Airbnb for kids

How To Prepare Your Airbnb For Kids?

  1. Clothes
  2. Food
  3. Entertainment
  4. Safety Of The Guest

You can offer the best Airbnb for kids if you keep in mind the basic requirements of your guests. Airbnb for kids are usually in demand when families travel. If your listing involves a beach house or any property at a family vacation spot, then preparing your Airbnb for kids is the perfect way to attract more guests. People appreciate personal care, and if you optimize your property according to their needs, then they would be attracted to your listing.

The question is how to make your property child friendly and use it for your benefit? You will get the answer when you will make a list of all the important things required for taking care of a child. Lets, take a look at this list and find out the secret behind a perfect Airbnb for kids.

1. Clothes

Kids like to play, roll in the dirt, and change their clothes often. The guest will have to wash the clothes frequently and would require an arrangement to dry the clothes. Kids go through more apparels as compared to an adult so let’s keep this in mind and offer the amenities required to make the stay easy.

Washer and Dryer

A functional washer and dryer might help your guests to deal with this problem easily and conveniently. They might appreciate your thoughtfulness and leave a positive review as well. Keeping such amenities handy will help them in taking care of their kids as well as will allow them to relax. Also, a dryer will save your guests from unfortunate accidents. Without a dryer, they will be a pile of wet clothes leading to a slippery floor.

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2. Food

Children need extra attention when it comes to food. It is okay for an adult to skip a meal, but no guest will tolerate their kids missing even a snack. It is your job to make sure that you make the required resources available. When people travel with kids, they tend to use the kitchen. They might need to cook at midnight, and having access to a functional kitchen would be a great help.


Provide your guests with the basic and essential utensils required for cooking. Your kitchen should be fully functional. Don’t forget pans, pots, spoons, knives, and all that you need in your kitchen for general day-to-day cooking.

Good Stock

Stock your kitchen with fresh ingredients that will be helpful for your guests. Milk, bread, sugar, sault, coffee, tea, jams, honey, vegetables, etc. Also, remember to leave some snacks for a quick grabbing. Anything from nuts to chocolate would delight your guests.

3. Entertainment

When your guest is with a kid, entertainment is good for two things, keeping the kids distracted so that parents can rest as well as helping the parents relax while the kids are sleeping. So, in the form of entertainment facilities, you are offering a peaceful escape to your guest which will make their stay more relaxing and increase the chances of a good review.

TV and WiFi

Television and the internet are the most popular medium of entertainment nowadays. It will also help the guests to stay connected and continue with their important work. Free and unlimited Wi-Fi might also encourage them to click a cute picture with their kid and upload it on social media, which would help you to grab the attention of new customers. Provide with the instructions to access television and WIFI beforehand. If they know the password in advance, they could start relaxing from the moment they enter your property.

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Polishing The Outdoors

If your Airbnb for kids has an outdoor space then use it to your benefit and offer an additional play area to the kids which is completely safe.

Neighbourhood Attractions

Don’t forget the traditional way of entertainment. Going to a park or visiting a zoo is also a great source of fun. You can impress your guest by providing them a list of child-friendly places in your neighborhood so that they could fully enjoy their trip.

4. Safety Of The Guest

Kids are the most precious and most delicate guests. You can not afford to be blamed for any kind of injury caused during their stay. As a host of Airbnb for kids, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests. There are various ways to achieve the same.


First of all, you will have to childproof your property. Since the Airbnb infant policy does not require the guest to pay for an infant it is advisable to ask about the requirements in advance. If you are going to host a toddler then you will have to protect locks on the cabinet, get doors for the stairs or for the pool. Childproofing your property is essential for Airbnb for kids. Inform your guests about the danger zones in your property as well. You can easily maintain contact with them using Hosty’s inbox that shows you the details about a booking while you are interacting with them so that you can effectively communicate. 

Keeping Things Out Of Reach

All the valuables such as china, glasses, or expensive and delicate showpieces should be kept out of reach. This will help you save damages, help the kids stay safe, and the adults to relax.

How To Benefit From Airbnb For Kids?

Extra Bed Means Extra Earnings

Guests who come with kids might invite extra guests as well. If you offer them an extra bed such as a sofa bed then you can take advantage of the additional guest fee.

Promotion For Progress

Upload pictures of your child-friendly property and impress the guests with your thoughtfulness and caring attitude. Listing with the terms “child friendly” or “Airbnb for kids” tends to attract more attention especially from families.

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Children are mostly unpredictable and active, that is why it is important to make a few changes to prepare your Airbnb for kids. Kids are not the same target audience as adults and you have to make sure that both the child and the adult have a comfortable and enjoyable stay at your property. Once you learn the tricks you will be able to offer an Airbnb for kids that would grab the attention of your target guests. 

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