Airbnb Welcome Book

Guide: How To Create The Ultimate Airbnb Welcome Book For Guests

As a host of your residence, there is a certain responsibility on you that you must fulfill. Among the many things such as being hospitable, kind, understanding and welcoming…guiding your guests is highly imperative. This is especially important when your guests are flying in from foreign countries or different cities. Entering into a whole new world must be hard for them and your job as a host is to make sure they feel most welcome and comfortable. That can be done with the help of an Airbnb guidebook

What Are Guidebooks On Airbnb platform?

An Airbnb guidebook, or as it is most commonly referred to as a Welcome Book, is a wonderful and friendly way of welcoming your guests to a new place. An Airbnb welcome book combines together the best local spots like parks, restaurants, cinemas, malls, grocery stores…etc. Recommendations come from someone (like the host) who has spent considerable time in the country. These guide books will also go a long way in helping you become an Airbnb Superhost.

Hand-Crafted Or Digital Ones – Which Is Better?

When planning to write an Airbnb welcome book, it is always important to consider whether you should provide it in digital or printed format. A welcome book for short term rental home should actually not be limited to one type. Although a digital Airbnb guidebook would be terrific there is a chance that your guests will be elderly or not technology-savvy. They can’t access the internet easily when they’re out and would highly appreciate a printed welcome book for vacation rental

Tips For A Great Guidebook

Visual appeal! Make sure your Airbnb welcome book contains a lot of imagery. This helps in attracting the attention of your guests and encouraging them to try out new places. 

Pay attention to your guests. Depending on their age and if they have children with them or not, you may find it easier to recommend places. Neglecting these key areas is a sure fire way to leave your guests disappointed.

What Are The Pros Of Creating A Good Guidebook?

Helping your guests feel more at home only refines your business quality in the long run. With the help of an Airbnb guidebook, your guests will appreciate you as a host. This in turn will result in more favourable Airbnb reviews. 

Guests that you have once entertained and provided outstanding service to will surely make a note of coming back and they will be choosing your accommodation as their designated place of stay. Not just that, but there is a high possibility that these guests you have impressed are going to refer their friends and acquaintances to avail your services and grow your business reputation. Overall, it is a great way of refining your way of doing business and gaining yourself the best reviews in the process. 

Last but not least, representing your country/city to foreigners/newcomers in a good light will not only add to your advantage but to everyone’s. Recommending great cafes, restaurants and malls to your guests will leave them happy and satisfied that they visited your town/country. For an entire list of some incredible Airbnb Tips, check out this article.