Airbnb SuperHost

Everything You Need To Know About The Superhost Badge On Airbnb

Now that you have become a host on Airbnb, here’s what you need to do next to take your business to the next level. Yes, you have to work towards becoming a Superhost and this article will explain how you are going to get there.

Airbnb Superhost Status

Airbnb has a program to identify the best hosts on the platform and recognize them with a superhost status. This is displayed on their profile and listing on Airbnb. This program basically evaluates the performance of hosts by a certain set of criteria and awards them with the Airbnb superhost badge. People trust those with Airbnb superhost status more and this helps them earn more. 

Airbnb decided to launch this program to help customers identify the best hosts on their platform. Before this system, it was found that on an average, more than 75% of the hosts had ratings above 4.5. This alone was not enough to distinguish the best hosts or properties and hence, Airbnb came up with this more critical system.

When you think about it, most platforms nowadays have this program of verifying certain profiles or listings and customers involuntarily prefer them than non-verified ones. Think of the Airbnb superhost tag as similar to the Instagram blue ticked profiles or Amazon’s Choice products. You will obviously feel that the verified ones are safer and opt for them. This same thing happens with Airbnb Superhost as well.

Criteria For Airbnb Superhosts

Airbnb has designed a criterion based on which a host may qualify as a Airbnb superhost. Airbnb checks the profiles of hosts once every three months and if they match the criterion, then they can get the Airbnb superhost tag. This check happens during the first of January, April, July, and October. There is no need for you to apply for a superhost status as these checks are carried out for every host and are updated automatically.

These regular checks are carried out for superhosts as well. If they fall below the standards, then they will not be allowed the Airbnb superhost tag. It is essential for any

Airbnb Superhost to understand that only achieving this status is not enough, you have to strictly maintain it. Here is everything you need to know about becoming an Airbnb superhost:

  • Maintain an overall rating of 4.8 throughout the year. Also, ensure that at least half of your guests leave a review after their stay.
  • Complete at least 10 reservations in a year or be booked for 100 nights minimum as 3 different stays. This will show that you are experienced and customers will gain a sense of trust towards your listing.
  • Maintain a response rate of 90% towards the queries or messages from guests. This means that you need to respond within a day (24 hours) from when the message was sent. More active hosts are a good sign for guests.
  • Maintaining no cancellations status; you must cancel only less than 1% of the time as guests will feel more trusted with a person who does not cancel. One who cancels frequently for whatever reason will have a negative impression on potential guests.

However, in case of extreme and unavoidable situations and if the host is forced to cancel, Airbnb will waive the charges and not record the cancellation. You can check out the Airbnb website for more information on what situations come under this in their Extenuating Circumstances Policy.

How To Become An Airbnb Superhost?

As you have read in the above section, you need to fulfill those four requirements in order to achieve your status of Airbnb superhost. Well, in order to fulfill those requirements, there are certain other things that you need to do. When all these add up, you will find that you are qualified as a Airbnb superhost.

Update Listings

Most of the hosts fail to renew their listings after the initial setup process. This is usually a cause for your bookings to decrease over time. Make sure that you update your listings constantly; according to your target segment, according to the tourist season and also in line with the changes that you introduce at your property. Even if you had a paint job done, click new pictures and replace them. In case you have introduced a jacuzzi or installed an oven, make sure you update it on the amenities list.

Another important way to stay ahead of the game is by taking the reviews or suggestions of guests seriously. If a guest complains that your property does not have sufficient lighting, then go ahead and fix it.

You must also ensure that your listings’ photos are genuine and are not manipulated in any way.

Correct Pricing

You must never try to price your property more than it is actually worth. Make sure that it is correctly priced and that you get a suitable profit as well. An extra expensive one will not attract many bookings and a cheap one will not bring you profits. Thus, you must strategically price your property. Either you can opt for manually changing your prices by setting two different rates – one for the weekends and one for weekdays. You can also modify this pricing during the peak season and low season.

However, if you wish to maintain your occupancy throughout the year without putting pressure on yourself to decide the right price, then opt for automation by using Airbnb management software, like Hosty. Their dynamic pricing system will change the rate for every night by comparing the rates of nearby stays on all platforms and decide on a competitive price for your property.

Excellent Management

Management of your property is a very important issue as your guests leave their review based on their experience only. Make sure that your property is well-maintained, immaculately clean and suited for the needs of the guests. Ensure that after each stay, the property is cleaned thoroughly, waste is disposed and the sheet and towels are changed. Check if all the lights and electrical appliances are in working condition.

Create Experiences

The main reason why travelers prefer Airbnbs is because of the home-like comfort that they receive. Unlike regular hotels or resorts, Airbnb caters to guests personally. Thus any guest will expect that warmth and welcoming vibe during their stay. So make sure you live up to those expectations. Try to be as creative as possible to create a good experience for your guests.

You can offer them a sightseeing guide or cab services if requested. In case you offer complimentary breakfasts, you can make it with the local flavor. Be happy to help your guests anytime during their stay and give them the assurance that you are always available to reach out.

Follow The Rules

Airbnb has a list of rules that all hosts must follow. Similarly, the rules for rentals also vary with each location, so make sure you are aware of those rules as well. It is good to keep yourself in check with respect to the law as any legal dispute can prove bad for business.

If there are any licenses or permits that you are required to obtain, then complete those formalities without fail. Similarly, take care of all tax-related processes diligently.

What Benefits Do Airbnb Superhosts Get?

You will obviously wonder why becoming a superhost is a big deal. If you didn’t know, there are some perks attached to it that will help you accelerate your business.

  • Visibility – Airbnb Superhosts get more visibility for their properties. Your property might get featured in the advertisements or suggestions posted by Airbnb.
  • More Bookings – One of the main advantages of being a Airbnb Superhost is that you can gain more bookings. While searching for a suitable stay, people have the option of switching on the Airbnb Superhost filter which will display only the listings of Airbnb Superhosts. You can see how much of an advantage this is for you. The reason why people tend to opt for Airbnb Superhost stays is that the verification makes it feel more trustworthy.
  • More Profits – The increase in the number of bookings will automatically reflect in your profits as well. Even if you plan to increase your price slightly, people will still choose you due to the trust you display.
  • Other Perks – Every time you pose a query to any of the Airbnb service centers, your query will be prioritized. Airbnb Superhosts who perform really well will be invited for Airbnb meetings. If the Superhost status lasts for a year, then you will receive a coupon of $100 which you can use for your Airbnb trip.

Moreover, studies have proven that the listings of Airbnb Superhost tend to achieve better results. Their occupancy rate increases by 80 percent which leads to the income increasing by 60 percent per day.

Can Airbnb Revoke Your Badge?

With an additional feature of the Airbnb Superhost tag, comes certain responsibility as well. Airbnb is very strict about hosts misusing the Airbnb Superhost badge on other platforms by claiming to be an Airbnb representative or for commercial purposes. If there are any issues with your listing that violate Airbnb’s terms or if you fall below the standards required for an Airbnb Superhost, the badge will be removed.

While the Airbnb Superhost badge might not really seem much to you, it does enhance your performance on multiple levels. But to get here, you need to commit yourself with your task at hand – managing your properties effectively and then the other pieces will fall into place. You can also track your performance and see how the Airbnb Superhost status has changed it. Keep in mind that though the process may seem tedious, your results will be worth it!