Airbnb welcome letter

How to write an Airbnb welcome letter

Airbnb welcome letter is not just a piece of paper, it more than that and contains all essential details that you may need to share with your guests. It also plays a crucial role in making your guests relax in your rental services. Want to make one? If yes, then you need to know what all things you need to include in your letter to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests. 

If your Airbnb welcome letter sounds good, then you are going to win your guest’s hearts even before they arrive and check in on your premises. You might find this fancy, but many hosts have indeed agreed that a welcome letter is a key to their success. A decent and thoughtful welcome letter helps to create a good and caring image of a host. 

Are you trying to compose a welcome letter and need some help? Read below to get some knowledge about it.

What is an Airbnb welcome letter?

It is nothing but a simple welcome letter composed by a host for its guests. The letter is informative and consists of the necessary information about their rental services for vacation; it also helps guests to know about a host and its services. An Airbnb welcome letter should include everything that you need to share with your guests about their stay.

A welcome letter is a good messaging strategy that helps to enhance guest’s experience. An Airbnb letter plays a significant role in communication; thus, it needs to be precise. A good welcome letter helps you in certain ways, as described below.  

  • The letter helps your guests to have a brief about your rental services.
  • The letters help them to know about their stay and make them relaxed.
  • It shares a little information about the host’s premises.
  • It provides recommendations and suggestions to improve guest’s experience.

An Airbnb letter should contain essential information, but also it should have a friendly tone. Try to avoid formal language as much as possible. Try to reduce negative points, as it might sound strict. For example, if you want to say, “Smoking is not allowed on the premises,” you can say it as “you are free to smoke outdoors.”

What points should be enlisted in an Airbnb welcome letter?

A welcome letter is a good medium to communicate with your guests about the services and facilities provided by a host. Described below are some of the essential points that you need to include in an Airbnb welcome letter.

• Address and direction

It is important to keep in mind that your guests may be arriving at your place for the first time in their life. Thus it may become very difficult for them to navigate your location, and especially when your guests are arriving by airplane or train. 

However, adding some little details like direction, street or locality, and building number might help a lot in locating your destination. It is suggested to even add directions from the nearest train/bus station and airports. 

• Check-in and check-out instructions

A welcome letter should also include some basic information about checking in. The letter should include information about how to check-in, where you can find the keys or cards and codes in case of smart locks. Also, add basic information about check-out like time of check out, and some special instructions like collect your stuff before leaving.

More information about Airbnb self check-in read here.

• House rules

House rules may be mentioned in your advertisements and your premises as well. But guests usually don’t have a look at it. Thus the best way to make these points noticed by your guests is to enlist all points in the welcome letter.

• Wi-Fi instructions

Wi-Fi is among the services that are highly requested and used by the guests. On arriving at your destination, your guests might need to call and message their friends and family, and they need a working Wi-Fi connection in this case. Thus adding your Wi-Fi name and its password in a welcome letter might help your guests a lot. 

It is even suggested to add information about network strength in your Airbnb welcome letter. You can mention like the Wi-Fi network is weaker near reception and stringer in the other parts of the premises. Adding this point prevents further conflicts with your guests.

• Appliance instruction

It is not always possible that your guest would know operating appliances in your rental. There may be many appliances in your rental with which your guests may not be familiar. Appliances of different brands even work differently, and your guest may try to use it if they need it. Thus it is recommended to add details about the appliance in your rental and its SOP. Doing this might prevent a big disaster and can prevent guest complaints. 

• Your contact information

Contact information is very necessary to add in a welcome letter as it lets your guests communicate with you if they need something. Your guests might contact you if they face any difficulty. Thus you need to add an international contact number, an E-mail Id, and a local contact number in your welcome letter. Don’t forget to mention that you are there to help you and they can contact you whey they need. Adding this point assures your guests that you are there to help them when they need it. 

How to create an Airbnb welcome letter

Creating an Airbnb welcome letter is as simple as ordering a pizza! You can make your own, just by following some important steps and adding basic information. So are you willing to create a welcome letter, then you can make one by following the steps mentioned below?

• Select template

The first and foremost step while creating an Airbnb welcome letter is to select a template for your letter. You can select any template but remember that it should be attractive and soothing to the eyes. A template expresses a lot about your welcome letter, and thus it should be decent. 

