Airbnb cleaning service

How to Discover an Airbnb Cleaning Service [Suggestions and FAQ]

When making reservations on Airbnb, visitors have a bunch of expectations. Being a manager of a rental business on Airbnb, your responsibility includes providing a sanitized and neat home to the renters. Sanitation is a priority concerning the success of a rental home. However, handling the everyday chores of the home and ensuring its cleanliness amid consecutive reservations, can be a challenging job for the owner.  

Airbnb is very strict when it comes to meeting cleanliness standards. If any renter complains about the sanitation of a property, the host may be subjected to high-priced penalties. It can be bad for the rental business, primarily when you have just started. Therefore, the most reliable of ensuring that the property is sanitized is to hire a known Airbnb sanitation service.  

Privileges of Booking an Airbnb Cleaning Service

If guests reserve a property on Airbnb, they expect the cleanliness to meet the high measures like those in hotels. If you maintain multiple holiday rental homes, the management becomes hectic and demands lots of labor. A smart approach to deal will all the tasks at hand is to automatize a few of them. For instance, cleansing the property can be handed over to trained housekeeping services such as those found on Airbnb. It will not just save your precious time but also aid you to sustain high sanitation criteria effortlessly.  

Let’s look into some benefits that hosts can enjoy after hiring an Airbnb cleaning service: 

· Professional cleaners

You may have refined your property all by yourself or hired some housekeeper to do the needful. But the results obtained never met your expectations. As an owner of an Airbnb business, you want the place to look just as fresh as the hotel rooms. With Airbnb cleaning service this can be achieved. These companies have staff who give a professional touch to the total sanitation method. The cleaning services contract only the high-quality staff who can be trusted and have ample knowledge on how to make a space look appealing to guests. The staff is also trained before they start work.  

· Positive reviews

Your Airbnb business is based on the reviews posted by the guests you hosted at your rental property. So, it is important to earn positive reviews from every guest so that new guests show interest in booking the place. Since cleanliness is important to every guest, getting your place cleaned by a professional can help you to win positive reviews.  

· Responsibility is shared

Entertaining Airbnb guests at your rental house involves quite a number of responsibilities. When you have multiple properties, then managing reservations at all places can be time-consuming. If you are burdened with too much work, stress levels can tower. You might forget to call the housekeeping to clean the property or forget about the next booking. Employing a professional sanitation facility can help you distribute your responsibilities and worry less. You can concentrate on other jobs at hand.  

· Consistent results

Cleaning services under Airbnb are under obligation to deliver results continuously, to be qualified to stay in the market. Once you select a service, the property will be cleaned and maintained just after guests leave and before new ones arrive.  

Services Provided by Airbnb Cleaning Service

The cleaning service company looks into every minute detail in the house. The Airbnb cleaning army meticulously cleans and arranges all the items. The primary services comprise of the following: 

  • Extensive cleansing of shower stalls, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs;
  • Making of beds; 
  • Washing the linens; 
  • Dusting and wiping the furnishings;
  • Cleaning of kitchen countertop, switchboards, door handles, and window panes; 
  • Taking out garbage cans; 
  • Vacuuming the carpets; 
  • Washing and arranging the kitchenware; 
  • Maintaining an inventory and documenting all the damages in the property. 

You can also schedule a deep cleaning appointment where the team cleans up the refrigerators, cabinets, baseboards, under the furniture and the difficult corners. Special bathroom appliances that need professional cleaning can also be included as a deep cleaning service.  

They are also responsible for providing regular updates to the host regarding the cleaning process. Damages or Missing items should be reported before the next guests come in. Therefore, the hosts can completely rely on the cleaning group for tidying up their properties and staging them to impress the customers.  

