Best Airbnb cities Canada

Best Canadian cities and locations for investing in Airbnb rentals

Canada has a wealth of opportunities for your own short-term rental business. Learn some data-backed facts about the country’s prominent destinations where you can start your Airbnb journey. 

Why investing in Canadian Airbnb property can pay off

Traveling is a very active affair within the Canadian borders. The latest annual data gathered by the government shows: 

  • 397% increase in travels to Canada
  • 124.5% spending increase from non-residents*
  • $15.4 billion in tourism spending
  • $12.9 billion in domestic tourism spending
  • 5.1% increase in jobs created by tourism.

*Indicates that the income isn’t generated by tourists only, but by visitors on business trips, tourists, etc. 

You can also operate your Canadian Airbnb property remotely, for example, from the neighborhood US — or anywhere in the world. 

Listing of the most profitable airbnb cities in Canada

Canmore $4,016
St. Andrews $2,781
Vancouver $2,676
White Rock$2,445
Niagara Falls$2,314
Richmond $2,090
Quebec City$2,084

Best cities to invest in Airbnb rentals in Canada 

Toronto (Ontario)

Airbnb Toronto
Active rentals 9,803 
Average Daily Rate $173
Occupancy Rate 70%
Revenue $1,864 

The Ontario capital is a melting pot of cultures placed inside a huge city life. It’s the most popular tourist location in Canada, attracting more than 27 million visitors every year. A good portion of them isn’t there for Toronto only, but also for other famous attractions like Niagara Falls that are just a day trip away. As an Airbnb host, you can explore properties in smaller Toronto districts downtown, that is a bit removed from hassle but offer great infrastructure and gorgeous architecture. Some of those districts are quite chic, others are on a more competitive side — depending on what guests you want to target. 

Being the biggest financial center in Canada, as well as one of the ten largest ones in the world, dozens of people arrive in Toronto with business matters. If you want them to be your Airbnb guests, explore properties in the Financial District in Old Toronto. 

Note that as a short-term rental property owner, you will have to obtain a host permit license in Toronto before opening for business. 

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Vancouver (British Columbia)

Airbnb Vancouver
Active rentals 3,468
Average Daily Rate $189
Occupancy Rate 81%
Revenue $2,676

Vancouver attracts more than 8 million tourists every year. The city combines gorgeous natural landscapes with top-tier infrastructure. 

The biggest portion of BC tourist stays — more than 40% — is concentrated in the Lower Mainland, and Metro Vancouver takes a significant part of that region.  Here guests mostly book condos, lofts, and suites Airbnbs. Those who want something less Big City Style, opt for full house vacation rentals closer to mountains and the coast: for instance, in North Vancouver, or neighborhood Lower Mainland cities like Whistler. 

Airbnb occupancy in Vancouver peaks in August thanks to warm weather with plenty of sunshine and way less rain than usual. 

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Whistler (British Columbia)

Airbnb Whistler
Active rentals 2,857
Average Daily Rate $350
Occupancy Rate 61%
Revenue $4,428

Whistler is one of the most beloved Canadian ski resorts, nested in the Coast Mountains. It’s incredibly popular, with 3 million annual tourist arrivals. 

Airbnb hosts bet on stunning scenery, offering residencies with panoramic views. The most cost-effective yet popular accommodations are condominiums in multistorey buildings on Whistler’s central streets. As a famous gateway, though, private ski chalets and townhouses are in overwhelming demand. Hosts can definitely make a profit from renting out multi-bedroom houses with hot tubs. 

Whistler’s popularity is almost equally stretched across the seasons, but the occupancy rate steadily rises throughout summers and peaks in August. 

Canmore (Alberta)

Active rentals 1,798
Average Daily Rate $260
Occupancy Rate 67%
Revenue $4,016

Canmore is a small city, yet an extremely popular tourist destination. It has around 1,5 million visitors every year, offering them rich mountain resort infrastructure: Canmore is in the Alberta Rockies, next to Banff National Park. 

Airbnb owners in Canmore usually host all sorts of guests, from backpackers on the budget to middle and upper-middle-class tourists. As for property types, lodges and cabins are extremely popular — including spacious luxury options for several hundred per night or more. 

Ottawa (Ontario)

Airbnb Ottawa
Active rentals 1,794
Average Daily Rate $141
Occupancy Rate 68%
Revenue $1,806

Ottawa is the country’s capital, and also BC’s city with the largest French-speaking population. It attracts up to 11,5 million foreign visitors every year. It’s also one of the most diverse Canadian cities architecture-wise: the range has everything, from Gothic to Brutalism. As a short-term rental host, you can expect guests who are really into arts, culture, and history. The city is also very family-friendly, with tons of chill activities — so you can easily advertise your reservations to non-party-type guests: you will see no shortage of them. 

As for Airbnb, apartments in the historic center or the downtown are always in demand: but they aren’t the only option! There are beautiful woods just outside Ottawa where guests happily rent cozy cabins and lodges. Ecotourism is also on the rise here, so you can explore this sector of the short-term rental market. 

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Quebec City (Quebec)

Airbnb Quebec City
Active rentals 1,794
Average Daily Rate $152
Occupancy Rate 64%
Revenue $2,084

The capital of Canada’s main French province boasts Old World charm with castles, ice skate rings, and winter festivals. The Old Quebec historic district is actually UNESCO-protected. The city welcomes around 5 million tourists every year, and the Airbnb occupancy fluctuations are not drastic throughout the year. Summer to early autumn has the most active time slots booking-wise.     

As a hip old city, Quebec definitely has a great demand for loft bookings with panoramic views. Apartments in historic buildings are great too. Entire house rentals are usually in demand in the city’s outskirts, but it’s more of an advantage: the surroundings are cozier and quieter, while the infrastructure delivers a swift transfer to the busiest parts of Quebec City. 

