Airbnb Listing Optimization

Most Important Tips For Airbnb Listing Optimization

Tourism and travel have become an essential part of our daily lives. Sometimes we travel for business purposes, and at other times, we travel because of health and medical needs, and then, there are occasions when we take off simply because we want a break from the routine. Thanks to the fast-paced growth in the short-term rental industry, booking properties now has become easier than it was some years ago. While this growth is positive news for the tourists, the increased competition, on the other hand, has made it hard for the hosts to get noticed.

To overcome this, the hosts worldwide are trying hard to develop new tricks to attract discerning travelers’ attention. The Airbnb hosts are working studiously not to leave any stone unturned to encourage guest’s interest and bookings. Thus, today, in order to assist hosts in fascinating guests, we have prepared a pro-host Airbnb listing optimization guide. To learn more about it, continue reading the next section.

Pro-hosts Airbnb listing optimization hacks

If your Airbnb listing optimization is not up to the mark and it is not as descriptive as it is supposed to be, then there is a good chance that your listing will go unnoticed by the guests. If something like that happened, it can affect your ranking and put your Airbnb business at risk. So, suppose you want your property to be highly ranked, and you wish to increase your reservations. You should try to build a good relationship with your potential guests in that case and try different hacks to attract their immediate attention. Once your property listing gets the required exposure, your ranking will automatically improve. To achieve this aim, here are some steps that you can follow:

Now, in our next section, we will discuss these hacks in greater detail.

Add some mind-blowing photographs of your property to your Airbnb listing

If you check out the profiles of some of the Superhosts on Airbnb, we are quite sure that one thing that you will find similar on all these profiles is the amazing photos of the listing. Excellent photographs of your property build the confidence of the potential guests in your rental and create an appealing visualization of their experience if they choose your stay. Good pictures interest people and they aid you in creating the immediate interest of the guests. Here is how you can make that possible.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №1

Tips To Take Stunning Picture Of Your Place

  • Infuse enough lighting in your space before clicking snaps of your property. You can do this by clicking pictures of your property in the morning or late afternoon when there is enough sunlight. Let in the sun by opening up all the curtains and blinds in your space. Also, remember to turn on all the lights in the room;
  • Using a professional photoflash can enhance your lighting. However, if you cannot arrange one, then consider using a portable spotlight;
  • Decluttering is important. Before clicking pictures of your place, remember to tidy it up and remove all the unnecessary stuff. Doing so will increase its appeal;
  • People like to stay in places that are warm and cozy. Thus, while clicking photographs, make sure that your pictures capture that comfort. Now, to make this possible, you can consider adding some small details. You can decorate your sofa with cute pillows and throw in a blanket. Add a couple of cups on your coffee table and make it seem more inviting;
  • Airbnb photographs on the listing are displayed in the landscape mode. So, when clicking snaps, make sure to use the landscaping format;
  • When taking pictures, think about shooting snaps from the corner. Doing so will add dimensionality to your images. If drones are allowed in your country, and you can use one, then taking Airbnb photos from above can also increase the appeal of your place and work in your favor.

You can read more information here.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №2

Carefully Select Your Airbnb Cover Photo

  • Your Airbnb cover photo is your most significant picture. It is so because your cover photo is the first impression that your guests get of your listing. So if your image is not attracting enough, then the guests may not feel like checking out your space;
  • When selecting your cover photograph, make sure to engage in some research work. Check out the kind of photos your competitors are using and get some ideas;
  • When selecting the cover picture for your Airbnb listing make sure not to choose one that focuses only upon a single object like a bed or a table. Instead, consider using a shot that gives a complete overview of your property;
  • Your cover picture must display the critical selling point of your property. So, if your property has a backyard garden, or if your balcony captures a stunning view of your neighborhood, or if you have a swimming pool at your place, then maybe you can select a cover picture that highlights these USPs. In case you cannot find any significant factor about your property, consider clicking a nice looking photo of the interior;
  • After selecting a cover photo, consider including a caption. Your caption can talk about your USP, something that might appeal to the guests. For example, if your property is situated in a popular neighborhood, your caption can specify where your rental is located.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №3

Use Your Creative Skills and Your Smartphone To Its Full Potential

  • Professional photography can do wonders for your property. Employing a pro photographer can get you fantastic pictures of your stay as a professional photographer will know how to capture the space to ensure that only the best gets highlighted. That said, a professional photographer doesn’t come in cheap, so if you do not have enough funds on you to hire a pro, then consider using your creative skills and your smartphone to make the best of a situation. Here are tips to help you with clicking good pictures;
  • Before clicking shots of your space, clean your lens to get more precise, crisper pictures;
  • When clicking photos, the lighting is essential. To find perfect brightness, click on different areas of the room on your phone screen;
  • While clicking pictures, remember to turn on the HDR setting and turn on your phone’s gridlines view;
  • If you have some funds to invest in Airbnb photography, you can maybe buy a wide-angle lens for your smartphone. A wide-angle camera lens will enable you to capture the room in a single photo;
  • After you are done with clicking pictures, edit the photos, and make required photo editing app adjustments.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №4

