Airbnb competitors

Top 12 Airbnb Competitors and Alternative for Hosts

The vacation rental industry has seen rapid growth over the past few years. It is providing more and more options to travelers. The industry is full of user-friendly features where everyone gets what they want. There are budget stays, there are luxury stays and there are family stays. Every traveler can choose a stay according to their finances and family situation.

When the industry is growing so fast shouldn’t you think about your growth as well? If you have a rental property and you are listing it only on one website there are chances that some of the time travelers won’t book it. If you list your rental place on various websites you will have the advantages of exposure to more travelers. Although Airbnb is the most popular website right now, there are also others who are growing with their pace. In the upcoming years, more companies will grow which will only benefit you if you have a listing there. So there is basically no harm in posting your rental property on more than one website. 

Here are some of the fast-growing companies that might interest you. 


With a vast user base, has more than 8 million properties all over the world. There are 150,000 destinations where you can find rentals. They provide a wide variety of stays for travelers. The company is considered ‘kayak for long term rentals’.

The company was found by Jen O’Neal and Jeff Manheimer in 2009. O’Neal was a former StubHub employee and Manheimer of Travelzoo. Both made a partnership and teamed up with in 2015. 

Key Features

  • is partnered with various big companies. When you search for a stay you will get the best budget stays from various websites.
  • Although it is great for both long and short stays, travelers prefer for long stays. 
  • You will get both budget and luxury stays on Whether you want to stay on a yacht or a camp near the riverside.  

2. Flipkey

Flipkey is considered one of the main Airbnb competitors. Owned by from 2008 Flipkey has caught the eyes of many travelers. The rental service received the advantage of already existing review site TripAdvisor which already had a huge user base. Tripadvisor’s users found it convenient to just book a rental property from the website itself. The website provides domestic and international rental services. 

Flipkey has its services in more than 160 countries with more than 300,000 properties. After changing their listing condition to free it has become one of the favorites among rental property owners.  

Key Features

  • Provides every detail of the listing along with amenities, detailed description of the space, bed, bathroom, photographs, availability, and management information. 
  • The cancellation and payment policy differentiate from listing to listing. But travelers can also search using filters such as family-friendly, couple-friendly, or luxury stay.   

3. OneFineStay

Owned by AccorHotels Group OneFineStay is a London-based company. Onefinestay is a luxury rental service provider that attracts travelers due to its luxurious listings. This property is great for those who are looking for a luxurious stay but also want to experience life in a rental place. According to the company’s information, they handpick the properties themselves after an inspection to provide users best of the properties. By putting so much effort into finding the right property onefinestay offers unique stays to their guests. 

For the right hosts, onefinestay is the right choice. Guests derived from these websites will understand the value of your property while enjoying their stay.

Key Features

  • Onefinestay has more than 10,000 luxury stays in major cities. 
  • Onefinestay is praised by its guests for hospitality and concierge function. 
  • While booking your stay you will be supported by a team which will help you plan your holiday.
  • Recently onefinestay launched a ‘higher living’ program in which guests will be taken care of 24 hrs during their stay.

4. HouseTrip is a large vacation rental place service provider company. The website is great for searching specific types of listing for multiple accommodations. Uses can get information about extra beds or extra futons on the website. What makes HouseTrip more fun is that they let a group of people stay at one place. You can stay with your friends and enjoy the experience of rental property. For a large group of friends who does not want to avoid any minute of fun, HouseTrip is perfect. 

Key Features

  • The listings on HouseTrip are cheaper compared to other websites.
  • The website shows the full amount of a one-night stay which makes it easier to pick a place without worrying about additional costs.
  • It is easy to pick a listing with pools and other amenities since the price is upfront and will be later divided between friends.  

5. Luxury Retreats

Luxury retreats is an Airbnb acquired platform. The platform offers luxury rentals such as villas and cabins. The company was founded in 1999 in Montreal with only one property listed on the website. The company now has more than 4000 luxury rental properties in more than 100 destinations. The villas and cabins are luxurious providing guests with everything they need during their stay. The rentals have beachfront, mountain views, and large group accommodations. 

Key Features

  • Travelers will be assisted 24*7 for any of their personal needs.
  • Hosts can list on the website without paying any charges.
  • The website offers luxurious stays according to your price. If you have thousands of dollars to spend you are most likely to find a listing here according to that price too.  
  • The stays are carefully selected after going through a 240+ checklist. 