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Tofino (British Columbia)

Active rentals 365
Average Daily Rate $356
Occupancy Rate 82%
Revenue $6,630

Tofino is one of the most expensive and popular destinations in Canada, thanks to attractions like surfing and whale watching. If you want to start a booming Airbnb business here, pay closer attention to the ecotourism sector, which is especially sought after here.  

Kelowna (British Columbia)

Airbnb Kelowna
Active rentals 1,432
Average Daily Rate $267
Occupancy Rate 72%
Revenue $3,392

Kelowna is one of the largest inland destinations of Canada, and a popular one at that, with 1,8 annual visitors. One of the main attractions is the Okanagan Lake: an Airbnb property here will make a lucrative investment. So will residencies next to Kelowna’s famous vineyards, with lake and mountain views — wine tourism is the most active in autumn. Some 55 kilometers from Kelowna there’s a great Big White ski resort, which hosts almost 700,000 ski lovers annually, especially in winter. 

Victoria (British Columbia)

Airbnb Victoria
Active rentals 1,063
Average Daily Rate $179
Occupancy Rate 83%
Revenue $2,981

Being the capital of the BC province, Victoria sees more than 20 million domestic visitors, and more than 3 million international visitors every year, providing robust occupancy rates for short-term rental hosts. It’s also adored by sophisticated tourists attracted by the city’s mix of the Old and the New Worlds. Cozy private room Airbnbs will be as much in-demand as designer lofts and luxury condos or penthouses with a view. 

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Richmond (British Columbia)

Active rentals 966
Average Daily Rate $186
Occupancy Rate 63%
Revenue $2,090

Located on four islands in the southern suburbs of Vancouver, Richmond boasts an incredibly rich cultural scene, with a massive Asian-Canadian population, and fantastic seafood on the banks of Fraser River. The city is growing bigger, but tourists still seek the quiet atmosphere it’s famous for and would love an intimate, homey Airbnb overlooking the water or the hills. 

Niagara Falls (Ontario)

Airbnb Niagara Falls
Active rentals 1,047
Average Daily Rate $218
Occupancy Rate 45%
Revenue $2,314

The city thrives on the legendary falls-related tourism, as well as destination weddings. The biggest Airbnb price range is presented in the most touristy neighborhoods like Niagara Falls Centre or Clifton Hill, and the more refined residencies are usually booked on Fallsview Boulevard. And you can never do wrong with investing in a lodge Airbnb in Niagara Falls. 

Burnaby (British Columbia)

Airbnb Burnaby
Active rentals 772
Average Daily Rate $157
Occupancy Rate 63%
Revenue $1,949

Burnaby is an eastern suburb of Vancouver with a very advantageous location: tourists can transfer to basically any part of Great Vancouver from here, including beaches and ski resorts. It’s also a well-developed, beautiful area in its own right, which explains the high Airbnb occupancy. One of the best short-term rental options would be condos overlooking the river, or comfy private cottages and cabins near the forest or a creek.  

Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)

Active rentals 273
Average Daily Rate $184
Occupancy Rate 68%
Revenue $2,114

The Prince Edward Island capital, Charlottetown is a postcard-pretty little city is famous for its hospitality, including the homiest, most comfy rentals. An Airbnb overlooking the lake or the river, like a beach cottage, will be a hit. 

Squamish (British Columbia)

Active rentals 191
Average Daily Rate $216
Occupancy Rate 75%
Revenue $3,110

Squamish is one of the most important centers of Indigenous culture in Canada. It’s also famous for its water trails and sea kayaking, so a lot of tourists seek just that. Therefore, warm, cozy, and easily accessible Airbnbs — preferably, cabins, lodges, or cottages — are in demand. 

Whitehorse (Yukon)

Active rentals 141
Average Daily Rate $198
Occupancy Rate 75%
Revenue $2,328

Yukon is the crown jewel of North America’s active tourism, and Whitehorse is its capital. Guests will appreciate a unique Airbnb that allows enjoying the wild beauty of local nature while keeping the habitats safe and comfortable. 

Banff (Alberta)

Active rentals 125
Average Daily Rate $331
Occupancy Rate 52%
Revenue $4,156

Banff is probably one of the most comfortable mountain towns in Canada. As the heart of the national park under the same name, it’s also one of the most beautiful ones. Tourists visit the town year-round, happily paying higher Airbnb rates for breathtaking views, hot springs, and close proximity to ski resorts. 

White Rock (British Columbia)

Active rentals 98
Average Daily Rate $189
Occupancy Rate 72%
Revenue $2,445

The town is very popular in the domestic tourism sector: Vancouver residents actively flock to the local beaches on weekends and holidays. And since it’s also located at the US border, White Rock Airbnbs are frequently booked by its citizens. 

Other notable locations for Airbnb business in Canada

Lunenburg (Nova Scotia)

Airbnb Lunenburg
Active rentals 53
Average Daily Rate $175
Occupancy Rate 69%
Revenue $1,948

This charming and colorful fishing village is yet another UNESCO Heritage location within the Canadian borders. Residencies with seaside harbor and ocean views make the best Airbnb rentals for tourists here. 

St. Andrews (New Brunswick)

Active rentals 45
Average Daily Rate $186
Occupancy Rate 67%
Revenue $2,781

A unique coastal town with old New England architecture and active whale-watching tours. Airbnb scene thrives on sunlit cottages — the closer to the waterfront, the merrier. 

Stratford (Ontario)

Active rentals 44
Average Daily Rate $215
Occupancy Rate 71%
Revenue $2,609

This is not THE Stratford-upon-Avon where William Shakespeare was born, but the majority of local culture is based on Shakespearean legacy. Tourists here seek elegant sun-drenched cottage Airbnbs.  

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