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Hosty is simple and intuitive Airbnb property management
software focusing on Airbnb management businesses

Just three easy steps to automate your vacation rental business
with powerful Airbnb property management tools:


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Hosty Airbnb Management App

Check out Hosty Native Airbnb Management App that helps you to perform all day-to-day operations on the go.

Handle all your Airbnb guest communications, accept & decline reservations, write reviews, make changes on your multi-calendar, work with your team and delegate tasks. Available on App Store and Google Play.

Exceptional Airbnb Property Management Software features
that work on all desktop and mobile devices

Airbnb Multiple Accounts

Manage all of your accounts in one place. Use single online platform to organize and control multiple Airbnb accounts without the headache of logging in and out.

Airbnb Listing Management

View and edit all of your Airbnb listings from multiple accounts in one app. Seamless account integration for maximum productivity.

Airbnb Central Inbox

Never miss a message again. View, send and reply to messages from all of your guests using powerful Airbnb central inbox feature.

Airbnb Multi Calendar

Effortlessly keep tabs on the daily calendar activities of your rentals from multiple Airbnb accounts. Review and edit bookings, change prices and manage calendar availability with ease.

Airbnb Booking Management

Sophisticated booking dashboard to manage all reservations. Accept or reject incoming bookings, view and edit confirmed reservations. Use our innovative filter tool to make Airbnb booking management simple again.

Airbnb Automations

Airbnb communication and price management made simple. Automate guest relations, price adjustments and guests reviews to save time, increase revenue and keep your Airbnb response rates high.

Channel Manager

Manage calendars and reservations from 3rd party short-term rental booking platforms. Sync all calendar data from VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com, TripAdvisor with Hosty’s calendar, and forget about double-booking issues.

Airbnb Task Management

Delegate responsibilities amongst your team and increase overall Airbnb business productivity by taking advantage of our task management solution. Distribute tasks with deadlines to your support staff.

Airbnb Report Management

An essential part of any Airbnb Management Software is the ability to get detailed statistics of your portfolio’s performance. Get a breakdown of your revenue, utilization, average nightly rates, and other metrics.

Airbnb Review Management

It is crucial to have instant access to the overall ranking of your Airbnb listings. Review past stays, check the performance of your entire portfolio, and respond to guest’s feedback in a matter of a few clicks.

Airbnb Mobile Management App

Stay on the cutting edge of technology using our vacation rentals app with Unified Inbox feature and never miss a booking request again.

Hosty’s Airbnb Management Software Reviews

“Very happy with Hosty management software. They deliver what was promised during the demo. Their Multi-Calendar and Inbox features are amazing to work with. Thanks, guys!”

“We’ve been searching for Airbnb management software with strong mobile app and found it with Hosty. Intuitive, simple, functional. So far no complaints and positive experience with all of the features. “

“Overall good experience with this software. It was great to find their native mobile Team and Task Management features. The only downside is missing the website builder, but I’m told it’s in the pipeline.”

“Free plan of up to 4 Airbnb listings was a great starter for us to check out this management software. It is very simple to navigate and has a wide range of features that our PMs use daily. Will recommend to other hosts.”

“At first I was attracted to Hosty by their rates, but now I’m certain it was the right decision considering the list of features, usability, their app, etc. We are still exploring all the tools and loving the smooth and intuitive user interface.

“We have tested a number of other platforms before came across Hosty. Loved their one-click integration with Airbnb and ability to create new listings directly from within Hosty. We look forward to their next software update.”

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Vacation Rental Software FAQ

Airbnb Management Software is a cloud-based property management software with native Airbnb API integration, which allows you to handle daily issues that managers are faced with when dealing with multiple Airbnb accounts and listings. Here is a set of basic features every Airbnb Management Software must have:

  • Airbnb Central Inbox, also called Airbnb Unified Inbox, allows managers to work with  messages from all Airbnb accounts in one place.
  • Airbnb Multi-Calendar allows to work with all Airbnb listing’s calendars in one dashboard, manage prices, availabilities and reservations.
  • Airbnb Listing Manager designed to create new and edit existing listings and manage listings’ settings such as property description, photos, amenities, pricing, availability, house rules and more.
  • Airbnb Booking Manager allows to take care of all incoming reservations, inquiries and requests while making special offers and sending pre-approvals.
  • Airbnb Automation is a wide range of features designed to increase manager’s productivity and includes things like Auto-Task, Auto-Message, Auto-Review, Auto-Publishing.

