Not so Important Airbnb Amenities

Don’t Waste Money On These Not-So-Important Airbnb Amenities!

As an Airbnb host, customer satisfaction is your key to success. It is believed that your keys to customer satisfaction are Airbnb Amenities. Some people perceive, the more you give, the more you get, but in the case of Airbnb Amenities, you have to offer smart for better satisfaction. Offering the right Airbnb Amenities can help you to attract more bookings as well as encourage good reviews. However, a wrong step can cost you a ton and even land you in trouble.

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After all, there is a limit to everything. If you go overboard and offer expensive amenities, then it will be difficult for you to even break even. To ensure profits instead of loss, you have to smartly select the Airbnb amenities you will provide to your guests. There are numerous amenities that you might think are important for satisfying your customers but instead would land you either in trouble or loss.

 Tips For Deciding Airbnb Amenities

  • Budget-Friendly – Keep in mind your budget while selecting the amenities. Do not go for expensive services with the hope to profit more. You can not control future, but you can control the cost of Airbnb amenities. Always restrict your Airbnb amenities according to your budget.
  • Safe Sometimes fancy facilities can result in disasters. You do not want the Airbnb amenities to cause any problem to your guests. You provide Airbnb amenities to make their stay comfortable and pleasant, and not to cause any problems. Under safety, you should also consider hygiene and offer only those amenities which are easy to maintain for the guests as well.
  • Simple to use Airbnb amenities can include millions of things that come with complicated usual manuals. Only offer those facilities which the guests can access easily without any complication. This will make the stay for both the guests and the host peaceful. Otherwise, the guest will continuously contact you to solve the complexity.
  • Basic, and general You should select the facilities, considering the wider population. Do not offer anything specific as an Airbnb amenity. Try to offer the amenities which will be preferred by the majority of your target guests.

Not-So-Important Airbnb Amenities Which Are Perceived Important

1. Expensive Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a very expensive Airbnb amenity. It requires a huge sum of money not only in setting up but also in maintenance. The swimming pool will be sending you bills continuously. It comes with its amenities. You will have to install security and engage in regular cleaning. From cleaning to fencing swimming pool demands a lot. Thus, a swimming pool can work for you only if you have a high budget.

The most disappointing thing is that all this price might not fetch your desirable results. If your area witnesses warm weather throughout the year, then a swimming pool can be a useful amenity. Otherwise, half of the year, the pool might sit ideally while you are paying a hefty amount for its maintenance.

Furthermore, if your property is near a beach or any such tourist spots, then the pool could go to waste. The guests will prefer to go out and visit the beach instead of staying inside during a vacation.

To sum it all, the swimming pool is expensive, it can be dangerous for children, it is effective only under specific situations and it’s not always worth the cost.

2. Luxurious Glass Kitchen Ware

It is termed luxurious because it is gorgeous and expensive. Glass Kitchenware can become the point of attraction for the guests. It should also be remembered that it is dangerous. Glassware is fragile and is supposed to be handled with care. If it breaks, the guests could get hurt, and your pocket could get ripped. Consequently, you will get bad reviews and have to incur more losses. It is best to avoid glass kitchenware and avoid such unfortunate events.

3. Large Pool Tables

Firstly, the pool table will cover a lot of space and block free movement in small-sized properties. Pool tables are enormous and need to be located carefully for proper maintenance. They will take up a lot of space in your property which would have otherwise used in something less expensive and more effective.  

Secondly, if you are hoping pool enthusiasts to stay at your property, then cheap pool tables will only disappoint them and might even encourage negative reviews. So, if you offer a pool table you have to offer an expensive and high-quality one.

However, your guests will not always be a pool lover. They could be irritated by the mere presence of the table occupying all the space. You cannot guarantee the interest of your guests so you cannot guarantee the utility of a pool table either.

4. Useless Cable Tv

Imagine you are on a vacation or a business trip. So, will you spend your time exploring the new area and working on your assignments or watch cable TV? Guests’ desires could be satisfied by a Netflix subscription as well then why bother with a cable TV?

Paying for cable TV can be considered as going overboard. You will be paying a lot while the guests will view only a little. Consider buying a subscription to Netflix or Hulu instead of cable TV. Only provide what the guests require. Offering extra can cost you extra.

different choices, and the products will go to waste. Only stick to the fundamentals and save both money and time.

5. Whirlpool Tub

Where to start? The guests will have to rinse it after every use. If heaters (expensive) are not attached, then cold water can disappoint the guests. It could be difficult to use, and any wrong step can lead to a flood in your bathroom. Your property, your reputation, and your pocket all will be in danger if you offer a whirlpool tub. If you can manage it, then it’s a condemnable amenity and could satisfy your guests but first, ask yourself it is worth it?

6. Unique Snacks And Beverages

It is always considered a better option to offer snacks and beverages. The guest should never find the fridge empty. You shall stock up the kitchen with general munchies and drinks. This is considered a nice gesture and encourages good reviews.

Snacks and beverages are again subject fields. You can not expect your guests to like the snacks that you prefer. So, here the solution is to stick to the general preferences. For example, chocolate is loved by the most so, stock your fridge with chocolates. Bottled water and soda are appreciated by many so remember to buy those. Such small details can save you a significant amount while stratifying your customers.

7. Additional Toiletries

Basic Toiletries like hand wash, liquid soap, toilet papers are the essential requirements. But a few hosts decide to offer skincare products as well. As a host, you should understand that every guest has a different preference. Skincare and additional toiletries are very personal. Guests usually carry their product of preference with them in such cases. Do not select your body lotion for your guests. Your guests will have

8. Specific Medications

The first aid kit is an essential Airbnb Amenity. You should always provide the guests with a first aid kit. However, you should not offer specific medications. Medicine is a tricky area. Your guests might be allergic to certain medicines. They might prefer a certain pharmaceuticals brand. They might react unfavorably after consuming the medicines in the kit. All of this will result in trouble for both the guests and the host.

Putting specific medicines such as rash creams, pain killers, and cough syrups in the first aid kit could be fatal for the guests and your business. So, the better option is to offer fundamental medications. Set up the first aid kit based on a school notebook and don’t look for advanced medicines. Some of the essential elements of a first aid kit include bandages, sticky tape, thermometer, tweezers, safety pins, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, and sterile gauze dressings.

You can always provide the contact of the nearby chemist shops or doctor clinics, but don’t buy the medicines yourself. Leave the specifications to the guests and only handle the fundamentals.

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Airbnb Amenities are your expenditure, and you have to wisely balance it with your revenue, or your income will suffer. You might think some amenities are essential for satisfying your customers, but in reality, it is just charging you extra and not delivering any favorable results. Carefully decide what to offer and what not to offer. In every case, creatively mention the Airbnb amenities in your listing. It is an easy task, even if you have multiple listings. You can take the help of Hosty’s Airbnb management software and access all the listings from a single dashboard. With one log-in, you can list the Airbnb amenities in all your listing easily. This is another way to save time and grow your business. Remember, select Airbnb amenities wisely.

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