Airbnb House Rules

Airbnb House Rules: You know you need ‘em

How to craft effective Airbnb House Rules that get followed.

Even if you have the most thoughtful guests, the most understanding neighbors and the most indestructible home, something bad is bound to happen. It’s better to be prepared for when something does go wrong. An excellent way to have a successful Airbnb business is to set up rules for Airbnb guests to follow. A good set of house rules will help your Airbnb guests know your guidelines and expectations and with luck, follow them to the letter.

Tips on how to write the most effective Airbnb house rules:

Be specific:

The best way for guest to understand your ground Airbnb house rules are by keeping them as precise as possible. If you don’t want your guests playing loud music after 10 pm, simply write “No loud music after 10 pm”. Being overly explanatory or too vague can come across as uncertain or passive. Just remember, be stern, but also be polite. Excessive exclamation points, underlining or writing in all caps can come off as rude, so keep those aspects to a minimum.

Keep it easy:

Do what you can to keep your list of “Don’ts” as short as possible. First, write out all of the most important Airbnb apartment rules that you want your guests to abide by. Second, try to pair down those rules to 5 to 10 of the most specific and relevant. If something is area-specific, a small sign in the area may be more helpful than a written rule. For example, a “leave shoes by the door” sign may just do the trick. Finally, assume that your guests have at least a modicum of respect and common sense. Leave out overly picky or overly specific rules that should go without saying.

Tip: If you regularly have international Airbnb guests, remember to keep language simple to ensure that non-native English speakers can easily understand your guidelines.   

Make it simple

If you want guests to recycle and only smoke on the patio, make sure that you clearly label recycling bins and only keep ashtrays on the patio. Your Airbnb rental is about your guests so making the rules easy for them to follow should be your priority.

Ensuring that you have solid and easy to understand Airbnb rules for guests is an important step of becoming the best host you can be. Taking some time to write useful Airbnb house rules will provide your guests with guidelines to have an enjoyable stay.