Manage Airbnb Remotely

How to Efficiently Manage Airbnb Business Remotely?

The ability to manage Airbnb remotely is a great feature for many Airbnb hosts. It is overall an easy way to manage your vacation rental business. It provides you with a well integrated platform to market your property and earn more. 

Yes, you heard it right. You can pull off a successful Airbnb Business without being physically present. There are hosts who attend to their affairs away from their property with the help of the automation tools while successfully managing an Airbnb remotely. This feature also allows you to manage more than one property situated at different locations. You can also manage your affairs while attending to your business. Imagine expanding your business across the world while sitting at home. Now pause this wondrous imagination and strive to transform it into reality. 

To Manage Airbnb remotely first you need to set up a defined workflow. Once your setup is finalized, it becomes very simple. If your aim is also to successfully manage Airbnb remotely then stay with us till the end to discover five simple hacks that will help you achieve your goal. 

Airbnb offers its guests homely comfort along with all the facilities. Remember the expectations of Airbnb guests are pretty high. To meet these expectations, you must serve your guests with the best of your capacities. When a traveler books your space to stay, they imagine themselves in a comfortable home painted almost in the same way as displayed in the listing. Most of the travelers have a very strict vacation schedule. They even may have booked the services of a travel agent. They might even have scheduled meetings. No one wants to waste time in the lengthy check-in process. At the same time, the guests rely on their host to guide them through the process with ease so that they can return to do what they came here to do. So, the question becomes – how to make the check in process simple without greeting your guests in person?

Read the following 5 tips and employ them to set up your business process. 

Handing Out the Key is the First Step

The very first step is handing out the key. It is the first challenge you will need to overcome. To manage Airbnb remotely the first step is to present the property as the host.

You might be wondering how will you provide keys without being there? The Airbnb key lockbox facility helps you to discharge this function. It is a simple and secure device that can be easily installed anywhere around your property. The lockbox is very convenient as it will efficiently manage the key exchange without your physical presence and help you to manage Airbnb remotely. It is also secure method because keys will only be relased to the people who have the relevant access code. It’s a comfortable option for the guests as well. You provide them with the access code, they get the keys during the check-in and place the keys back at the check-out. Thus, the key lock box helps both the hosts and the guests.

Another solution you can opt for is the no key option. Smart locks are an excellent way to manage Airbnb remotely. After installing smart locks, your key will be transformed into code and you can easily send these codes to your guest. Usually, smart locks also allow you to keep track of the activities and thus monitor your property. 

To successfully manage Airbnb remotely you can either adopt a smart key management strategy or install a smart lock. Before landing on any decisions, be sure to consider your budget and guests’ convenience.

Airbnb Welcome Basket

To ensure customer satisfaction and good review it’s vital to greet your guests with “open arms”. In your absence, it’s always advisable to welcome your guests with a lovely welcome basket. This basket should be filled with gifts and essentials. These essentials will make it up to them for your physical absence. 

Your guests are probably not familiar with your property and the neighbourhood. As a result a legion of questions may come up. A house manual helps a lot both the guests and hosts. The house manual should be presented in the basket. Spurring with a greeting note, this manual should involve even the most intricate detail about your property and location. The aim of this manual is to leave no question unanswered.

If you provide a vivid painting of the house and locality, then the stock of doubts will diminish. Thus, limiting the need for communication between you and the guests. The lesser the communication, the lesser is the inconvenience.

Airbnb Property Maintenance

Now, your guests have made themselves comfortable in your property. Till now you managed to fill the void of your absence successfully. But suddenly the bathroom tap started leaking and the guest complains outrageously.

Well, this could be a problematic turn in management of Airbnb remotely. But if you have thought this out at the beginning then it’s just a casual job for you. The straight solution to this problem is to save the maintenance vendor’s contacts as important. Or in other words, these numbers should always be on your speed-dial. 

Your first task is to find reliable and flexible vendors. The chosen maintenance vendors ought to provide high-quality service for ensuring customer satisfaction. And they should be flexible with the hours. An issue can happen at any hour; thus, your vendor should be available 24/7. 

Guests are pretty serious about such issues. No one wants to stay in a dysfunctional property. If you don’t respond to their urgent complaints immediately, then they can cause some serious damage to your Airbnb ratings. If you desire to offer your guests a peaceful stay even after such an issue, then make sure to provide them with the best maintenance service. Your vendor should be a trustworthy expert who could resolve the problem at its root.

Maintenance covers a wide domain that needs diverse vendors such as plumbers, landscape services, electricians, pest control, etc. To manage Airbnb remotely you need to be sure that these vendors will take care of your guests in the same way as you would have done.

Airbnb Cleaners 

After crossing the major three hurdles your guest must be impressed with your management skills. Now your guest’s stay has come to an end and they are probably going to bless you with their 5-star reviews. Once your guests have checked out, it’s time to dress up the place for new guests. But the issue is that you are not present at the location to supervise the cleaning and ensuring that everything is settled eloquently. 

This issue can be solved by finding an exemplary cleaner who is flexible enough to accept the last minutes’ bookings because Airbnb bookings can feature odd timings and short notices. Without expert cleaners, it won’t be possible for you to manage Airbnb remotely. Every time a guest leaves it’s the cleaners who arrive right after the checkout and turn the mess into a bliss. Usually, it’s the cleaners who help you to set up the welcome basket to surprise your guests. Basically, it’s the cleaners who welcome the new guest on your behalf.

You have to employ cleaners who understand their responsibility and are aware of the impact they have on the business. But remember since you are not there, you have to ensure that the cleaners are doing their jobs properly. You could offer the cleaners a bonus for every 5-star cleanliness review. You could also provide them constructive feedbacks to motivate them. These techniques will help.

Now you are well informed about all the major problems and their possible solutions involved in management of Airbnb remotely while possibly being miles away from property location. You could utilize this distance in various ways such as living the vacation you have been planning for so long, or spending some quality time with your family or managing numerous properties at the same time from the same location. But wherever you are, always give priority to your guests. Maybe your guest complains about a leak while you were preparing yourself for a snorkel. Or maybe due to the time difference you have to respond at midnight. But trust us, all this is a crucial part of management of Airbnb remotely. In every circumstance, you have to respond to your guests and ensure they are getting the best experience. 

After going through all the suggestions, you could conclude that to manage Airbnb remotely is not that difficult. Hard work is required for setting up the business process and after that, you can work smartly. In such circumstances, you could always take help of Hosty’s Airbnb management software to manage Airbnb remotely. Hosty also offers a native mobile app that supports all the features to keep you stay in touch with your business all the time.