Airbnb Superhost Benefits

What benefits do Superhosts receive?

After going through all of the efforts of becoming a Superhost and earning Airbnb a ton of money in the process, you’d expect some special benefits. Well, other than having a Superhost badge displayed next to your listings, there are some extras which you will be gifted. These are things that you can expect when you get to Superhost status:


  • Priority support – Being a host on Airbnb can be difficult at times, and guests can cause issues for you. In those situations, you can capitalize on the support from Airbnb. But, as a Superhost, you will get fast-tracked through the queue and will be dealt with quicker, whether that’s via phone or on Twitter.


  • Search filter – With Airbnb saturated with so many hosts these days, you can often get crowded out. But, as a Superhost, you’ll join a prestige group with other Superhosts which guests can specifically search for.


  • Travel Coupon – This one is less of a benefit to your Airbnb business, and more a gift to you as a person. Let us explain… if you maintain Superhost status for a whole year and have a listing on the day that strikes your year anniversary, you’ll be given a $100 coupon to spend on your own trip.


  • Product exclusives – Airbnb truly appreciates the work that hosts do, from beginners all the way to Superhosts. Although, if you possess Superhost status, you’ll be exclusively invited to attend Airbnb events to preview new features and upcoming releases.


Airbnb Superhost essentials

When you’re pushing to reach that next level on Airbnb as a host, there are some things that you need to remember. This will summarize everything you need to know to become a Superhost…


  • Remember to respond:

It’s important that you always respond to any queries, as one of the criteria is to achieve at least a 90% response rate. It can become time-consuming, but even if you reply with something like “No thanks” every time – at least you’re responding.


  • Don’t cancel unless you HAVE to:

Another criterion that you need to meet is cancellation rate because Airbnb wants you to complete your bookings once you’ve made one. So, unless there are extenuating circumstances, don’t cancel, even if you believe the pricing isn’t right or you don’t like the look of the guest.


  • Focus on getting bookings:

Airbnb also emphasizes experience when it comes to Superhost status, that’s why they say you have to have completed at least 10 bookings. Therefore, concentrating on getting bookings, even if you have to lower your price slightly.


  • Provide the best experience possible:

5-star reviews will be your best friend in your mission to achieve Superhost status, which means you’ll need to satisfy every single guest that stays at your property. Go above and beyond, as your effort will be rewarded later on.