Find A Good And Easy To Navigate Photo Editing App

  • After you have successfully captured stunning images of your space, the next step is to make the right edits. Making correct edits in the images can do wonders for your Airbnb photos. This step can enhance your captured pictures, and it can make your shots look professional and impressive. So, you can start with these tips when using editing apps;
  • If your pictures have some unnecessary objects in the frame that you believe can divert your viewers’ attention, then consider cropping them out;
  • Sometimes, even after infusing enough lighting, your pictures can look dull and boring. You can use the editing app’s saturation feature in such a scenario to make your images more prosperous and more vibrant;
  • If your photo is not looking impressive on the whole, then maybe use the contrast feature;
  • In the picture for Airbnb listing how the white light appears can do wonders. Thus, consider using the white balance feature to regulate relative warmth and coolness of white light;
  • If, after capturing the photos, you realize that they appear too dim or too bright, use the exposure/brightness feature. It will balance the brightness.

Avail catchy Airbnb titles to generate immediate interest?

While shopping, you would have come across catchy one-liners that would have interested you in checking-out products that you would have ignored otherwise. Well, such catchy phrases are essential for your Airbnb titles also as they can help you in generating the immediate interest of the guests. So, if you are keen to increase your Airbnb ranking and to have more guests at your property, then this is one way of achieving this goal. Here are some useful tips that can help you out.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №5

Work On Your Titles, Make Them Better

  • When you add a title for your Airbnb listing make sure that you are using all the 50 characters permissible by the platform. If you are not utilizing them all, then consider adding more information in your title to inform your guests about your stay. Doing so is recommended because the more information the guests will have about the property, the more encouraged they will feel about booking your rental;
  • When describing your stay in the title, avoid using generic adjectives like ‘good,’ ‘unique,’ ‘interesting’ and instead use something that conveys real meaning—for example, words like ‘modern,’ ‘spacious,’ ‘luxurious,’ etc;
  • Many hosts in their title tend to use uppercase/ capital letters. Try not to do so, as it may appear a little unprofessional and out of space;
  • When booking a stay, the guests are interested in knowing where exactly the property is located. So, in your title being specific about your location or adding the name of a well-known tourist site that is located nearby is always a good idea for Airbnb listing optimization;
  • Another trick to catch the potential guests’ attention is by including the number of bedrooms in Airbnb titles. Doing so is more important if you have two or more vacant rooms in your apartment because often, studios and one-room apartments pop up in Airbnb search results. Thus, if you will add to your title the availability of more than one room, it will surely catch the attention of people traveling in groups; 
  • If your rental is not located in a popular location and nothing is interesting about its surroundings, then maybe in your title, you can mention your stay’s best features. For example, if your rental has a swimming pool or a free parking facility, add that to your title for Airbnb listing optimization. It will get the attention of your guests. However, if you are not sure what is that amenity that is worth describing in your title, just read the reviews written by your guests for getting an idea;
  • In your title, you can add special characters while talking about your property. Using characters like ⛱, ★, ❢, etc. can help you in grabbing the guest’s attention. To add these symbols in your title, search them in the Microsoft Word or alternative programs;
  • When writing the title, you can appeal to the target audience by letting them know that you are ready to meet their needs. Add things like ‘pet friendly,’ ‘ideal for couples,’ ‘kid-friendly’ etc. to catch their attention;
  • To check the impact of your title on your bookings, run a test of your Airbnb listing. For this, change your title after every two or three weeks highlighting different features of your property. For instance, if right now, your title says “ideal for a romantic couple,” after a few days, change it to something like “modern villa with a private pool.” Running this test will give you an idea about what amenities and location details are most enticing for the guests.

Write a Compelling Airbnb Description Of Your Listing

Just working on the title is not going to cut it; instead, to attract your guests’ attention, you will have to wake that creative side of you and come up with a charming Airbnb description. However, if you are not a wizard of words, you can consider hiring a professional Airbnb copywriter.

You can also read about the importance of description on Airbnb in this article.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №6

Play with the words

  • Before writing the description, you may want to peak a look at your FAQs. Doing so will give you an idea about the common questions asked by your guests. When writing your description, you can answer these questions;
  • In your description, you can include more information about your location. If your guests know exactly where they will stay, it will make them feel less intimidated;
  • In writing, the structure is a crucial concern. When you are working on the text, structure it wisely, and make it sound friendly. You can use subheadings and bullet points to get a better format.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №7

Detail Your Amenities and Services In Your Listing

  • For Airbnb listing optimization and increased bookings, you can highlight your USP. When detailing your amenities, figure out your USPs and discuss them to stand ahead of your competition;
  • When you are writing about amenities and services, make sure to highlight those things that are of more use for your target audience. For example, if you have businessmen as your target audience, you may want to lay more stress on the availability of a secluded space and strong wi-fi connection;
  • Lastly, while talking about services, do not overdo it. After all, it is always better to exceed expectations than to disappoint.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №8

