Airbnb Cleaning Fee

Airbnb Cleaning Fee – To charge or not to charge?

Pricing your property is an important and extremely difficult task. You have to decide the perfect price that will attract potential guests and at the same time bring you profits. There are numerous elements to consider while deciding your property’s price, such as amenities available and the service fees. Airbnb cleaning fee is one of the most difficult factors. It is an additional service fee that you may or may not charge from your guests.

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Since the Airbnb cleaning fee has both negative and positive impacts on your business it is a great responsibility to make the right decision. Whether to charge or not to charge? The following paragraphs will help you understand Airbnb cleaning fee in-depth so that you can make an informative decision. In short term rental business, every single decision taken by you affects your business. First, examine the situation carefully and then make your final decision about the Airbnb cleaning fee.

Advantages of Airbnb cleaning fee

Charging Airbnb cleaning fee could be beneficial for your business. There are numerous advantages related to the Airbnb cleaning fee.

Covers up the cleaning cost

The purpose of the Airbnb cleaning fee is to cover the primary cleaning cost after the check-out. You need to clean your property only because someone stayed at it. It is fair to ask for a cleaning fee from the people who aroused the need to clean your property.

Guests can review their stay using 6 categories that include cleaning. This means, no matter if you charge an Airbnb cleaning fee or not you have to incur the cleaning expenses. A host needs to maintain the cleanliness of his/her property. If you charge the Airbnb cleaning fee, then the cleaning costs will be covered by the guests. Thus, the Airbnb cleaning fee helps you to save the cleaning expense and invest in other beneficial strategies.

Helps to maintain your property 

Due to the budget constraints often you have to clean your property by yourself. Outsourcing the cleaning function is not an affordable option for the hosts who do not charge an Airbnb cleaning fee. Whereas if you decide to charge the Airbnb cleaning fee then you can avail of the professional services and maintain your property in order. Airbnb cleaning fee helps you in taking good care of your property thus ensuring high-quality service to the Airbnb guests.

Provides better guest experience

Airbnb cleaning fee allows you to employ experts for cleaning your property. A professionally clean property will contribute to enhancing the customer experience. Your potential guests expect a clean and comfortable place to stay. If you stand up to their expectations, then you gain good reviews. Guests are always impressed by a well-maintained house whereas a single piece of trash could also upset them.

Disadvantages of Airbnb cleaning fee

For taking the right decision you should know about both the advantages and disadvantages of the Airbnb cleaning fee. Charging Airbnb cleaning fee has a severe impact on your listing. These negative impacts repel potential guests and stand as disadvantages in your path. You can charge the Airbnb cleaning fee using two methods- include it in the overall price or charge as an additional fee. Both the techniques affect your listing adversely and differently.

Increases the overall price of your property 

If you include the Airbnb cleaning fee in your overall price then your listing will cost higher. Generally, the potential guests sort their preference listing using price. If your property will price higher because of the Airbnb cleaning fee, then you will lose many potential guests with budget constraints.

Many times, it happens that people like your listing but never book with you. A reason behind this could be your higher listing price. You have to set the pricing very carefully and try to stay reasonable. Sometimes adding an Airbnb cleaning fee in the overall price discourages the guests to book your property.

Could be a deal-breaker for some guests

A potential guest is interested in your listing. The price also fits in his budget. But wait! They notice the additional fee and pass your listing. This can be a typical scenario for some guests if you decide to add the Airbnb cleaning fee as an additional fee charged per night. Many people feel that additional fees are unnecessary expenses, charged in order to exploit the customers.

 Additional fees are frowned upon by the majority and thus repels your potential guests. People desire to invest in beneficial services and the Airbnb cleaning fee is just a deal-breaker for them. Some guests also believe that the cleaning fee is your responsibility and you should not charge it as an additional fee to the guests.

Important things to consider before the final decision

Now you have to consider 4 important factors before deciding whether to charge or not to charge. After studying the positive and negative impacts of the Airbnb cleaning fee on your business, it’s time for you to think about a few important elements and then decide wisely.

  • Size – The space and property type you are offering plays a great role in decision making. Generally, it is advisable not to charge the Airbnb cleaning fee for small size properties. For example, if you have listed a small apartment that can be efficiently cleaned using a low budget, then you shall not charge Airbnb cleaning fee from the guests.

Since spacious properties require more care and professional cleaning services, you can charge an Airbnb cleaning fee for maintaining them. Your decision is based on how complicated is to clean your property?

  • Service – The type of cleaning services you avail directly influences your decision. You might clean by yourself or hire a local cleaner or even book a professional cleaner for professional services. You have numerous options to choose from. Every different option costs differently and thus it will help you decide. If your cleaning services generate heavy bills, then it is wise to charge the Airbnb cleaning fee. Whereas if you maintain your property cost-efficiently and it is not a financial burden you shall not bother the guests with the additional fee.
  • Target guest Your target guest groups influence each and every decision related to short term rental business. You have to formulate every strategy including pricing only after considering them. If your target guests travel with a tight budget, then it will be a bad idea to charge the Airbnb cleaning fee. Whereas if you target families that enjoy luxurious getaways then a small cleaning fee won’t affect their decision. You have to consider whether your target audience will accept the Airbnb cleaning fee or not.
  • Competition – Airbnb is a competitive platform. You can not charge the Airbnb cleaning fee and sit back while all your potential guests show more interest in your competitor just because they are not charging the service fee. You have to study your competitor’s strategy. Observe whether they are charging an Airbnb cleaning fee or not. If yes, then how much are they charging and what method are they employing?

You have to decide about the Airbnb cleaning fee based on your preferences and requirements. You have to align your business strategy with the decision of the Airbnb cleaning fee. Fortunately, Airbnb is a flexible platform and allows you to change your pricing according to your convenience. However, if you manage multiple listings it could be a burden to log in in every account individually and then update the pricing. You can easily update the Airbnb cleaning fee by using Hosty’s Airbnb management software. The Integrated platform will allow you to access and edit the Airbnb cleaning fee related to different listings from a single dashboard.

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