6. Kid & Coe

Whereas kids are allowed everywhere it is too much work to take them on vacation. They will throw tantrums during your entire trip. In this case, kid & coe come to you as your savior. Kid & Coe provides guests with kid-friendly listings and users can find a stay according to their family situation. The listings are detailed. It provides information about how many people can stay at the property without any hassle, the age range of the kids best suitable for the property, baby supplies, toys, and beds.

Key Features

  • Perfect for family with kids.
  • Each property has toys and books for the kids to keep them busy while parents are vacationing. 
  • The company works with partners and property owners to make sure every property is kid-friendly. 
  • The company works on the motto of make travel as easy with children as A B C. 

7. Vacasa

Vacasa has more than 24,000 properties in various countries like United States, South America, and South Africa. The website is very user-friendly. Users can search for rental properties based on price. Vacasa provides a 3D tour of every listing available on the website. Guests can browse through every property to look for their perfect rental place. Guests invest their time and money into rental properties it is only fair that they get the best out of it.   

Key Features

  • Every listing on Vacasa has a smart lock and lockbox that let guests get inside the property without waiting for the host to let them in. 
  • If users need help with finding a country or a city to wander off then they can check out the Vacasa map provided at the bottom of the website. It provides the information of every Vacasa property. 

8. Holidu

Based in Munich Holidu is a metasearch vacation rental. The website shows results from various other rental property service provider websites. The website has a vast user base with 11 million visits every month. Users can browse and compare the prices of more than 15 million listings all over the world. Holidu is mainly popular among german speaking and European travelers. 

Key Features

  • Hosts can list their property directly at holidu. The website takes a listing commission of 15% similar to Airbnb. 
  • Travelers are not limited to the listing of only one website while browning on one website. They will get results from holidu’s partnered websites.
  • The website attracts every type of traveler whether a family, group, couple, or solo.  

9. Home Exchange

Home Exchange is a good choice for people who do not want to spend money on rental properties. You must have seen the movie ‘the holiday’ in which both female protagonists exchange their houses for free? The movie is a perfect example of home exchange. The rent does not cost anything as the houses will be exchanged instead of one person living at another person’s place. Users need to signup at the website and make a profile. They will be charged $150 for a one-year membership. Other than this there are no other charges. Instead of just two people, two families can exchange their houses too, it does not need to be on the same date. If one family wants to come and visit but another does not then you can stay at one place and the host will earn the guest points. Guestpoint is a form of currency on the website which can be redeemed at any time. 

Key Features

  • Home exchange is community-oriented and fun.
  • Families can exchange with mutual agreement.

10. HomeAway

HomeAway and Vrbo both websites are owned by The Expedia Group. So if a host lists their property on one of these websites their listing will automatically be visible on the other website as well. HomeAway and Vrbo both can be called traditional rental sites as their bread and butter depend solely on rental properties. HomeAway does not accept shared space rentals. So if you are thinking about listing your extra private room for rental then it’s best to eliminate HomeAway from your list.  

Key Features

  • HomeAway and Vrbo both do not accept any kind of shared rentals. 
  • The site charges a commission fee depending upon the rental property. 
  • Being a popular and old company HomeAway has a huge loyal user base which benefits the hosts.
  • HomeAway is good for large groups and families. There are separate listings available for small groups and couples.  

Read how to get started on VRBO.

11. Hipcamp

Himcamp is for those travelers who love to wander in the wilderness. It is for those free-spirited people who want to stay close to nature. Hipcamp offers camps, RV parks, treehouses, and cabins. The company covers Army Corps Parks in 50 States. There are 16,093 Parks, 29,859 Campgrounds, and 457,487 campsites in the USA. 

Hipcamp tries to give its users the best stay experience. Himcamp is growing every day with a good user base due to its unique idea of stays. 

Key Features

  • The website offers various camps available in your desired location.
  • The company is not global yet. Their rental services are restricted to the USA only. 
  • Hipcamp is good for those hosts that can provide unique experiences to their guests. 

12. HotelsCombined

Although HotelsCombined only has hotel listings you can also find individual rentals here. Hotelscombined is not an individual site that provides an accommodation option, instead, it shows you the results from all over the web in one place. When you place your search on the website you will be provided with a list of hotels from various websites. You can compare the prices and chose the best hotel according to your need. 

Key Features

  • All hotels in one place!
  • Various hotel options for a comfortable stay.
  • Provides budget-friendly accommodations. 
  • If you want to list your stay at the website you can connect them directly. 

You can not list your property on every website so it is better to choose one that benefits you the best. If you have a nice villa that can be used as a rental property then put it on luxury rentals or OneFineStay. If you have a separate property then list your property on HomeAway. Different websites try to provide different experiences to their guests which can only be possible by the rental property. See where your property fits best and list it accordingly.