Airbnb hosting checklist

Here Is Out Our Airbnb Host Checklist

Ah, Airbnb… the popular platform that has over 3 million listings across the globe, and a platform that welcomes new hosts on a daily basis. Could you be the next host to join the thriving community?

If so, starting an Airbnb business can be incredibly exciting for a multitude of different reasons. To name a few – you’ll be able to meet new people from around the world, create a ton of new memories, and drive up an additional income source.

Although, becoming Airbnb host is not as simple as it seems, unless you have experience in hospitality, of course. For the majority that don’t, you’ll need to learn new skills, such as maintaining your property, greeting guests, providing a wonderful experience, and ensuring they check out with a smile on their faces.

Typically, there’ll be some growing pains when you first start out as a host, but there are certain aspects which, if covered sufficiently, will lead to you to becoming a superhost in no time at all. If you need extra assistance, then you can utilize our comprehensive service, but otherwise, take a look at the following checklist:

Airbnb hosting checklist

PHASE 1: Listing

Before you even get into dealing with the guests, you need to acquire them. At first, you may not receive much exposure in the search listings, but you’ll grow exponentially with a brilliant listing. This is where you need to sell your property, and convince travelers to choose YOUR property.

An effective listing is one that grabs the attention with an eye-catching headline. Once they’ve clicked on your listing, you’ll then need a fantastic description; a description should make your property, location and you as a host seem wonderful, so they feel confident that they’ll have a great experience.

It’s also vital not to forget about the importance of images! Compelling pictures which showcase your property in the best possible way is the deciding factor for most guests. The text is great, but it’s photos that encourage people to make a purchase online.

PHASE 2: Property

Let’s discuss each room in your property, so we really cover everything…


  •         Confectionaries –  Salt, pepper & sauces
  •         Tea / coffee/ kettle
  •         Dustpan / broom / carpet cleaner
  •         Bleach / disinfectant
  •         Hand soap/ washing-up liquid
  •         Bin bags
  •         Milk / sugar / butter
  •         Pots / pans / cutlery
  •         Replacement light bulbs
  •         Tupperware


  •         Bath towels / beach towels
  •         Toothpaste / disposable toothbrushes
  •         Shampoo / conditioner
  •         Hand soap / body wash
  •         Disposable razors / shaving cream
  •         Mirror
  •         Toilet paper – enough to cover the length of stay
  •         Hair dryer
  •         Shower mat / shower curtain
  •         Brush / comb


  •         Adequate quality of pillows / duvets / sheets
  •         Additional pillows / duvets / sheets
  •         Aircon / fan / heater
  •         Alarm clock
  •         Bedside table / lamp / reading light
  •         Adequate wardrobe / chest of draw space
  •         Safe
  •         Accessories – Pen & notepad / tissues


  •         Desk / workspace
  •         Adequate seating space
  •         Heater
  •         Foot rug
  •         Mirror
  •         Books / magazines / family games
  •         Television / speaker system (optional)


So, a quick recap. If you have firmly decided to become a superhost, effective listings with eye-catching description and compelling pictures are essential to begin with. And don’t forget to talk about each room naming all the things you can offer.

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