How to impress Airbnb customer

How To Impress Your Airbnb Customer At Each Step?

Customers are the driving force of your business, and therefore, it is essential to take care of them at each step of their journey. An Impressed Airbnb customer means good reviews, and good reviews can lead you to a successful Airbnb business. Let’s learn how to impress your Airbnb customer throughout their journey.

1. Attract Awareness

The first step in the journey of an Airbnb customer is awareness. The moment they click on your listing, your journey with them begins, and you have to attract and impress them from this stage onwards. Your listing will make them aware of your property, and if it is good enough, it might persuade them to book your property as well. Your listing should be appealing to grab their attention. Airbnb listing is similar to a profile on any social networking platform. If you craft it nicely you might get a good number of followers (bookings in this case) but, if you present a monotonous and unattractive listing, then people might scroll past you.

Your listing should have everything your target customer is hoping for. If your target customer is millennial backpacking through Europe, then mention that your property is comfortable and affordable, if possible, with an astonishing view that will add an adventure to their life. The listing should cover all the aspects of your property, beginning from the amenities to the house rules. Tell your customer that you are offering everything they will need to make their trip better.

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2. Inform During Consideration

If the Airbnb customer has started reading the house rules, it means they might be interested in your listing. If you don’t pay attention to this step, you might disappoint your guests later. While considering booking your property, they should know their limitations. Set their expectations according to reality. Don’t mislead them that they could party at your property if they can’t. Set the boundaries to avoid any surprises for them down the road. Inform them about your strict check-in schedule policy beforehand. Tell them about the restricted areas in your home and the parking facilities etc., to ensure they don’t get disappointed later.

3. Guide During Traveling

Once you’ve impressed them with your listing and informed them about the rules, the interested Airbnb customer will confirm the booking and travel to your property. The journey from the previous accommodation to your property is not that simple as well. They will need your guidance to reach your property. This is where you can earn those extra points and impress them by always being “close by” and guiding them to your doors. Provide them with clear instructions and directions to reach your property and also be available to answer their queries before check-in.

4. Welcome During Check-In

Who doesn’t like to be welcomed with a welcome basket in an Airbnb? Your Airbnb customer will be impressed by your welcoming gesture. Also, this is your chance to once again inform them about the house rules and give them instructions and tips about the property. You can tell them how the appliances work and give them quick tips to take full advantage of your property. This is how you will familiarise them with your property and ensure they will have a good time in your space, once again making room for good reviews.

5. Be Available During Their Stay

Anything can go wrong during their stay, but if you are alert and available you can deal with the situation and prevent bad impression. For example, if the kitchen taps start leaking at midnight and the guest calls you up or texts you to complain you should be able to resolve their problem at the earliest. This will define their experience with you and you have to make sure that you handle all the problems and communicate with them effectively.

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6. Suggest During Exploration

Airbnb customer is not here just to stay indoors, but they will also want to explore the neighbourhood and enjoy their trip by stepping outside. Exploration is a major part of their trip and you can become part of this step as well. Though the majority of guests have their itineraries prepared beforehand, you can still suggest places to visit. You can leave a tour book for the check-in so that they know the places in the neighbourhood and can explore them. You can also inform them about various events and festivals in the region and impress them with your knowledge and caring nature. You are their host not only for the property but also for the city so remember to tell them as much as you know.

7. Influence During Check-Out

The last step is here. Till now, you have successfully managed to impress your guests, and this is where you can persuade them to leave a stunning review for you. Send them a farewell message requesting a review, and leave them a review from your end. You can also offer discounts for their next trip to get them back.

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In 7 simple steps, every Airbnb customer finishes their journey with you. If you stick with them throughout the journey, you can impress them and also get good reviews for providing a great experience. If you face issues while doing so, you can use management software to help you out. For example, Hosty’s Vacation Rental Management Software will help you to send automated messages tied to specific triggers and to also manage your listings on multiple accounts flawlessly and effectively to impress your Airbnb customer.