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What Are The Most Useful Tips For Taking Airbnb Photo?

When your business exists online, the customers do not get the choice of physically checking out the products before placing the orders. In such cases, the role of Airbnb photo and product description increases manifold in securing the sale. It is so because, in online business, the product photos and descriptions are the sole indicators of the appearance and quality of a commodity. Thus, they give the buyer an idea about what to expect from a purchase.

This logic also extends to the hospitality sector, where the pictures of a place are important factors in making the decision to book the rental. When the guests explore a stay, they make it a point to check out the accommodation photos, and only then will they make their final decision. The Airbnb business understands this mechanism, and thus, it places great stress on the Airbnb photo of the listing.

According to the Airbnb hosts, Airbnb photo of the rental are the first things that draw the potential customer’s attention. These photographs give the guests a relevant idea about the amenities and additional services available at the place. So, if the pictures of your property stand-out from the photos of other rentals and they manage to frame your place as a charming property to spend the weekend, then your probability of getting more bookings shoots-up. Thus, when used correctly, Airbnb Photo is a powerful tool to attract potential customers successfully.

But now, the question at hand is how to take outstanding photos of your property? What is it that you can do during your property photoshoots to frame your place as an attractive and appealing stay? If these are questions you are juggling with then finish this quick read to get all your answers.

How to click appealing Airbnb photo of your property?

In order to help you take perfect attention-grabbing pictures of your property that will make your place stand out from other listings, here are some tips that you may find useful. 

Capture the corners 

When you are doing an Airbnb photoshoot, remember not to take multiple snaps of the flat walls as they might look unappealing and dull. Instead of doing this, consider capturing the corners. Capturing the corners during your photoshoot will add dimensionality to your Airbnb photo, and doing so will lend an exciting look to your snaps. This unique view in your pictures will stand out against the stills of other properties. Plus, another benefit of clicking corner pictures is that it will also prove useful in offering your guests an actual perspective of your room size.

Brighten up your space

When you are capturing a place, your aim should be to click clear pictures in which everything is distinctly visible. In order to make this possible, one crucial step is to brighten up your space before taking Airbnb Photo. Doing so will help you in capturing a well-lit area, which, in turn, will encourage the confidence of the viewer regarding your property. So, next time, when you organize a photoshoot of your property, make sure to open all your windows and to pull up the curtains and blinds. 

Remember that no matter what time of day you are clicking snaps, all the lights in your room should be turned on. This simple practise will help you when you are shooting closed spaces like your bathroom and kitchen area. Switching on the lights in these areas will compensate for the lack of natural lighting.

Taking Airbnb Photo of the surroundings

Most of the guests booking a stay at your place are tourists. They are in that locality specifically to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Due to this reason, it makes sense to capture your surroundings when you are shooting your Airbnb photo. Your guests will appreciate having a look at the neighborhood to know what it will be like when they stay at your rental. So, if you have a small lake near your property or there is a cozy and amazing restaurant right beside your rental, make sure to capture it within your camera lens. Doing so will brighten up the appeal of your place and increase your bookings.

Set up for the occasion

Taking Airbnb Photo is an art. Every photo that you look at might be still, but if you pay attention to it, sure enough, you will find a story in there somewhere. To test this theory, open up any magazine and look at the stills, if the photo you are staring at is of the side table, then, sure enough, lying on the table you will find some books and a pair of glasses or a set of keys, giving the photos a realistic sense and a story of the person who uses it.

Similarly, when you are taking your Airbnb photo, you should take care not to make the property look sterile. When you are clicking the pictures of your space, you should be creative to maximize its potential. So, if your rental is located in a tourist area and hums with people throughout the year, showcase the liveliness of the place in the pictures. If your stay is great for a business community then highlight that feature in your Airbnb Photo. 

Go for panoramic shots

When you are snapping pictures of a property, it is usually good to click panoramic shots of the space. You can use this tip for clicking your Airbnb photo too. Taking panoramic shots of your room to put up with your listing will help your guests in getting a full view of the entire room. This will give your guests a better idea about the size and overall appearance of your rooms. Plus, using panoramic shots will also encourage their trust and faith in the host because they will know that the host is not trying to hide anything from them.

PRO TIP! During the photoshoot, if you do not have any way of taking the panoramic shots, snap Airbnb Photo with a wide-angle lens.

Look at the details

When they take pictures of their property, most of the hosts pay attention to capturing their amenities and additional services. There is nothing wrong with trying to highlight what your place offers to make the stay of your guests cozy and comfortable, but at the same time, you also should not forget about framing personalized details of your space.

It is so, because when guests are checking out your Airbnb photo to decide whether they want to stay at your place or not, a lot hangs upon the vibes they get from your property. So, if your property offers the viewer a friendly vibe, then it can convince them to finalize the booking. However, if by looking at your pictures guests get sterile or shady feelings, then this can sway their decision in the other direction. Thus, when taking Airbnb Photo, pay attention to snapping the details. If you have a cute garden at the back of your place or if your property just has a very cheerful appearance, don’t shy away from promoting it.

Capture your USP

If you want to make money on Airbnb, then one crucial lesson that you will have to learn is to sell everything that is unique about your listing. Your USPs will attract customers and grab their attention. So, when clicking your Airbnb photo, remember to make your USPs the focal point of your snaps. If you have a pool in your rental or you have a cute little vegetable garden in the backyard of your place, then make sure to click a bunch of photos of these places!

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Airbnb photo is a great way of appealing to your potential customers. The more unique are your photos, the better they manage to frame your property, the more bookings you are bound to witness in the upcoming months. Now, in order to efficiently manage these surged bookings, consider trying Hosty’s Airbnb Management Software. This software will help you in flawlessly managing your reservations and smoothly handling all incoming inquiries with smart Airbnb automation tools.