Airbnb Problems

How to solve common Airbnb problems?

While you are managing an Airbnb property you are bound to face some challenges. No path is without hurdles. No one can avoid Airbnb problems. You can definitely take precautions and minimize the risks, but you are bound to encounter certain Airbnb problems at a certain point in time. Your goal is to solve the problems effectively so that they do not affect your business.

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There are numerous Airbnb problems encountered by the hosts, and here you will find the solutions to the most common ones. In a short-term rental, the host has to manage their property and ensure that the guests have a safe and comfortable stay at their place. Every guest expects the best service from an Airbnb host.  Unfortunately, these expectations can potentially lead to Airbnb problems. If you don’t solve the problems quickly and effectively then it will lead to bad reviews. This can lead to a lower ranking in the search results and fewer bookings.

Airbnb problems are the issues faced by the hosts and property managers while listing and managing their properties on Airbnb. You can solve any kind of problem including the common and unique ones if you think wisely and act quickly. The following list will help you with the common Airbnb problems faced by almost all the Airbnb property managers and owners.

  1. What to do when you want to cancel a booking?
  2. How to handle last-minute cancelations?
  3. What if guests want to check in earlier and check out later?
  4. How to deal with Airbnb problems related to the property’s safety?
  5. What to do when a guest complains about amenities issues?
  6. What steps to be taken when the property is found damaged?
  7. What if your collectibles are missing after check out?
  8. How to handle bad reviews?

What to do when you want to cancel a booking?

There can be numerous reasons for canceling a booking. If you suspect that the guests are not right for your property then you ought to take steps to cancel the reservation. There may be a case of double booking and you decide to cancel the one from Airbnb.

 Airbnb does not encourage cancellations so it’s better to contact Airbnb and inform them about the valid reasons that led you to cancel the booking. Generally, you have to pay a penalty for each cancellation. Thus, it is advisable to cancel only under unavoidable circumstances and inform Airbnb promptly to avoid penalties. You can cancel a booking by going to Your Reservation and selecting the Cancel option. It is easy to cancel a booking, but it comes with adverse consequences.

How to handle last-minute cancelations?

Sometimes when you have arranged everything for your guests’ stay, you receive a cancellation notice. You have already cleaned the property and bought new supplies for the guests and the guests refuse to come and demand a refund. This is one of the most common Airbnb problems faced by the hosts.

For solving this problem, you have to adopt a strict cancellation policy. Mention in the listing itself that you don’t provide a refund if the cancellation is processed after a specified period. For example, you can set the cancellation limit to 14 days specifying that if the guest cancels the reservation before 14 days from the check-in date only then will you process refunds. Otherwise, you don’t owe the guest any refund.

Strict cancellation policies are the only way to protect yourself from the damages caused by last-minute cancellations.

What if guests want to check in earlier and check out later?

You will often find your guests request an early check-in or a late checkout. If you are booked tightly then it will be difficult for you to allow the guests to enter early or leave late. If you decline to change the timings then the guest could give you a bad review. It is better to inform the guest beforehand that you do not encourage alterations in the check-in and check-out the schedule.

Early check-in or late check-out could prove to be a hurdle for your predetermined schedules. You must have informed your team about their tasks based on the check out and check-in time. Any alterations in them can create chaos. To avoid this turmoil, you have to mention your policies regarding check-in and check-out timings in the listing. Your guests should know that they have to inform you in advance if they want to change the schedule. 

It is your decision if you are fine with a change in the timings or not. Some hosts have strict policies and they do not allow alterations under any circumstances while some hosts always adjust according to the guest’s need. Whatever you decide just specify it in your listing so the guests know the rules before booking your property.

How to deal with Airbnb problems related to the property’s safety?

Once your guests have checked in, your property is in their hands. You are not sure how they will treat your property. They can arrange parties or their pets can chew your sofa. Numerous Airbnb problems fall under the property’s safety . The best way to deal with this issue is through Airbnb house rules.

Airbnb house rules are different for each host and they protect your property. Airbnb house rules are framed by the hosts and include all the important instructions for the guests. These rules should be mentioned in the listing so that guests make a well-informed decision before booking your property. From no smoking to mentioning the noise curfew timing you can include all the basic house rules for your property. If you inform the guest beforehand that you don’t allow parties or pets then the potential damage will be saved. 

In case you have not mentioned the rules and you find the guests partying in your house and damaging your property then you should ask them to leave. One bad review won’t hurt your business as much as those huge repair bills. Along with the happiness of your guest you have to take care of your property as well. If you think that your property is not in safe hands then you can cancel the booking and inform Airbnb about the situation to avoid penalty. 

What to do when a guest complains about amenities issues?

If your phone rings at midnight to inform you that the bathroom tap is leaking then you take action immediately. When your guest is facing a problem due to a malfunction in your property you have no time to waste. The more time you take to solve the problem the more are the chances of bad reviews. As a host, your job is to satisfy the guests and if an amenity problem arises it’s your responsibility to solve it as soon as possible. 

The master solution to all amenities related to Airbnb problems is prompt action. You cannot let your guests deal with the problem on their own. You have to immediately inform your team and ensure that the problem is solved. Also, remember to apologize for the inconvenience and if possible, offer some kind gift to cover up the discomfort caused.

What steps to be taken when the property is found damaged?

It is not a rare experience to find your property damaged after the guests have checked out. But there is a simple solution to charge them for the damages. You should have a record of your property before they checked in so that you can prove that the damage was caused by them. To protect your pockets from paying the damage the guests caused, you should consider security deposits. When you charge a security deposit, the guests tend to take good care of your property and if they damage anything, you can deduct it from the deposit directly.

If the damages exceed the amount of security deposit then you have to inform Airbnb and request for the required amount from the guests. To avoid such kinds of losses it’s best to get insurance. Insurance covering your short term rental property will help you minimize the risks.

What if your collectibles are missing after check out?

If you find any of your items missing from the property after check out then you have to check again. You should be sure before accusing the guests of taking your items. If you have searched every corner of your property then it’s time to inform Airbnb and politely ask your guests if they have seen the items. 

Generally, you will recognize through their tone if they have your collectibles or not. The guest might have taken the item by mistake, so it’s better to ask nicely in the beginning. If you don’t get your item through polite measures then you should take legal steps. If you don’t want to lose your valuable items to the guests then it’s better not to keep them in your listed property. If guests won’t be able to reach the valuable items, they won’t be able to take it. 

How to handle bad reviews?

Being polite is the mantra of transforming a bad review into your favor. When  potential guests check the review and find out that you reply nicely to the bad reviews then they might be impressed. Finding out that a host is considerate and respectful increases the chances of booking that property. Don’t worry if you get a bad review. You have a platform to explain yourself and respectfully reply to those reviews.

You must have learned by now that politeness and promptness are the keys to solve almost all the Airbnb problems. The number of Airbnb problems increases with the number of properties you manage. Logging in and out every time you have to manage a different listing is a nightmare. The simple solution is to use Hosty’s Airbnb management software. Hosty will integrate the information for all of your listings, help you to reply to the guests through a unified inbox and to view the calendars of all the listings on a single dashboard through the multi-calendar. Hosty’s automation features will help you to save time and focus on solving the important Airbnb problems.

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