Airbnb Listing Descriptions

Why Airbnb Listing Descriptions are so important?

Because popular vacation rental sites like HomeAway and Airbnb have been moving towards the automated booking method, proper Airbnb listing descriptions are more important than ever. Potential guests have less of an opportunity to speak to you regarding your home, so the way you write about it is necessary to create a perfect first impression. Keep reading to learn a few ways you can maximize the effectiveness of your property descriptions.

Airbnb Listing Descriptions that sell:

Present clear information

The best way to make your Airbnb Listing Descriptions better is to make sure that you’re providing your information in the clearest way possible. Explain your house clearly, then use strong adjectives in a separate sentence to drive your point home. It’s great if your home is beautiful, breathtaking, shiny, gleaming, and posh, but if you don’t explain its location or the sleeping accommodations, there’s no point in any of the fancy descriptors. Get your point across first, then put the cherry on top.

Anticipate the negatives

Another stellar way to write great Airbnb Listing Descriptions is to make sure you mention any potential negatives but in a positive light. For example, if your rental is on a loud street with lots of late night bar activity, say it. Some guests will love that they’re part of the action, and others will continue looking for a quiet night in.  Note that you’re steps away from nightlife, and if a someone is looking to have a good time, this is the perfect place for them. This method allows guests to understand the potential downside of a property without presenting them negatively. If someone is looking for a quiet vacation, they’ll pass on your property, which will save you a negative review down the line.

Spelling and grammar are important!

If the sentence above was written: “Speling and  and grammer are inportant” would you continue to read this article? Would you trust what we had to say? Probably not. The same goes for your vacation rental property descriptions.  Taking the time to check your Airbnb Listing Descriptions for errors goes a long way in creating successful property listings. Well written descriptions will help you establish trust and let your potential guests know that you’re a professional.

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Now that you’re armed with a few tips get to work making your Airbnb Listing Descriptions the best they can be!