Increase Airbnb Bookings

It’s time to get busy! Increase Airbnb bookings, and your profits will soar.

You have a beautiful rental in the perfect part of town. Your Airbnb listing is descriptive and you have tons of great photos. Your Airbnb price is right, your profile is complete, and you even give your guests chocolates when they arrive. So why aren’t you getting enough bookings? As we’re sure you’ve noticed, there are a ton of short term vacation rental properties out there. As the sharing economy becomes more popular, your competition increases. Making sure that you have a complete profile and a great listing are basic ways to get in the running. However, if you want to increase Airbnb bookings, you’ll need to do a little more. Add these strategies into what you’re already doing, and you’ll be sure to see an increase Airbnb bookings both now and in the long term.

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How to increase Airbnb bookings

Activate instant bookings

Both Airbnb and HomeAway recently changed their platforms to encourage users to book using instant booking features. If you’re not offering instant booking, you’re leaving potential money on the table. Turning on this feature will make your listing more attractive and will hopefully encourage guests to stay with you.

Respond to guest messages quickly

Guests love responsive hosts. It makes them feel valued and well taken care of. It also encourages them to give you a good review when their experience is complete. Responding to guests messages will help to increase your Airbnb bookings because hosts with better communication are ranked higher on the platform, giving you increased visibility.

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Think like a traveler

The best advice to help you increase Airbnb bookings is to think like a traveler. Take a good hard look at your rental and your city to better understand what motivates travelers to stay with you. Once you know what “it” is, think about how travelers would search for “it.” Match the language you think they would use in their search query. For example, if you live somewhere that’s known for its art and culture, make sure to highlight that in your listing. Mention your proximity to various theaters or galleries in the area, and highlight how your rental is a fantastic place to recharge after a long day of sightseeing. Using this method to hone your keywords will align your Airbnb listing descriptions with your potential guest’s searches, so your properties get seen more often.

Increasing Airbnb bookings only takes a few simple profile tweaks and some constant communication. If you’re persistent and think creatively, you can create a well-viewed listing that gets more views and more bookings. Happy Hosting!