Promote Your Airbnb Instagram

Tips to promote your Airbnb Instagram account

Social media promotion is an excellent way to promote your listing. Instagram is an exemplary social media platform to attract traffic to your listing. The majority of users of Instagram range between the age of 18-35 which happens to be the age group of travel enthusiasts. Instagram helps you to showcase the unique characteristics of your listings through visual representation and attract the attention of your target audience. It is a strategic step to create an Instagram account for your listing. For effectively promoting your Airbnb listing you have to wisely promote your Airbnb Instagram account. 

A greater number of Instagram followers imply a greater number of bookings. The more people will know about you, the more people will book your property. Promote your Airbnb Instagram account to inform people about your listing, its unique features, and useful amenities. Make sure to follow these tips to effectively promote your Airbnb Instagram account:

Update your bio regularly

Instagram allows you to write a short description of your account and share the link on your website. You have to use these features ingeniously to promote your Airbnb Instagram account. Redirect your followers by providing a direct link to your listing on Airbnb. Increase the number of your followers by updating your bio regularly.  The short description also known as BIO must be unique and catchy. You should mention the impressive and special features of your listing there.

Use Hashtags to promote your Airbnb Instagram account

The hashtag is a very important part of Instagram promotions. The reach of your post will be decided by the hashtags you use. You can include trending hashtags in your BIO as well. People follow hashtags on Instagram and if your posts consist of the famous hashtags then it will be viewed by more people. Search for the trending and suitable hashtags. To promote your Airbnb Instagram account upload new posts using local hashtags. When people plan a trip, these local hashtags attract them to your listing. Hashtags should not be unique, they should be famous, general, and trending on Instagram.

Collaborate with bloggers and journalists

Collaboration with lifestyle bloggers and journalists help you to persuade their followers to book your property. The majority of the travelers plan their trips based on the reliable reviews of the influencers. If you collaborate with them you will expand the reach of your listing. Their followers will know you, will trust you and will book your Airbnb listing. Being featured on the famous page on Instagram can significantly boost the number of your followers overnight. Networking is important to promote your Airbnb Instagram account.

Share stories and promote your Airbnb Instagram account

The best way to grab people’s attention is through stories. Interesting and unique stories are always beneficial for effective promotions. You should share posts that tell the story of your listing. Share your story as a host. Share the stories of the guests. Tell the people why your property is unique! Persuade the people to book your property by sharing the wonderful experiences of previous guests. Share the stories that stand out amidst the thousand posts that your potential guest is scrolling through.

Showcase the neighborhood

Along with sharing the photographs of your property, you should also showcase the neighborhood. Don’t just limit yourself to the people who plan to come to your neighborhood. Try to attract people to plan a new trip just to experience the wonders in your neighborhood. 

Inform about the events

Keep your followers up to date. People love to be informed about the events they can enjoy. Share information about the events in your neighborhood and persuade them to book your property to stay and attend the events. If you inform your followers, they will value you and book your listing.

Upload small videos to attract guests’ attention

Tell the people what they are missing by not booking your property. Upload small videos to excite them about their trip to your place. A sneak peek into the exhilarating tours will attract their attention and influence them to come for a stay and experience it in real life. Videos tend to attract more people than still images do. 

Always upload something new and unique

To promote your Airbnb Instagram account, you should upload regularly. Every new post should be unique. People are attracted to variations and repelled by monotony. Try to entertain and inform your followers with each new post. 

You have to work regularly in order to promote your Airbnb Instagram account. You can also link this account to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Instagram offers a great opportunity to reach the mass and it’s your responsibility to grab its advantage. 

If you manage multiple listings then you can make a single Instagram account promoting all of them together. It is ideal to promote all the listings from a single page. Similarly, it is convenient to manage multiple Airbnb accounts and listings using single property management software. Hosty should be on your list of such PMSs to try out. While Instagram promotions will increase the number of bookings, the unified inbox, multi-calendar, and the automation features of Hosty will help you to manage them efficiently!

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