will provide your host time to clean the room and make it ready for another guest. In some special cases, your flight is running late, or you can’t checkout at the specified time, then your host knows about it. 

Leave a review for your host

Your precious reviews count a lot in the Airbnb business. Leaving a review — whether good or bad, helps your host to know about the improvements that can be made to provide a better experience. Leaving a good review boosts up the host with confidence, and he can provide you even better service if you arrive next time there.

If you find any service inappropriate and wrong, then you can even add it in its review. But try to add both pros and cons of the service so that future guests can get a better insight about the place. If you simply add negative reviews or fake complaints, then you might look wrong, and it might be possible that your host might not provide you any bookings in the future.

Airbnb Etiquette FAQ


1. Who handles the property cleaning?

According to Airbnb etiquette, the host must clean and make the room ready after the guest’s checkout. The cleaning fee is not additionally charged by the guests, and it is included in the booking fee entitled Airbnb cleaning fee. This fee is used to buy cleaning equipment and hire cleaning personnel.

Not every host provides a cleaning service, and many hosts ask the guest to clean their room before leaving; thus, it should be cleared at the time of booking. This kind of practice is not common, but even though some hosts follow it. Hosts don’t charge cleaning fees in such cases, but still, they need to clean their plates and throw other waste in the dustbin. Also, in some instances, a guest may be asked to put used towels in washing machines. All the cleaning facilities s and their charges are mentioned by hosts in the listing, and you check it out there.


2. Who is meant to supply linen and towels?

Some general items like towels and linens are usually provided by the hosts in many cases as it is unexpected that guests will bring this stuff with them. But still, some hosts don’t provide you with such stuff, and it generally happens in case of low budgets. And if any host is doing it, he will describe it in their listing that what all stuffs you should need to carry with you.

How to get the right Airbnb supplies for your guests read here.


3. Are hosts and guests meant to hang out?

It completely depends upon the space of the premises you are staying in, like if you are living in a small rental space then, in this case, you might need to share some places like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and living area. This kind of situation is not usual, and only a few hosts allow this. Now the main question arises that are hosts and guests meant to hang out?

The answer is no, it is acceptable under some special circumstances, like if the host provides a tour guide. Otherwise, host and guest don’t hang out unless both parties agree on it.


4. Are guests meant to tip their host?

Tipping a host is not a good and uncommon practice because the cost of every service provided by the host is included in the booking fee, and you don’t need to provide the extra money. Tipping usually creates a bad impression on your host. Not every guest can afford to tip; thus, it is a negative activity that should be discontinued. But still, if you want to show a gesture of respect or want to appreciate your host, then you can leave a small present for them.

5. What happens in the event of cancellation?

Booking cancellation can be made from both the host as well as the guest’s end. It doesn’t matter that who cancels the booking, but the Airbnb Etiquette shows that while canceling a booking, both the parties should be previously acknowledged. This practice often helps to prevent further confusion and future conflicts. Depending upon the cancellation policy, a guest might need to pay a sum of money at the time of cancellation of booking if the booking is canceled after checking in.  


It can be difficult to follow Airbnb Etiquettes to your guest, but if you accomplish doing it. Then you are going to the benefited lot from positive reviews and preventing any future conflicts. The vacation rental software can help you in maintaining Airbnb Etiquettes and streamlining the whole process. This type of software can help you a lot in many different ways. For example Hosty.

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