Good Airbnb guest review

C’s For Ensuring Good Airbnb Guest Review

It is not easy to get a good Airbnb guest review, but it is very beneficial. If you learn the tricks to keep your guests happy then you might get a good Airbnb guest review. Now keeping your guests happy is your responsibility and this article will help you to unfold the secret behind this task. Satisfying your guests and standing up to their expectations will help you to impress them and receive strong reviews. The way to achieve your guests’ happiness and as a result, strong Airbnb guest review is following the 4 C rule: Communication, Convenience, Cooperation, and Comfort.

How To Achieve Positive Airbnb Guest Review?

1. Communication

Smooth and effortless communication with the guest is the first and the most important “C” for ensuring good Airbnb guest review. If you fail to communicate clearly and effectively with your guest, then run the risk of getting a negative Airbnb guest review. Effective communication involves quick replies, problem-solving approach, and a positive attitude.

Quick replies not only result in good reviews but also increase your chances of becoming an Airbnb super host. Replying within an hour is considered ideal and reply within 24 hours is considered essential. If the guest is facing any problems during the stay and you delay communication, this may lead to an unhappy customer. However, it is understandable to miss one or two texts while managing Airbnb properties, but the guest may not overlook such an attitude and might not be happy with such behavior.  In order to ensure that you reply to each message promptly, you can use the help of Hosty’s Central inbox feature that will integrate all your Airbnb messenger conversations and notify you whenever you get a new message. Moreover, you will be able to check the details of the booking while talking to guests in the same window which will allow you to converse relevantly.

You are the host and you have to keep your guest happy by solving their problems. With promptness, the reply should also be effective. If they need a cleaning service you should be able to make the appointment as quickly as possible. If they have a plumbing issue you should be able to contact the plumber easily. You can do all these tasks efficiently by using Hosty’s task management feature and allocating tasks to your team members.

2. Convenience

You should be at the service of your guests. If you want a good Airbnb guest review, then make sure that things happen according to the convenience of your guests. From scheduling the check-in and check-out to arranging cleaning services everything should happen as per the wish of your guests. Your property should make the guests feel welcomed and at home and offer amenities to keep them happy. A good service is always rewarded with good Airbnb guest review. However, if you fail to provide high-quality service and ignore the desires of your guests then you might face the risk of getting bad reviews.

3. Co-operation

Cooperating with your guests in a polite manner will help you and them understand each other and make their stay peaceful for both the parties. Politeness is the key to keep your guests happy. However, sometimes you might be frustrated to answer the same question over and over. You can ensure a good Airbnb review and save yourself from this stress by using Hosty’s automation features and saved replies in the unified inbox. You can send triggered messages and save templates of FAQs to answer effectively and politely every time.

4. Comfort

Ask yourself, will you be happy if you don’t feel comfortable in the accommodation? No, right? So why should you make your guest suffer through an uncomfortable experience? Buy your furniture, decorate your space and stock your property keeping in mind the comfort of your guests. Build a cozy space where everyone would love to stay and spend time so that you make your guests happy. Make the comfort of your guests your priority so that they know that you care. A comfortable stay is a happy stay. Furniture, appliances, entertainment, a fireplace, and many more items can be used to make your guests comfortable. Just make sure your property is welcoming and you might want to stay there yourself.

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See if you truly know your target audience and understand their needs then it will be easy for you to secure positive Airbnb guest review. Airbnb guest review is the honest reflection of your guests’ experience at your property. You can ensure good reviews by offering them what they need and keeping them satisfied and happy at the same time. The 4 C rule will help you to reach the hearts of the guests and make them happy. With the help of 4C’s and Hosty’s Airbnb management software, you will be able to take care of your guests’ happiness and achieve strong Airbnb guest review.