More Airbnb Guests

How to attract more Airbnb guests

Strategies to bring in more Airbnb guests to your rental

So you took some great photos, have excellent descriptions and even added some SEO into your listing. Still not getting the guest that you want the most? How do you attract more Airbnb guests? Whether you’re catering to luxury clientele, or are searching for guests that fit your unique space, catering your listings for particular guest types is a great strategy to boost your bookings. When using this method, make sure you include aspects of your booking that you know these customers will love. This way, when they’re searching for particular amenities, your listing will be one the first ones that get seen.

How to attract more Airbnb guests:

If you’re looking to attract specific guest segments, think about these ways to make sure they see (and love!) your listing.

Families with toddlers

If you’re looking to attract traveling families with little kids, make sure you mention that kids are allowed (and encouraged) in your rental. Parents know that kids are messy and will pass on homes that don’t mention they’re kid friendly. Also, emphasize nearby parks, the safety of your neighborhood, and family friendly activities in the area.

Business travelers

Having business travelers in your rental is great. They’re quiet, clean, and easy to deal with. If looking to attract more business travelers, highlight the ease of public transportation and be sure to include photos of work spaces and places to relax after long days at the office.

Big groups

Typically, big groups mean big money. Usually, larger groups are traveling for vacation and are looking for a fun and authentic experience. If you have the space, catering to large groups of friends is a wonderful strategy to attract more Airbnb guests. Highlight large common spaces and plentiful sleeping arrangements. Also, be sure to show off your kitchen space. Large groups can’t always go out to eat for each meal, therefore a well-appointed kitchen is a great selling point.

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Catering to specific guest types as a way to attract more traffic to your rental is a great strategy, but don’t get too specific. You may alienate a larger audience if you cater your listings to groups that are too small. Perhaps, the best strategy to attract using Airbnb more guests is to be transparent and authentic. Showing your authenticity will make your listing shine, and your customers feel at ease. Happy Hosting!