Airbnb Reviews

How to write and receive the best Airbnb Reviews

Opening your home to a random stranger is a new concept that’s still foreign to a lot of people, both hosts and guests alike. Despite this, the sharing economy is becoming more and more popular as travelers worldwide enjoy the convenience and advantages of home rentals.

Just as you’d always check reviews for a new Sushi restaurant, a tattoo shop, or an airline, checking reviews for an Airbnb rental is a great way for savvy guests to make sure their vacation rentals are credible.

Great Airbnb review is a way to help ease the uncertainty of renting a stranger’s home, just as they’re important for hosts to vet a potential renter. Reviews help to establish credibility and put both guests and hosts at ease. A good Airbnb reviews from a guest can help solidify you as a premium listing in your market and help you obtain more bookings.

If you do get a negative Airbnb reviews, take it seriously and reply to it appropriately. If a guest notes a problem, make sure you’re addressing it. Don’t just write them off as a “complainer” or a “difficult guest.”  Maybe your rental does need a new coat of paint, a professional steam cleaning, or upgraded security features. A negative comment or bad Airbnb reviews are an excellent opportunity to evaluate your business and make sure that you’re doing everything to make it better.

How do I get guests to leave Airbnb reviews?

So you know that getting reviews is an incredibly important aspect of running a successful Airbnb Business. So can you encourage your guests to write positive reviews for you? Thankfully, Hosty’s Airbnb property management software has you covered. Utilizing our AutoMessage and AutoReview Features will turn your business into a positive review machine. Use the AutoMessage feature to send messages to your guests, reminding them to leave a positive review after they’ve checked out. Then, employ AutoReview function to automatically leave a review for your guest, detailing their positive attributes and the care they had for your property. After all, a guest is more inclined to write a positive review about your property if they receive one from you first. Click here to learn more about Hosty’s Airbnb Automation features.

Lost for words when writing a review on Airbnb?

You know it’s important to write quality reviews for your guests. So how do you actually write a review that’s useful to them? When writing a good Airbnb guest review, make sure that you thank them for their stay and compliment their communication, cleanliness, and responsibility.

Still, have a writer’s block?

Here are a few Airbnb guest review examples to help spark your creativity.

“Tina was a great guest! She was polite, respectful and was very easy to communicate with. Thanks for staying with us! We hope you loved Vancouver as much as we do!”

“Joe and his family were wonderful to have as our guests. They treated the place as their own and were beyond considerate to our neighbours. I definitely recommend them to other hosts and would love to host them again!”

“Thank you for being such a fantastic guest, Eliza! Eliza and her friends were easy to communicate with and left our place spotless. Would definitely host her and her friends in the future.”

Remember: With Hosty, responses like these can be saved and reused to make your communication simple and efficient.

The difference between a good Airbnb Business and a Supremely Successful one is great Airbnb reviews. Using some of the Airbnb review templates above coupled with the supreme convenience of Hosty’s automation features, you’re bound to have 5 stars and tons of great reviews in no time.