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Boost Your Business with The Best Airbnb Podcasts in The Vacation Rental Industry

Short-term rental is a dynamic industry. Just like any other business, if you don’t change with the industry, you go obsolete. The best way to keep your business growing is to stay updated on the latest trends. You should know what the super hosts are doing these days to keep their customers happy. You should be aware of the security tips for the hosts. This is where Airbnb podcasts come to play. They help you keep up with the trends in an interesting manner. You don’t have to pause your duties and sit for reading. You just have to plug into the top Airbnb podcasts to learn from the best. 

Discover the list of useful forums and blogs for Airbnb hosts.

How Can Airbnb Podcasts Help You?

  • Save time while learning beneficial tips and tricks
  • Interviews help understand the expert’s point of view
  • They will help you keep track of the market trends
  • They will help you identify and avoid common and unique mistakes
  • The stories will keep you motivated
  • Sharing your views about the podcasts will help you build a network
  • Podcasts allow you to productively use your time while driving, eating or doing chores.

Top 10 Must-Listen Airbnb Podcasts 

Biggerpockets Podcasts

Platform: iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher,

Length and frequency: They post an episode of 190 minutes every Wednesday

Hosts: Joshua Dorkin & Brandon Turner

Do you want to get a glimpse of the exclusive experience of high-end real-estate investors? Well, you have reached your destination podcast. The hosts, Joshua Dorkin & Brandon Turner sit for candid chats with the experts in the industry. You get to learn from their mistakes and creative solutions. The podcast conveys the tips and tricks of the industry in an innovative manner. Not only do you learn about, short-term rental techniques but also other aspects of the real estate industry. Listening to the success and failure stories of the entrepreneurs keeps you motivated. They will help you carve bigger pockets from your Airbnb business. 

Shampoo And Booze By Ryanne And Jay

Platform: Apple Podcasts, YouTube,

Length and frequency: The duration of each episode varies from 21 to 60 minutes. They upload based on the requirement of each renovation project

Hosts: Ryanne and Jay

Ryanne and Jay are highly skilled in a short-term rental. They have been renting since 2015.  Since then, the duo has worked on various projects including refurbishing another home for Airbnb and two mixed-use properties on downtown Main Street. They keep track of their progress to show what their renovations looked like before and after. If you are planning to renovate or flip rental properties, you can get first-hand accounts and personal stories of the process. They discuss the financial and marketing aspects of upgrading a home for the purpose of renting it out on Airbnb.  Owners of rural vacation properties are hosting the event. It covers the development of their renovations, long and short-term rentals, and managing Airbnb properties.

Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts

Length and frequency: 5-minute episodes posted daily 

Hosts: David Leroux

The man behind the insightful book- The Airbnb Investment Properties Cash Flow Method, shares a quick guide for Airbnb investors in form of the podcast. The episodes cover a wide range of topics dealing with everything from purchasing to renting an Airbnb property. It is for everyone who wants to build a successful short-term rental business with skilful methods. Through this podcast, you will learn how David purchased short-term rental properties that provide around 40 per cent return on investment, in legal niches to run his STR business.

Holiday Let Success

Platform: Apple Podcasts 

Length and frequency: Episodes are around an hour long. The posting frequency varies from 2-7 times per month

Hosts: Elaine Watt

Elaine Watt started this podcast with the aim to help Airbnb entrepreneurs increase their bookings during the holidays. It focuses on short-term stays and long-term guest relations. Elaine, herself is a passionate real-estate investor sharing Airbnb hacks from her own experiences. However, she doesn’t stop here. Once you tune into Holiday let success, you will learn from other industry stalwarts as well. Elaine interviews real estate entrepreneurs who specialize in holiday rentals. You can learn the special recipe for the short-term rental experience memorable for the guests. This podcast will help you in making the most of one of the busiest seasons. 