Highlight Your House Rules

  • In your listing, make sure to mention your house rules. Doing so will give your guests a better idea about the acceptable behavior at your stay. Hence, decide on your pet policy, party rules, extra guests, smoking policy, etc. and mention these policies in your listing;
  • Don’t be unfriendly. House rules are your calls, but you don’t need to be stringent about them, or else your guests will feel unwelcome. Thus, while discussing the house rules, use a polite and friendly tone;
  • After talking about house rules, you may want to add a call-to-action option at the end of the Airbnb description. Doing so will encourage your guests to send an inquiry in case of any doubts.

Make Sure That Your Personal Airbnb Profile Is Complete

While visiting a new place, the first thing is that you want to know about it more to feel secure and safe. Similarly, when Airbnb guests are looking to make reservations with you, they appreciate knowing about you as much as they can. One way of making this possible for them is by completing your personal Airbnb profile. A complete profile will increase your trustworthiness and will add to Airbnb listing optimization.

Pro-Host Airbnb Listing Optimization Checklist №9

Keep Your Airbnb Profile Primed-up And Polished

  • The first thing that you need to add to your Airbnb profile is your profile picture. Uploading a good, high-quality profile photo that portrays you as a friendly and reliable person will increase your profits;
  • In your Airbnb profile, add a few words about yourself. You can write about your hobbies and passions and describe a little about yourself and why you decided to become an Airbnb host. Remember to keep your description concise and friendly;
  • You may want to add references in your personal profile, especially if you are new to the Airbnb business. In the references section, you have a choice to add or decline a reference; therefore, feel free to ask as many people for references as you can;
  • To increase your trustworthiness, verify your ID. For this, you can provide your verified ID to Airbnb- your Driving License, passport, etc. You can also connect your Airbnb profile with your social media accounts to gain more credibility.

Use the best tools available out there

To maintain your profile and to add a professional touch to it, you can consider using the best copywriting, photography, and software tools. Doing so will make your work easier. Now, here are some tools that you can consider trying for Airbnb listing optimization.

Top photo editing tools

For uploading eye-catching photographs on your Airbnb profile, consider using the following apps or tools:

  • Snapseed is a fantastic photo editing tool that you can use in your iOS and Android phones. In this tool, along with standard features, you also get a ‘selective adjust’ tool that allows you to edit a specific area in your photograph and the ‘lens blur’ feature that turns your background blurry;
  • If you are clicking the Airbnb pictures of your property on your own, then consider using the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for Android and iOS. Using this tool, you can easily make basic settings adjustments;
  • For Airbnb listing optimization, it is recommended to upload panoramic photos as they offer you a picture of the complete scene. So, for clicking panoramic snaps, consider using 360 Panorama for the iOS tool.

Airbnb copywriting tools and services

Bnb Copywriter aims to deliver high-quality content for your Airbnb listing optimization. Their content is acceptable, and they certainly know how to make words glide. The founder of Bnb copywriter has been at this job for the last seven years; therefore, it can be confidently said that he knows what he is doing.

Guest Hook does marketing, copywriting, and branding work for vacation rental businesses. Their writing is flawless, and they know all about catching the guest’s immediate attention. It does not matter if you need Airbnb listing optimization services or need someone to write blogs and newsletters; Guest Hook writers are the perfect candidates for the job.

Fiverr is among the world’s largest online marketplace for online services. So, if you want to hire someone for Airbnb listing optimization, or you want copywriting services for Airbnb descriptions and titles, or your goal is to find a professional photographer, Fiverr can find you the guy. However, before employing someone, it is recommended to check their reviews and samples.

Vacation rental software

Hosty – The Best Airbnb Management Software

Hosty’s software is your one-time solution to all the Airbnb Management needs. This software has been explicitly designed to assist Airbnb Property Managers and Airbnb Hosts in performing all day-to-day operations. Using this software, you can manage your conversations with guests, schedule your appointments by making changes to your multi-calendar, smoothly accept or decline guest reservations, easily manage multiple properties, effortlessly work with the team and delegate tasks, etc.

Some of the top features of Hosty’s Airbnb Management Software include:

Thus, to expand your customer base and increase your bookings, it is essential to create an appealing Airbnb listing. To make this possible, you should make sure to upload beautiful Airbnb pictures, you must use catchy Airbnb titles, you should maintain a complete personal Airbnb profile, and your listing must have a compelling Airbnb description. If you complete all of these actions, your bookings will soar undoubtedly.

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Improving your Airbnb listing optimization means that you have better visibility. It will give you a chance to present your property to potential guests in the best light possible. Overall an optimized listing will mean better business for your Airbnb property.

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