Bad Airbnb Reviews

It is bound to happen eventually: How to deal with Bad Airbnb Reviews

Don’t worry, Bad Airbnb Reviews happen to the best of us.

Even if you have the best listing, fantastic customer service, and amazing Airbnb reviews, you’re eventually going to get a bad review. Whether you dropped the ball on your end, or you have a particularly difficult guest, getting a bad Airbnb review is never pleasant. Fear not! The crew at Hosty has some tips to help handle the inevitable 1/5 star review and the negative comments that come with it.


What to do when you get a bad Airbnb review?

Stay calm.

Your first instinct may be to immediately reply back to the poster with an equally negative review. Don’t. Not only does it look unprofessional, it never actually fixes anything. Most times a bad Airbnb review happens because of a misunderstanding that can be easily addressed. Don’t miss out on future Airbnb bookings because you lost your temper today.

Always say you’re sorry.

Don’t forget that being an Airbnb host is a customer service job. Even if you don’t feel at fault, a general “sorry that you feel this way” goes a long way. A lot of times, guests write bad Airbnb reviews because they don’t feel like they’re being heard. Making sure that you tell guests that you understand how they feel is a critical part of succeeding in this business. Swallow your pride; it will go a long way.

Be honest.

Is this negative Airbnb review due to something that you could have prevented? Do you not communicate as effectively as you should have? Did you overpromise and underdeliver on a listing? Did you list amenities that you don’t have? Sometimes a bad Airbnb review can come out of nowhere, and other times it is something that you could have prevented. When you do get a negative Airbnb review, think about it carefully and use it as an opportunity to make your business better.

Review your guest.

After you’ve taken a breath, apologized, and thought long and hard about how this negative review could have been prevented, consider writing that guest a review. Sometimes a guest is just being irrational or mean. If you have to explain your side of the story, you can leave a review for a guest 24 hours after they check out.

Prevent it!

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. This also rings true for Airbnb hosts. A host can avoid a lot of potential problems by communicating well to all Airbnb guests. Make sure you respond to messages quickly and provide as much information as possible to guests’ questions. Also, make sure to be available for your guests during their stay in case they encounter any problems. Taking time to communicate with your guests before they stay with you will save you from bad reviews later.

Getting a bad Airbnb review is never pleasant, but when you’re armed with a strategy plus using Airbnb property management software, they’re easy to handle.