• Add greetings

The letter starts with a greeting at the top, and you can start your letter with “Hi” (Recipient name). You can also use other greetings but make sure it should be informal and friendly. Even you can use some welcome quotes in greetings.

• Body

The body is the main section of your Airbnb letter and contains a lot of information about your welcome letter. This part of the letter should be informative and should share all the necessary details with your guests. The body should start with a welcome and ask about the journey of your guest. After that, you need to ask to introduce yourself in few words, and mention in short your profession and hobbies. You may also add the experience of guests who stayed at your place previously.

The next step is to add the address of your rental. At this point, you need to provide a complete address. Provide directions from the nearest airport bus and train stations. You can also add the contact number of a taxi driver. 

The next section includes basic information about checking in and checking out, like collecting keys/cards. And you may add special instructions for check-out, like time of check-out and collecting all your personal belongings. 

In the next paragraph, you need to include the rules that your guest need to follow in your rental. Add these rules one by one in a numbered form. After this, you can provide details of your Wi-Fi network, like the name of your Wi-Fi network and password. It is also suggested to enter the details about the network strength of your Wi-Fi network at different places of your rental. 

The next step involves adding information about electrical appliances available in your rental. Try to add these appliances in series and also add SOP (Standard operating procedure) of these appliances. The next and the last step are to add your contact details, add your international contact number, local phone number, and E-mail Id.

• Salutation

The last section of your Airbnb welcome letter includes salutation, and you can provide it as wishing you a comfortable stay and your name below. 

Why is the Airbnb welcome letter important?

An Airbnb welcome letter acts as a medium of communication between you and your guests, and also it assures your guests that you are there to help them. It also plays a crucial role in improving your guest’s experience. It provides a better experience to your guests, and you can get a good rating for your service and can also be get recommended by your guests.

How to make your Airbnb welcome letter better than others

Guests come and go, but your services shouldn’t be affected by it because it several attracts many new guests. A guest will surely recommend your rental service to other people if he/she enjoys your service; thus, you need to provide a better experience every time at your rental.

However, a welcome letter can help a lot in showcasing your services; thus, you follow the below steps to make it better.

  • Try to address your guests with their names in the letter, and don’t forget to ask about their journey.
  • Provide a brief about you like your profession and hobbies.
  • Add some of the best facilities provided by you. 
  • Try to relate with your guests in some points, like if your guest is arriving with family, then try to mention the recreational activities that their children can enjoy in your rental. You can also mention other facilities like a cafe, bar, and gym.

A personalized Airbnb welcome letter provides a great experience to guests. Thus designing an attractive welcome letter can showcase your facilities in a better way. 

What’s the best time to send a letter to your guests?

The best time to send the welcome letter to the guests depends upon the host. Like some hosts send this when they get a confirmation from the guests, some of them send it at the time of booking. If you send the letter immediately after booking, then your guests might forget some important points mentioned in the letter. And if you send the letter just before arriving of your guests, then they might didn’t get time to read it. 

Thus the best time to send an Airbnb welcome letter is a week before arriving. You can add this letter as an attachment with your official confirmation E-mail. Some hosts also provide a printed copy of that letter at the time of arrival of guests. If you are leaving the copy of this letter in the guest’s room, then try to keep it in an easily locatable place like behind the door.

Should I include a welcome letter in Airbnb welcome book?

A welcome book is a short book that displays the facilities and services provided by the host. And almost every host provides this book to their guests. Some hosts add this welcome letter in the Airbnb welcome book, so it is noticed by the guests. It is one of the best techniques used by hosts to add their Airbnb welcome letter.

What tools can be used to create an Airbnb welcome letter

Creating a welcome letter is not a difficult task, and you can create one by using numerous tools available on the web. Some of the popular tools used to create welcome letters are described below. 

• Canva

It is professional poster-making software that is used to create templates, posters, letters, business cards, etc. It is one of the most popular tools used for creating welcome letters and is used by professionals.

• Stencil

It is a popular graphic design tool very common nowadays; you can use it to create your personalized letter. The tool is easy to operate, and thus it is commonly used by beginners. 

• Easil

It is a popular alternative of Canva, not much popular but still a useful tool. You can use this tool for editing and creating Welcome letters.


Airbnb welcome letter is the most effective and efficient way of briefing about your services to your guests. This welcome letter shares some of the necessary information with guests and provides them a better and unique experience.