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Useful forums and blogs for Airbnb owners: Where to find the right information

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Renting out property on Airbnb is a complex business. There are lots of tasks you will have to perform and lots of problems you will encounter as an Airbnb host. There are tons of blogs and forums out there that will surely help you resolve your issues, but the huge amount of information makes the navigation difficult. Today, we will have an overview of all the popular forums and blogs, covering their purposes and themes.

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Forums to Ask Questions

Airbnb forum for hosts

No matter whether you already are a host on Airbnb and are facing a real issue or you are only planning to start this business and have a question for the future, forums are the sites you should be looking for. There, you will be able to ask your questions and let other users answer you for free. However, to get the best answer, you will have to choose the right forum. In this section, we will overview the most popular forums to make this easier for you.

Community with Airbnb

This is the official community forum of Airbnb, where the users of the platform can communicate and help each other out. Even though you might expect a built-in forum to be very basic, this one will surprise you. It is an advanced forum with all the necessary features. There, you can create and browse posts of other users, ask questions, read Airbnb’s newsletter, check out the latest updates of the platform, find tips and tutorials, and many more.

The best point about this forum is that it’s intuitive, which is especially impressive, taking into account the variety of features it offers. It has a comfortable design and has all the topics categorized properly. Finding the topic or issue you are looking for won’t be difficult here. In case you are just willing to browse through the forum’s contents, there is a system of tags that will help you filter them out.

As for the forum’s theme, it is pretty much universal. You can ask any questions related to hosting here and get answers from other hosts like yourself. Logically, the forum is mostly focused on Airbnb, but it is still not forbidden to discuss other related issues there. We can easily recommend using this forum to ask a question, but you will not likely need to. By using the search tool, you will almost surely find a similar post that already has a solution.

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TripAdvisor Forum

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular platforms for hosts and guests, so we cannot ignore its own forum in this article. Unlike the community center of Airbnb, the forum of TripAdvisor is mostly focused on guests and does not offer a wide range of features. There, you can simply create discussions and mark them with the corresponding tags or use the search tool to find the existing posts.

It is still a good forum, but it won’t likely suit your needs as an Airbnb host. TripAdvisor is mostly visited by travelers, and on this forum, most discussions are related to their issues. It implies that there are fewer hosts capable of answering your questions there, and you should only use it in case you intend to communicate with guests there.


Reddit is not similar to the previous forums at all. As you might know, it is one of the most popular platforms for questions and discussions out there, and it has subreddits for almost every topic in the world. On /r/AirBnB, you will find many posts about the platform. The list of features available on this platform includes posting, replying, upvoting or downvoting posts or comments.

In case you have a question for other hosts, Reddit won’t be the best choice for you. However, it may become a great platform to interact with potential guests or even promote your service. You can visit the mentioned subreddit to see which topics are trending there. This should give you a better picture of the platform and of its functions.


Quora is a platform very similar to Reddit, the only exception being it is mostly focused on questions rather than on discussions. There, millions of people ask other users their questions and receive answers. Similar to Reddit, Quora might be a good choice, in case you have a question for a large target audience, as these platforms attract all kinds of people. For specific issues of hosting on Airbnb, you will need to choose a more specialized forum.


Speaking of specialized forums, BiggerPockets is a great example of those. It is a platform that exclusively targets real estate investors, implying you will get to communicate with like-minded people there. Even though there are not only Airbnb hosts, you will still be able to get answers from professionals on this forum. The platform also has lots of additional features, such as education materials, a deal finder, various profit calculators, lists of recommended vendors, and many more.

Airhosts Forum

Airhosts is the last forum we are going to cover today, and it is a platform that exclusively focuses on owners of Airbnb properties. Therefore, it is a great forum to ask very specific questions about management, policies of Airbnb, or other issues that may only be answered by other hosts. As you might expect, this forum is less popular than Reddit and has a lower activity of users. However, some hours of waiting might be worth it to get an answer from another host who knows the issue well.

Blogs to Find Useful Information

Vacation rentals blogs

While forums are the best platforms to ask questions, blogs are the best places to find information. There are many blogs with tons of posts about various aspects of hosting on Airbnb. In this section, we will overview the most popular ones to give you an idea of what kind of information you can find there.