The Skift Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Amazon 

Length and frequency: The Skift organization posts approximately 30 minutes long episodes each Wednesday

Hosts: The Skift Organization

To understand more about traveller’s behaviour, listen to Skift’s podcast. While it does not deal exclusively with short-term rentals, the episodes do provide helpful information about the tourist industry. These notes guide the hosts, and property managers while making business decisions. Remember, the travel industry and short-term rental business are intertwined. A shift in one will affect the functioning of the other. They interview creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs from all around the world on a variety of topics relating to the latest trends in the travel industry every week. It is one of the news Airbnb podcasts that keep you updated. From tech updates to travel industry prediction, it provides you with information that prepares you for the future. 

Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon

Length and frequency: Every Monday they post 20-30 minute long episodes

Hosts:  Brian Hamrick and Rental Property Owner Association

The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to the real estate industry. However, you can find beneficial ideas for short-term rental enthusiasts as well. it is a great source to brush up on your real estate investment knowledge and skills.  The renowned investor himself teaches you the nitty-gritty of the business.  Investing in an efficient property is the key to beginning your Airbnb journey. This robust combination of Brian Hamrick and the Rental Property Owner Association will ensure you always make informed decisions. 

Vacation Rental Ninjas: A Marketing Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spotify

Length and frequency: They post around 1-hour long episode once or twice every month

Hosts: Paul Hanak and David Thomson

Most Airbnb podcasts talk about investing in the right properties and improving the guest experience. Vacation Rental Ninjas is solely focused on upgrading your marketing strategy. Even the most gorgeous property can go to waste if not marketed properly. You will get bookings only when you market them tactfully. Paul Hanak is the director of marketing and David Thomson is the director of social media. They are equipped with the knowledge of marketing short-term rental to boost your business. You will learn about PPC, SEO, SMM and many fruitful techniques for polishing your promotions

Thanks For Visiting

Platform: Apple Podcasts,, Spotify

Length and frequency: Every Monday the hosts upload 20-30 minutes long episodes

Hosts: Annette and Sarah

The essential fundamentals of establishing a profitable 5-star Airbnb enterprise are delivered by Airbnb super hosts Annette and Sarah. Their podcast is full of stories and creative ideas for boosting your listings, as well as practical advice to help you succeed. You get to learn from Sarah’s expertise in high-end hotel management and interior design, and Annette’s expertise in business operations.  They share the mistakes they made and how they overcome them to become super hosts. The convergence of their hospitality and business experiences creates insightful episodes. They are just 20-30 minutes long which you can enjoy while having a meal. You can learn decorating hacks for impressing the customers and business tactics for making strategic decisions.  

Vacation Rental Revolution Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, iheart

Length and frequency: Every Monday the hosts upload 20-30 minutes long episodes

Hosts: Shawn Moore

The three pillars of this podcast are finance, legal and management. Airbnb business entails more than just hosting the guests. You have to manage all your properties while abiding by the laws of every region and tracking the finances. Shawn Moore brought this podcast to talk about these aspects and clear your doubts. Apart from sharing the tips to manage your financial and legal fronts, the host also keeps you on the latest news in the industry. It talks about the continuous evolution of STR and helps you stay ahead. From legal advice to management mantras, Shawn takes care of it all. It highlights the technical aspects of the job. It is not all about impressing the customers. You have to function within the law and order and save yourself from any troubles. This podcast will enlighten you on such issues and give you advice on the best practices.  

Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts,, Spotify

Length and frequency: Every Monday the hosts upload 20-30 minutes long episodes

Hosts: Annette and Sarah

The art of hosting is difficult to acquire. Everyone is not a good host. You have to research and understand your guest. You have to listen to the best. Slick Talk will tell you how to impress your guests and get 5-star reviews. Guests are your customers and keeping them happy benefits your profits. Slick talk is your key to learning the mantras for winning the hearts of these customers. You can get to know about the new favourites of the guests. The podcast will guide you to set up a pleasing environment. Industry trends dictate guests’ impressions. If they received free snacks in the previous Airbnb that costs the same, then they might expect some free snacks at your property too. The hospitality podcast will update you about the latest practices that will make you a super host super quick. 

vacation rental podcasts

Bonus 5 Airbnb podcasts to subscribe

Into The Airbnb

Platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Length and frequency: Every episode is 10 minutes long. They post twice or thrice a week

Hosts:  Jae Seok

For a super-fast Airbnb lesson, subscribe to the Airbnb podcast. Get access to interviews with vacation rental hosts and deduct valuable hacks from their stories. It is astonishing how much you can gain from just a 10-minute episode. The episodes highlight the optimal utilization of data and information in the industry. It is one of the best Airbnb podcasts for beginners. It helps you prevent rookie mistakes and subsequent losses. The interviewees are from around the globe with varied experiences and unique stories. In every episode, you get to learn something new about STR and its struggles. 

