Airbnb Security

It’s best to be cautious: Airbnb security tips to keep any host secure.

Crucial Home Security Devices for Airbnb: Ensuring Guest Safety and Trust

A host should be kind, prompt and accommodating. Sure, these are important aspects of being a great Airbnb host, but you know what the most important aspect is? Being responsible. A host that strives to be accountable, safe, and secure is a host that will be successful in the long term. Adopting responsible Airbnb business practices now will afford you security well into the future. What are some of the best ways to circumvent Airbnb security issues?

Never do business outside of Airbnb

Resist the temptation to accept cash or outside payments from your Airbnb guests just to get around the Airbnb service fee. Also, keep messaging inside Airbnb, too. That way, if a dispute does occur, you have a verified record of your communications.

Take the time to fill out your House Manual and Airbnb House Rules: It may take some extra time to write it all out, but providing your guests with comprehensive policies is an excellent way to ensure you won’t have any Airbnb security issues. Well written House Rules and a House Manual will show your Airbnb guests that you’re responsible and concerned about their security. This can go a long way in making your guests feel valued.

Get Insurance: Airbnb insures hosts up to $1 million in liability and property damage, but surprisingly, that may not be enough. A serious Airbnb damage claim can be in the millions. Having the proper insurance is imperative when you’re using Airbnb. Learn more about Airbnb insurance

Protip: Keep your Airbnb property as secure as your account. Learn more about Airbnb home security

Airbnb security? Check.

Airbnb efficiency? You’re almost there! Check out how Hosty’s  professional Airbnb property management software can make your life easier.

We hope that this Airbnb security run down helps you to provide award winning service to your guests while keeping yourself secure. Happy Hosting!