The Airbnb Blog

We have already mentioned that the forum of Airbnb has a lot of informative posts created by the community, but that is not all the content you may find on the company’s website. They also have a blog with posts from the Airbnb team. There, you will find lots of useful articles regarding the hosting experience. They have posts with tips on hosting various kinds of activities, making your property safer, and many other topics.

The blog has a comfortable design with smooth animations and a progress bar that shows how much is left to read for every post. In the menu, you will find six categories of posts to filter them by topics. The site does not have a system of tags, and there are not so many posts in total, so you could just browse through them to see if you can find something interesting.


This blog is also dedicated to articles for hosts. They have lots of useful information for your future or existing business, starting with earnings calculators and ending with automation guides. In fact, the main service of iMGS is related to providing automation software, so their blog is only an addition to it. The blog is updated with new posts frequently, giving you the latest information about Airbnb’s policy updates, seasonal guides, rental news, and other useful information.

The blog itself has a comfortable design but does not have any outstanding features. We can say it is a great blog, especially considering it is only an addition to the main service of iMGS. The articles are full of interesting ideas and useful tips for hosts, so we can easily recommend checking them out.


Guesty is another platform that provides software and services for vacation rental property owners. Similar to iMGS, they have a blog with many articles for Airbnb hosts. They have posts with COVID-19 updates, recent events, news of their platform, industry insights, partnerships, and others. Such services are interested in their customers having their business successful, so they also have lots of hosting guides in their blog.

The best point about Guesty’s blog is the categorization of articles there. It is easy to filter them by topics and find interesting posts by categories. The articles themselves are less comprehensive than at the iMGS’ blog, but there are still many great tips for hosts.


Hostaway is also a company that provides a wide range of services for hosts, starting with property management and ending with website building. They also have a blog for landlords, where you will find hundreds of articles covering all aspects of renting out property. There are complete guides for beginners, specific tips for various types of guests and places, information about management issues, and more. Of course, most articles promote the service of Hostaway, but that does not mean they don’t have any useful information inside.


As you could have already guessed, Lodgify also provides various services to property owners. Their blog is relatively small, but it has some interesting articles you could check out. The best point about this blog is its catchiness. The posts have attractive previews and intriguing headlines, making it interesting to browse through and read them. Another great feature of Lodgify’s blog is that there are free letter templates for various occasions attached to many posts. 


It is hard being objective when it comes to our own blog, so we will stick to the facts here. The blog of Hosty has dozens of large articles like this one, in which we present our readers with insights on various topics. We are doing our best to make the articles universal and useful for all hosts so that you can browse through the posts and always have something interesting to read. If you are enjoying these articles, feel free to check the others, too.


AirDNA is a company that provides various solutions like market research to Airbnb hosts. Their blog has 134 posts at the time of writing, most of them focusing on the market situation. They have market reviews, ratings of the best vacation rental platforms, and many other useful articles for entrepreneurs. This blog is more formal than the previous ones, and it is very similar to a financial magazine. Aside from blog posts, they have news articles, videos, webinars, industry reports, and even case studies for you to discover.


Mashvisor is a tool for finding property for investment in different regions. They also promote their service by creating interesting articles and attracting visitors to their website. As Airbnb hosts are their target audience, they have many posts that you may find interesting or useful. They cover all the topics that might grab the attention of a property owner, so you will surely find something to read there.

Get Paid for Your Pad

This entire website is dedicated to sharing useful information with property owners. In their articles, they promote various instruments and tools, but they fairly share lots of useful tips for Airbnb landlords. On Get Paid for Your Pad, you will find hundreds of posts related to the hosting business, as well as more than 400 episodes of their podcast.

Mamma Mode

In case you’re looking for a more personal experience, Mamma Mode is definitely a blog you should check out. It was created by an Airbnb ambassador and Superhost, so you will find some first-hand information there. As you can imagine, the life of a Superhost is a busy one, so the blog is only updated a few times a month. However, the insights shared there are worth checking out.
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