Airbnb ID verification

All You Need To Know About Airbnb ID Verification

Airbnb makes sure to verify the Identity of every account including guests and hosts. Airbnb ID verification is compulsory if you want to list your property on Airbnb. It is not a very time-consuming process, but it is extremely important. It yields advantages for you as well. Since every host has to go through this process it is beneficial to equip yourself with the relevant information. Let’s find out all one needs to know about Airbnb ID verification.

Reasons Behind Airbnb ID Verification

Airbnb is a reputed brand name and it cannot afford to be linked to any kind of fraudulent activity. To avoid fraud Airbnb conducts ID verification. They attempt to prevent any shady or susceptible activities on their platform. They want to know their hosts as well as their guests.

Airbnb wants to create a trustworthy environment for both the hosts and the guests. The guests should feel comfortable as well as safe while staying at the properties they found through Airbnb platform.  Airbnb aims at giving the best service to you and thus it puts in place certain procedures to protect you from any kind of fraud. Furthermore, for rapid growth, Airbnb needs to gain the trust of the guests as well. By following a strict ID verification procedure, they ensure that their guests will be in safe and capable hands.  It also ensures that everybody is who they claim to be and in case of any issues, the person responsible for fraud, damage, etc can be traced easily.

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How Is It Beneficial For You?

  • Builds Trust

The most visible advantage of the Airbnb ID verification procedure is the trust it builds between the hosts and the guests. Since the guests already know that the hosts have gone through ID verification, they could trust them and enjoy their stay at a verified stranger’s property. Since you already know that the guest’s ID has been verified you can focus on providing exemplary customer service to gain great reviews.

Lack of trust between host and guest can adversely affect your business. The guest will not even book your property if he develops any negative thoughts about you due to no verification. On the other hand, you may also reject a guest who is not verified and could probably damage your property. In the short-term rental business, you are dealing with strangers. Guests go to stay at stranger’s property and you allow strangers to use your property. Airbnb takes care of the problem smartly and attempts to build trust through Airbnb ID verification.

  • Protects Against Fraud

Airbnb ID verification protects you against fraud to a great extent. Since Airbnb verifies each account including the guests, there is almost no chance for fraudulent practices. Airbnb understands that it is not feasible to allow a stranger to stay in your property without any identity verification. Maybe you confirmed a booking for a Doctor who is coming on vacation but later you realized he was a con artist who stole valuable items from your property and fled.

You won’t encounter such incidents with Airbnb ID verification in place. Airbnb will verify if the doctor is really who he says? and if anything doubtful will be discovered then Airbnb won’t allow him to book your property. Don’t worry! you are safe with Airbnb. Airbnb ID verification is your shield against fraud.

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  • Saves Time And Energy

Imagine a scenario where Airbnb is not conducting ID verification. Where anyone can create an account and book your property. From royalty to street criminals anyone can stay at your property. Only imagining this will terrify you. If you consider conducting your own verification then the time, energy, and money spent won’t be so well spent. Airbnb does the job on your behalf and helps you save time and energy so that you invest them in something more productive. Instead of wasting time doubting your guests, you can now invest your energy into new business strategies

  • Allows Guest Verification

You can also ask for information regarding the guests. Before confirming a booking, you should know some basic information about your guest. Airbnb won’t give you access to the whole data, but they will offer you the important bits of information such as legal name and if the guest is below or above the age of 25.

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What You Have To Do For Airbnb ID Verification Procedure?

For Airbnb ID verification you will have to submit the following documents:

  • Photo of a Government ID document – Airbnb will only accept valid government ID documents. Identity cards such as library cards and school IDs will not be considered. You have to submit an ID document officially issued by the government such as passport, driving license, national identity card, etc. You can either upload an old image or click a new one with your phone.
  • Additional Photo – You have to submit a recent photograph of yourself. This additional image is Matched with the Government Id to verify your identity.

In certain circumstances, you will be given the option to submit your legal name and address instead of the government ID. However, your legal address should match the address where you receive banking documents and utility bills. 

Criteria For Passing Airbnb ID Verification

  • Applicant should be above 18 years old.
  • The additional photo should match the government ID.

On failing either of the above-mentioned criteria you won’t be able to list your property on Airbnb.

Do You Have To Get Verified Again?

Airbnb might ask you to verify again just to confirm that it is you who is logging into the account. Airbnb seldom asks the guests and the hosts to confirm their identity in order to build a strong shield against fraud.

Background Checks

If required and allowed under the law of the particular region then Airbnb also conducts a background check using the data provided. For the time being these background checks are restricted to the United States. The background check is applicable to both the hosts and the guests. The purpose is to check the applicant for any criminal record or sex offender registrations. The background checks are conducted to protect the interests of the other users.In one-way Airbnb ID verification is for your own protection. All you have to do is cooperate a bit and then you will be a part of a secure system where you can safely carry out your business. The best thing about Airbnb Id verification is that your information is safe with them. According to the specified privacy policies your information will not be shared with any third party. This is an effective method to prevent fraud and protect users.