Tips on finding the perfect cleaning service

Searching for a reliable cleaning service on Airbnb may seem slightly difficult at the beginning. A lot of research and communication will be needed before you find what you require. A good starting point is contacting the other holiday rental proprietors who have used an Airbnb cleaning service. They have already done their research and discovered the service of their preference. Hence, you can trust their sources and learn more further about the available cleaning services. Some companies have a bigger name in the market than others. You can start by contacting those companies as well. Once you start developing contacts, it doesn’t take much time to find the perfect cleaning company.  

Exploring forums of successful Airbnb hosts or other rental owners can be valuable. You can come across multiple cleaning businesses with reliable services on such forums.  

Looking for things is now a much simpler task due to the advanced technology we have around us. The hunt for a sanitation company can similarly be carried out online through various platforms that highlight multiple Airbnb cleaning services. Some popular platforms include: 

  • HomeAdvisor 
  • TurnoverBnb 
  • AirTasker 
  • Airhosta 
  • Yelp 
  • GuestPrep 
  • Doinn 
  • Angie’s List 
  • MaidThis 
  • Properly 

These platforms show detailed information regarding the cleaning facilities, along with the reviews. You can browse for the diverse packages and prices each cleaning company provides. The contact details are also provided to assist you to connect directly with the company you prefer to pick. These platforms have made things much simpler and time-efficient for Airbnb managers. Social media is also an excellent platform to look for the cleaning services of Airbnb.  

There are numerous approaches to finding the perfect cleaning army for your Airbnb property. Just keep your options open and do total research before settling for one.  

Automating the Service for Cleaning the Airbnb property

The complete cleaning of your rental home can be computerized, thanks to the software built for vacation apartments. The software aids in connecting property owners with their professional cleaners. Once the partnership is finalized the software will manage the cleaning process. The schedule will be automatically regulated. The application that runs on the software will inform the cleaning staff through emails or messages as soon as the guests check-out of the property. Once the cleaners do their job, the app notifies the owner regarding the same. So, you can sit back and relax once you have automated the cleaning service. It saves a lot of your time and helps you manage the business.  

Things to acknowledge while choosing an Airbnb cleaning service

There are key factors to be taken into consideration when choosing an Airbnb cleaning service. Here are a few: 

1. Reliability

The cleaning service should be reliable. The staff should clean as per the schedule and should perform all of their duties efficiently. If your guests complain about an unclean property, the cleaning service is not doing its job. So, when picking a company to clean your property, be assured that they are good at their job and guarantee timely services.  

2. Cost

The fee structure varies from one to another company. Some charge for every visit to clean, while some charge based on the number of hours required to clean. In many cases, the business will survey the premises and then decide a base price for the work they will do. Within a company, different cleaning services are charged differently. If the prices fluctuate every month, it might be difficult for a host to manage the costs. So, look for a company that sticks to the price they mention. Compare the price with other similar services to know if it’s reasonable.  

3. Company reputation and experience

The cleaning company you hire should have a good reputation in the market. It is always better to go for a company that has a few years of experience. Go through the reviews they have received from past customers regarding the staff and services. Also, make sure the business actually exists and is not a fraud. It is safe to associate with already known companies or look for services on trusted online sources.  

4. Communication

While running a rental service, you might face many issues such as guests canceling at the last minute or not leaving in time. This may lead to disturbances in the programmed cleaning service. Before choosing a service, inquire if they are adjustable to changes on last-minute calls or rescheduling. These facilities are important to deal with unpredictable situations. 

FAQs regarding Airbnb cleaning service


1. What cleaning supplies will be used?

Communicate with the cleaning service in advance to know about the cleaning supplies they use. Find out what items are expected to be supplied by the hosts.

2. How often should the property be deep cleaned?

Deep cleaning can be done twice or thrice a year depending on how long you rent the house for. You can seek suggestions from the cleaning service in this regard.

3. Will there be added charges for last-minute changes/requests?

Every company has its own policy. It is better to have a clear conversation with the group about all charges before you make the appointment.

4. What is the maximum period of notice?

Some companies accommodate emergency services, while some require you to book an appointment well in advance. The notice period also varies from one company to another.