The following extra features are good add-ons to the basic Airbnb Management Software tools:

  • Airbnb Channel Manager for maximum exposure of Airbnb rental portfolio on multiple vacation rental platforms like Booking.com, VRBO, TripAdviser, Expedia, etc.
  • Airbnb Task Manager to delegate tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, admin support, management.
  • Airbnb Review Manager fully automates the process of leaving reviews for Airbnb guests.
  • Airbnb Team Manager allows to add/remove team members and assign special permissions to them.
  • Airbnb Financial Manager is a dashboard for all financial reporting on the performance of rental portfolio such as profit margin rate, utilization rate and others.

Any business that manages multiple Airbnb accounts knows the constraints and limitations of working without professional Airbnb Property Management software. There are two main user groups of management software: medium/large property management companies and small Airbnb management businesses.

  • Medium and Large Airbnb Property Management Companies typically manage more than 50 listings with a team of property managers and support staff such as cleaners, admin, and maintenance staff. These companies will especially benefit from the use of Team-Management and Task-Management features by assigning tasks to team members, receiving notifications about completed tasks, prioritizing tasks, re-assigning tasks to different team members, and more.
  • Small Airbnb Management Businesses that handle rental portfolios from 2 to 50 Airbnb listings would benefit from automating recurring tasks through the use of automation tools such as Auto-Message, Auto-Review, or Auto-Task. By automating these tasks they can focus more on customer service and expansion of their businesses.

When you decide to enter Airbnb property management business and begin growing your rental portfolio you soon will realize that it is not possible to continue without the use of professional Airbnb management software. Here are the top reasons why you need professional Airbnb Management Software:

  • One Dashboard for all Accounts – Airbnb Management Software allows you to manage unlimited number of accounts/listings from one dashboard using central inbox, multi-calendar, listing manager, etc.
  • Boost Your Productivity – with the help of management software you can significantly increase your productivity using Automation tools such as: Auto-Message, Auto-Task, Auto-Review and others.
  • Maximize Listing Exposure – use Channel Manager for publishing and managing your Airbnb listings on multiple STR platforms like VRBO, Booking.com, TripAdviser and others.
  • Delegate Tasks and Coordinate Team – using Task and Team Management features you can run your team more effectively by assigning roles and delegating tasks.
  • Know Your Numbers – using powerful financial stats and reporting features allow Airbnb property managers to analyze performance and profitability of their rental portfolio.

When you search for the best Airbnb Management Software to fit your business requirements pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Look for Simplicity and Usability – many of Airbnb management software products are complicated and have unfriendly and outdated user-interface with multiple useless features that would require a deep technical expertise and weeks of training to figure out. Go for a simple and intuitive Airbnb Management App that even a kid can work out within minutes.
  • Avoid Fixed Term Contract – some companies try to lock you in a fixed-term contract since they typically are afraid od loosinf you to a stronger competitor. Monthly subscription and a one-click cancellation with no penalties are good signs of a developer who is 100% confident in their Airbnb management software.
  • Choose Fair Price – it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense paying a percentage of your earnings for Airbnb Management Software when you can pay a flat rate based on monthly subscription package. It is always good to have a flexibility to choose between different packages based on the set of features that you really need.
  • Research Product Reviews – research is paramount when selecting any kind of product, especially when choosing Airbnb Management Software that will affect performance of your business. Make sure that the software has strong reviews from reliable marketplaces with verified customers like AppStore or Google Play.
  • Check Customer Support – you don’t want to be stuck with an Airbnb Management Software where customer support is poor or non-existent. Waiting for days for an email response is no fun. Today live chat with immediate response is a must-have feature for any online software product.
  • Ask about Hidden Fees – it’s a common trick known to all of us that the storefront price tag doesn’t always match the final fee you end up paying. After you have invested resources on demo, training and integration, the last thing you want is to find out about unexpected hidden setup, cancellation or other fees. Do your due diligence beforehand and review the details of the Airbnb Management Software’s pricing policy thoroughly.
  • Test Mobile App – make sure the property management software has a native mobile App. Many Software developers pay too much attention to constantly adding new features, while completely missing out on the importance of the mobile app. Simple interface, strong performance and a high level of reliability of native mobile app are essential for any Airbnb Management Software.

Hosty is a Game Changing Airbnb Management Software in Vacation Rental Business