Getting Airbnb Guest Reviews

Tips On Getting Airbnb Guest Reviews Done

In the past, when businesses and offices used to operate offline, people got a chance to hold the products, analyze them, and purchase them only if they were satisfied after their evaluation. But today, with the advent of online business, the physical assessment of products is not always possible. This explains the need for getting Airbnb guest reviews. Reviews offer the customers a reliable source of information on what to expect. 

If your product or service garners good reviews, it boosts your goodwill and encourages more sales. Airbnb understands this, and that is why they encourage hosts to get more reviews by setting it as one of the measures for affecting the rankings on Airbnb’s best listings. But the problem is that getting reviews on Airbnb is not easy. Generally, the guests are reluctant to spare those 5 minutes in writing a good review for a host, unless they are highly impressed by their services. Thus, there is a need for some inspiration. One way to motivate your guests to leave you positive reviews is by extending them the same courtesy. This way, when you will spare your precious 2 minutes on writing a review for them, they will also feel obliged to do the same for you.

But now the issue is how can you write reviews for all your guests without appearing repetitive and boring? What method should you employ to write reviews for your guests so that you don’t appear rude or mechanical? Well, in order to help you with these answers and many more, we have prepared some tips that might seem useful to you. But before getting started with them, first, let us understand in detail the significance of getting Airbnb guest reviews done. So, are you ready? Well, in that case, let’s begin!

Significance of getting Airbnb guest reviews done

Now, if you are an Airbnb host who manages more than one rental, then you will undoubtedly have many guests checking in and checking out of your property every month. Thus, in addition to taking care of their needs and demands, it can appear like a lot of work to write a review for every one of them when they check-out. Many hosts will argue that the entire process takes a lot of creativity and thinking, and thus, they might question the need for this exercise.

Well, to provide you a straightforward answer, the need to getting Airbnb guest reviews done is that writing these reviews gently nudges your guests into writing a review for you. And the more is the number of guests writing positive reviews for you, the better are your chances of scoring a good ranking position on Airbnb best listings, which will mean more bookings for your property.

We all know how much Airbnb values positive feedback from customers. To keep the process fair and straightforward, Airbnb makes sure to send both the host and the customer a review request as soon as the customer checks out of the rental. If you write a review for your guest, then Airbnb will send them a notification informing them about your action. This will work as a reminder and hopefully coerce your guest into extending the same treatment to you. In this way, you can get more positive reviews by getting Airbnb guest reviews done.

Other than this, getting Airbnb guest reviews done helps other hosts in evaluating a guest. Besides, making your guest look kind and trustworthy on Airbnb is something that your customer will surely appreciate. Hence, the exercise will also help you in increasing the number of satisfied customers. So, the next time the same guest or someone from their friends or family visits your locality, you can count on them to book with you.

Now that we have established the need and importance of getting Airbnb guest reviews done let us move on to our next section!

Essential tips on writing Airbnb Guest Reviews

In order to write some exciting and fresh reviews for your guests, read these tips:

Be straightforward 

When you are writing a review for your guests, make sure to be direct and straightforward, and to not beat around the bush. Remember, you have to come up with a guest review that is precise and helpful, and therefore, going on and on about something and gushing over your guests in your feedback is not a cool idea. Also, appreciating your guests a lot might seem over the top, and that is exactly what you want to avoid.

Be positive and polite.

While writing your review, always remember that you have to sound polite and respectful. If your tone is harsh, then the guest may not take to your review kindly. It must be noted that if you have any complaint with the guest, then you should present it in a good manner. So, if you want to suggest to your guest that he should dump the trash before checking out, phrase it like “maybe you could have taken the trash out when you left,” and publish it in your private feedback.

Be honest in your review.

We have often heard that honesty is the best policy. So, when you are getting Airbnb guest reviews done, try to be upfront and honest in your feedback. If you are happy with your guests, then let them know what a pleasure it was hosting them, and if your experience was negative, then state that in a polite way, as mentioned in the above point.

Write informative Airbnb review

When you are framing your review, make sure to answer all the important questions that can tell other hosts about your experience with the guest. So, when getting your customer reviews done, focus on drafting feedback that answers queries like would you like to host the guests again, how was the property after the guest checked out, and if or not the guest respected the house rules.

Don’t be impulsive in writing a review.

Do not start writing a positive review for your guest as soon as they leave your threshold. Instead, wait for a day or two and check whether everything is in order after your guest leaves before framing your feedback. In case something is wrong or amiss, take some time to cool off before getting the Airbnb guest review done.

Frame an apt reply to all reviews

After your guests have invested their time in framing a review for you, do not leave them hanging and draft an apt reply for them as soon as possible. Also, remember that sometimes you might get negative feedback from your customers, but at all times, you need to remain professional. Losing your temper and talking to the guest disrespectfully is not at all recommended.

Prepare review templates

It can be understood that as a host, you stay busy with keeping the rental in the top shape. In such circumstances, writing a review for your guests may appear like extra work. Hence, to save your time and effort, consider preparing review templates. These templates will especially come in handy when you have a guest rush or when you are on the go. Doing this will help you in managing your rental skilfully.

Templates for getting Airbnb guest reviews done

Many times when your guests are satisfied with your service, and you request them to write a review for you, they oblige. In such cases, it is generally a good idea to have a template ready to extend them the same treatment. Having a template will save you from writing a new write-up from scratch, and it will also aid you in saving time. So, here are some template suggestions that you can use as a host for getting Airbnb guest reviews in place.

  • Template 1

(Insert guest name) was a pleasure to host. He followed all the house rules and was very polite. I would like to host him again some other time. He is a great guest!

  • Template 2

(Insert guest name) proved to be a great guest as he took care to follow all the house rules and respected my space. He left his room clean and tidy, and he was such a pleasure to speak with. I would like the opportunity to host him again soon.

  • Template 3

I really enjoyed my experience when I hosted (insert guest names) at my place. They are such a delightful company, and they treated the area with respect.

  • Template 4

My experience hosting (insert guest names) was fantastic! He was a delightful guest, and my interaction with him was polite and smooth from the beginning until his check out. 

As a host, you can prepare such templates for getting guest reviews in place. Just remember to be polite, concise, and to the point.

Automate your Airbnb Guest reviews

Now, apart from this, another smooth way of getting Airbnb guest reviews in place is by using the Automation tool of Airbnb property management software. Hosty’s Airbnb Automation Software is an excellent tool for this purpose. By using this Auto-Reviews feature, you can automatically send personalized reviews to your guests. You won’t need to write and remember to send feedback every time, since the Auto-Review will manage this task for you. 


Thus, if you are an Airbnb host with multiple rentals, then in order to score top rankings at the Airbnb best listings, make sure to write positive reviews for your customers. When your customers will do the same for you, your ranking will get automatically boosted with Airbnb algorithm.

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