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The Best Vacation Rental Cleaning Apps

Being a host at Airbnb is a tough business. The entrepreneur has to perform tons of tasks on a daily basis, which contradicts the concept of the passive income usually associated with real estate. To make the job easier for hosts, there are lots of apps and services available. Today, we will focus on the cleaning services, elaborating on the benefits of using them and listing the best cleaning apps available today.

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Benefits of Airbnb Cleaning Apps

The first group of cleaning apps’ benefits is related to the benefits of using such services in the first place. As we have just mentioned, managing an Airbnb business is a tough process, and eliminating cleaning from the process may be a major relief. Not cleaning the apartment after every visitor should not be considered an option as it is the quickest way to earn a bad reputation on Airbnb.

By not cleaning the real estate on your own, you save a lot of time and effort, which can be aimed at achieving better results or at least decreasing the stress. Secondly, the professionals will surely do a better job in cleaning your real estate than you would on your own. Paying for the cleaning services is worth it as your guests will definitely enjoy a perfectly clean apartment on arrival.

The second group of benefits is related to the apps themselves. With current technologies, ordering maid services is as comfortable as it has never been. In case you install a smart lock, you won’t even have to be present during the cleaning process. The apps also have a wide range of features, offering you to choose the exact parameters of cleaning. Moreover, you can create cleaning schedules and even link them to your Airbnb calendar. Some of the apps we will list today are capable of ordering housekeeping services automatically after the guests check out.

Last but not least, some of our today’s apps are multi-functional tools that will offer much more than just cleaning services. Imagine them as comprehensive control centers for your vacation rental business that allow you to send messages, leave reviews, update prices and perform many other routine actions automatically. These tools will bring your business to another level as the room for human error will be decreased, and less direct involvement will be required.

The Best Apps on the Market

There are many cleaning apps available today, making it quite hard for beginners to make a decent choice. We have selected the six most popular apps for our review, and in this section, we will elaborate on their features and compare their prices. Even though no app is perfect and each service is individual, we hope our reviews will help you make an informed selection.

Vacation rental cleaning apps


The first app we’re going to review is one of the most popular platforms for interacting with Airbnb cleaners. In fact, TurnoverBNB is a marketplace, much like popular freelance platforms. It connects hosts and cleaners, giving them all the necessary features to interact with each other. The platform has a smart and comfortable design, allowing you to intuitively find what you’re looking for.

To start using it, you will need to visit their website and create a profile. Then, switch to the Find New Cleaners tab, enter the address of your property and choose one of the cleaners nearby. There is also an option to synchronize with your Airbnb calendar, allowing you to auto-schedule cleanings. You can also set up automatic payments to reduce the level of your direct involvement even more.

Pricing is probably the best point about this platform. Connecting your first property is free with TurnoverBNB, which allows you to try the service before opting in with all your apartments. There is also a 14-day trial period for full access to test the complete experience for free. After the trial period passes, you will be billed $6 or $8 per month for annual and monthly billing, respectively.


While TurnoverBNB is mostly focused on managing the cleaning services, HostyApp is a multi-functional tool we’ve talked about before. The list of its features is almost endless, as the app covers multi-account management, automatic pricing, and listing management, automatically sends out messages, posts reviews, gathers inboxes from all the platforms, and more. 

For this article, we will focus on the cleaning services too, but it is important to keep in mind the other features as they are included in the pricing. The feature we’re looking for with Hosty is called Airbnb Task & Team Management. It offers you an interactive dashboard on which you can place, filter, update, adjust, or reschedule tasks for all kinds of team members. All you need to do is to add team members to the platform, and you’re ready to go. Hosty also allows you to connect the dashboard to your Airbnb calendar, enabling you to create tasks for your cleaners or other team members automatically.

The prices are a bit higher with Hosty compared to TurnoverBNB, but the list of their features is larger as well. The basic plan will cost you $10 per active property. This plan includes the following features of Hosty:

  • Review Management;
  • Team & Task Management;
  • Report Management;
  • AutoReview, AutoTask, AutoPrice, and AutoPublish;
  • Unified Inbox;
  • Airbnb Multi Calendar;
  • other features.


In contrast to Hosty, Doin is a platform specifically aimed at providing cleaning services. Launched in 2015, they have been providing such services to thousands of Airbnb hosts, attracting the best cleaning companies in their area. They offer a wide range of cleaning options, including:

  • Certified Turnover Cleaning;
  • Office Cleaning;
  • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection;
  • Private Home Cleaning;
  • Mid-stay Cleaning and Disinfection.

The service itself is free to use, so there is no pricing to compare with other apps. With Doin, you only pay for the cleaning services, but you cannot find cleaners on your own. Instead, you will be offered professional services by certified companies in your area. The prices are individual for each region, so you can check them out on their website for your city. Unfortunately, Doin does not have any integration tools for Airbnb, meaning you will need to order the services manually there.


Properly is also a platform with multiple features for you to enjoy, but it is mainly aimed at interacting with your team members. Thus, its features mostly cover interactions with cleaners, greeters, handymen, and other personnel. There are some additional features, too. For example, there is a Skills Library that contains lots of useful tutorials. Other features include the Quality Tool, Remote Inspection, and Remote Management.

As for the pricing, Properly offers two general plans: Basic and Advanced. The Basic plan is free to use, while the Advanced plan costs $11.99 per listing per month. The plans are also highly adjustable, allowing you to include or exclude the additional features that we’ve mentioned above. For example, you can opt-in to add Remote Inspection and Remote Management to your plan by paying an additional price.


Turnify is another smart platform for interacting with your cleaners. It is a comprehensive yet intuitive app that offers lots of features. First of all, there is an Auto Scheduling feature that will automatically create tasks for your team members. Secondly, there is a Virtual Inspection feature that will allow you to check the property remotely. Lastly, there are Cleaner Scoreboard and Smart Checklist features that will help you evaluate your cleaners and manage tasks, respectively.

The pricing for Turnify is similar as with TurnoverBNB, the only difference being that on Turnify, you are paying for each property. However, the platforms themselves are different, so it is rather incorrect to state that Turnify is unreasonably expensive as it charges for every property. The plan costs $8 per property per month, which is discounted to $6 in case you decide to pay annually. 


The last app we’re going to review today is called TIDY. It is a smart platform that allows you to quickly order housekeeping services to any location. The list of its features includes AutoBooking, Checklists, Templates, Real-Time Tracking, and a built-in system of reviews. To use TIDY, you will just need to type in an address and configure the cleaning parameters. The app will find a cleaner and assign them to the task as soon as possible.

TIDY does not offer monthly plans, in contrast to most apps we have reviewed today. Instead, it charges a small fee for every cleaning. As for the cleaning prices, they are individual for each region, so you should discover them for your area to compare to other services. TIDY is also available on Android and iOS devices, which makes placing manual orders possible on the go.


As you can see, all apps are different. Each of the apps that we have reviewed today is aimed at a different target audience. Thus, Hosty would be the best choice for those who intend to automate as many tasks as possible. TIDY and TurnoverBNB, in turn, will be great selections for those who only wish to make managing the cleaning services more comfortable. Lastly, apps like Doin are aimed at hiring certified companies to perform the housekeeping. We hope that at least one of the apps we’ve reviewed today suits your needs and will enable you to manage your vacation rental business more effectively.

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