Airbnb Marketing Strategy

Airbnb Marketing Strategy For Your Business

While all your properties seem perfect are you still not getting the desired results? Then read on, to equip yourself with some of the best Airbnb marketing strategy for hosts and entrepreneurs.

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Create your Brand

To stand apart from the thousands of listings on Airbnb, you will need to create a unique identity for yourself. Yes, that’s right. You need to create and establish your brand and your name with the help of a logo, unique website, etc. 

You can also include a blog along with your website that can talk not just about your rentals, but popular spots that are close to the rentals. You can also write blogs to suggest outdoor activities for your guests. Another great idea is to ask any of your guests to write a blog on their experience visiting your city. Make sure to add amazing pictures to make the blog more interesting.

Increase Social Media Presence

The success of any brand relies heavily on its visibility. Make sure your property is visible to as many people as possible. Create social media accounts, on Facebook, Instagram, etc to gain an online presence.

With the help of numerous relevant hashtags and locations, you can gain views for your posts and ultimately your property. You can make use of the promotional facilities offered by these platforms to reach target segments. You can highlight your unique amenities and also offer discounts for early bird bookings etc.

Connect with Influencers

Nowadays, collaborating with the right influencers can prove to be a great Airbnb marketing strategy tool. In order to make this Airbnb marketing strategy a success, you need to do the following:

Choose the Right Influencer: You need an influencer who appeals best to your target audience. For example, if your rental is suited mainly for backpackers then your obvious choice of influencer must be a popular backpacker who can be identified by your target community. Try to localize the influencer as much as possible so that there are more chances of people knowing them.

Set Targets and Milestones: You should decide on the message that you want to promote and discuss it clearly with your influencer. You should also define targets that you are looking for to achieve with the help of the influencer.

Update your Listing

An easy yet effective Airbnb marketing strategy is to keep updating your listing according to the season. For example, during the peak tourist times, you can highlight the amenities that people will be looking for at that time, like a swimming pool or barbeque. Similarly, during the winter season, you can highlight the amenities that people need in winter.

You must also create listings that appeal to the target audience you have in mind. You cannot use the same listing description for business guests as well as backpackers or families. So make sure that you send the right message for your target customer group.

It is also very important to update photographs of your listing on a regular basis. You might have revamped the place or brought in a new addition. So make sure all these changes go on your profile. If you feel the pictures are not very appealing, then go ahead take better ones.

Price right

It is very important to ascertain the right prices. An extra expensive one will not attract many bookings and a cheap one will not bring you profits. Thus, you must strategically price your property. You can decide to choose two prices to get the maximum profit – one price set for weekdays and another for weekends. You can also modify this pricing during the peak season and low season.

However, if you wish to maintain your occupancy throughout the year without putting pressure on yourself to decide the right price, then opt for automation by using Airbnb management software, like Hosty which helps you manage dynamic pricing without any hassle. 

Build Partnerships

One of the best yet least thought of Airbnb marketing strategy to promote your Airbnb is by collaborating with the local community. You can link with popular restaurants, tourist sites, and travel agencies around you, inviting guests for your rental by offering deep discounts. This also helps to greatly increase your visibility while also building a sense of trust in the local community regarding your property.

If your locality has a website or social media page, then utilize that to promote your property. You can either place advertisements or list your property under stays available in the area.


Airbnb Marketing strategy is not rigid. It is up to you to be creative. You should optimize and use strategies that will best serve your purpose after altering them to your needs. Be innovative; implement new out of the box ideas and design your own Airbnb marketing strategy. After all, your Airbnb marketing strategy must be better than your competitors’ to outrun them.