Airbnb double booking

Tips To Prevent Airbnb Properties Double Booking

Airbnb double booking is the most common problem faced by the hosts. Double bookings mean when two guests book your listing for the same dates. It generally happens during the high-demand season, and it is dangerous for your Airbnb business. In the case of Airbnb properties double booking, you will have to cancel one booking. As you know Airbnb does not appreciate canceling bookings. Even the Superhost criteria involve a 0-cancellation rate. You will have to be careful and follow the tips to prevent your business from Airbnb properties double booking.

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1. Strict Check-In And Check-Out Dates Policies

Often guests will ask you to change the check-in and check-out dates. You can easily adjust the dates according to their needs when your property is available. However, if you already have a booking, a day after the scheduled checkout, then the shift would result in Airbnb properties double booking. If you are lenient with such policies, then double booking could become a frequent problem for you. It appears beneficial to accept an extension in stay and increase the earning per booking. However, in long term, you will disappoint the next guests and face the threat of bad reviews.  

To prevent yourself from such situations, you can set strict check-in and check-out date policies. You can clarify in advance that your property is not available after the said date so, there will be no extensions. Also, incorporating a time frame for giving notice in advance is a practical solution. Instead of suddenly requesting you to shift the schedule the guests will be required to send you prior notice. You can use this time to cross-check the bookings and ensure that there will be no double booking. This applies to both check-in and check-out dates. Inform your guests that your property is occupied, and if they arrive before check-in time, you will not be able to help them. It is advisable to specify such instructions before booking. In case the guests have flexible plans, they will know that you can not allow any extensions an early arrival.

2. Synchronized Calendar For Multiple Platforms

If you have listed the same property on different platforms, then the chances of facing double booking are higher. The property will be booked on both platforms for the same dates and eventually, you will have to cancel one booking. To prevent such problems, you will have to update your calendar regularly. When your property is booked on one platform then you will have to block the dates on the calendar of the other platforms. Thus, the guests won’t be able to book your property on any other platform.

However, it could be difficult to manually update the calendar on every platform, and the time taken will still pose the threat of double booking. While you log in to every account and block the dates, someone might just double book your property. You can not afford to waste a second once the property is booked. You will have to work smartly and act quickly. If you can’t update separately use synchronization and if you cant update manually use automation. 

You can use tools like google synchronized calendar to integrate all your accounts and make it easier for you to block the booked dates. For even more effective performance you can use the integrated calendars offered by Management software such as Hosty. Hosty’s Multi Calendar will automatically block the dates if a property is booked on any other account. This will ensure complete freedom from double booking concerning multiple platforms.

3. Constant Manual Check For Airbnb Properties Double Booking

There is nothing better than a manual check to prevent double booking. Yes, the automation is taking off the multiple platforms but what about the multiple listings of the same property on the same platform? For increasing the number of bookings, hosts often list different rooms in the house separately and then also list the house as a whole property. This means if you have a 2 floors house with 3 bedrooms then you have a total of 4 listings on Airbnb. 3 listings for the separate rooms and 1 listing for the whole house. Now, if a person books the single room and for the same dates other guests book the whole house then you will be again in the dilemma of double booking.

This problem can be effectively tackled through manual checks. However, the integrated calendar will help you to check effectively and save time for logging in and out for each listing. If you find that a single room is booked, then block the dates and prevent yourself from the mess of Airbnb properties double booking.

4. Strict Long Term Guests’ Policies

Long term guests can be another reason behind Airbnb properties double bookings. Most of the long-term guests are uncertain of the checkout and they don’t confirm any dates. This uncertainty prevents you from making the dates available which might result in the loss of numerous bookings. If you assume the checkout date and the guests extend their stay, you will have to cancel the next booking. You can avoid this with the help of strict policies. Inform your guests in advance that you will need a specific date.

Double booking can be terrifying, but now that you know the tricks to prevent such situations, you can relax. These tips will help you generate good reviews and cancel fewer bookings. The common link between all these tips is Hosty management software. From conveniently mentioning the policies in your listings through the integrated dashboard to automated blocking of dates, Hosty will help save yourself from the stress of Airbnb properties double booking. You can also use the AutoMessage feature to send automated messages regarding the strict policies so that your guests will be well informed. From the Multi Calendar to the central inbox, every service will help you keep track and prevent Airbnb properties from double booking.