The Airbnb Entrepreneur Successes Revealed

Platform: Apple Podcasts

Length and frequency: The episode duration varies from 40-60 minutes

Hosts:  Rachel Price

Rachel price is on the mission to make Airbnb more profitable for all. Apart from delivering this enriching podcast, she authored Airbnb Side Hustle and Airbnb Mentality. In the meantime, she also launched an online course for property owners and managers called Buybnb. This podcast is one of the channels, where she shares helpful hacks for boosting your Airbnb business. She focuses on the journey of a host from a beginner to a super host. She also schedules occasional interviews to pick the brain of the industry experts. The podcast addresses prevailing issues in the industry and various ways you can use to combat them. 

The Stru Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud

Length and frequency: The podcast includes 40-60 minute long episodes

Hosts:  Richard Fertig

Richard Fertig has been in the real estate industry for 24 years now. He has acquired both long-term and short-term rental experience. He has stumbled on his path here. Now he is stronger than ever. He shares how Airbnb helped him increase in income. He considers the short term more beneficial than the long term. In the episodes, he talks about what he did to be on the top today. His podcasts are well researched and share practical knowledge. He focuses on helping entrepreneurs build and improve their Airbnb businesses. It is a go-to podcast for beginners. Richard will help you avoid a lot of rookie mistakes. It follows the same format as others but the learning from Richard’s years of experience is priceless. His understanding of the industry helps the listeners gain a vivid picture of the functioning. 

How To Save Your Vacation Rental Business

Platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify,

Length and frequency: The podcast has 2 seasons consisting of 40-60 minute long episodes. Each season has 10 episodes  

Hosts:  Dana Lubner and Matt Landau

The podcasts help you solve the unfair regulation challenge with 10 episodes each season. It talks about the difficulty faced by STR investors. Dana Lubner analyzed the market and deducted a few patterns that helped businesses survive even the toughest challenges. She compiled the data with the help of Matt Landau in form of an informative podcast. As the names suggest, each episode will share a tip to save your Airbnb business to survive. They talk about the most common issues faced by many. It will help you protect your business as well. It will guide you to build a business that can easily sustain itself in today’s time. Industrial challenges are increasing day by day. Don’t leave any room for error with trial-and-error methods. Such podcasts help you fight the hurdles with tried and tested techniques. 

Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast

Platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon,

Length and frequency: They post new episodes weekly. Each episode is 40-60 minutes long 

Hosts:  Michael Sjogren

It is a detailed podcast to understand the real estate industry better. Each episode is created keeping in mind the beginners. The short-term rental secrets are like a beginner’s guide for Airbnb investors. It gives you real-life tips for starting your journey as a real estate investor. The podcast can also be used as a guide for automating your Airbnb business. The host shares pointers with the listeners to help them scale quickly. Michael Sjogren is on a journey himself. He wants to help people gain financial independence by building short-term rental businesses. Use this podcast as an advicer for your Airbnb business and learn various techniques to grow with the help of automation. 

Learning new tricks and techniques is not tedious anymore. Airbnb podcasts help you take your business to the next level. The best way to learn from these is to select specified programmers. For legal advice tune into the Vacation rental revolution but for hosting tips go to slick talk. Each podcast has its own specialities. We prepare a handpicked list for you to prepare the most fruitful Airbnb podcast playlist. Now it’s your turn to commit to them and change the game.  Podcasts help you learn on the go and save time just like Hosty. It’s time to let the best Airbnb management software handle your repetitive job and focus on the future of your Airbnb business. With the combined help of Hosty and learning from Airbnb podcasts, you will become an unstoppable entrepreneur. Hosty will provide you with a single robust platform to manage it all.