Airbnb safety concerns

How To Deal With Airbnb Safety Concerns?

  1. How To Protect Your Property?
  2. How To Protect Your Guests?
  3. How To Be Ever Ready For Airbnb Safety Concerns?

Short term rental business comes with numerous risks and dangers. As an Airbnb entrepreneur, it is your job to predict the Airbnb safety concerns in advance and make sure that you, your property, and your guests are safe. You have to be prepared for any situation and prepare your property for guests keeping in mind their safety. For dealing with Airbnb safety concerns you should answer 3 most important questions.

3 question for solving Numerous Airbnb Safety Concerns:

1. How To Protect Your Property?

Your property is your asset, it is the base of your business. You can not afford any damage to your property and thus Airbnb’s safety concerns include protection of your property as well.

Keep Your Keys Safe

Protecting your property from intruders is your first and foremost concern. If you don’t handle the keys responsibly or keep them at an easy to find location then intruders might attack your property. You can easily address these Airbnb safety concerns by using technology. You can either hide lockboxes near the entrance so that guests could access the keys while intruders cannot. Moreover, you can just install smart locks and protect your property smartly. The passcode will change with every guest and thus your property will be saved from unwanted visitors.

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Bring The Property Up To Code

Every area has its local building codes. The building codes or regulations are ever-changing, and you should be aware of the changes and make sure that you comply with them. Protecting your property from any building code violations is essential. Stay alert and bring your property up to the code for safety.

2. How To Protect Your Guests?

Your guests are your customers. You can not afford to hurt your customers. As a short-term rental host, your priority should be your guest’s safety and you can take the following measures to ensure that your guests are safe and secure.

Take Care Of The Airbnb Safety Concerns Regarding Fire

Winters means lit up fireplaces and extensive use of heating appliances. Your Airbnb property is more likely to catch fire in winters and thus, as a host, you must think about these Airbnb safety concerns in advance. As a host, you have to think of every worst-case scenario and provide your guests with the necessary tools and instructions to save themselves. To protect your guests from any mishappening caused due to fire, install the required equipment to warn them. Install smoke and CO detectors so that they get time to evacuate the property before any unfortunate event. Furthermore, remember to inform your guests about the emergency exit route in case of fire.

Clear The Path

Winter is the season of snow. Not only the beautiful snowfall but also the sheets of ice underneath. Excess snow settled on the roof can pose a serious threat to the safety of your guests. It is advisable to remove the snow before their arrival. A snow-free property will be safer and easier to live in. You can hire professional services for clearing the snow or if you prefer you can do it by using yourself. Just make sure that your guests remember your property for the beautiful snowfall and not for the snow danger.

Eliminate The Hazards

Protecting your guests against any kind of hazards in your property is crucial. If you find a broken pavement or any dangerous brick that could hurt your guests, then please remove it immediately. Injury caused due to your ignorance is the worst that can happen. So, repair and eliminate the hazards to protect your guests.

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3. How To Be Ever Ready For Airbnb Safety Concerns?

The best way to ensure safety is to be ready. If you are prepared in advance, then it is easy for you to protect your property and your guests. Keep in handy both the items mentioned below to always be prepared for any kind of danger.

Emergency Contact

Your guests are new to the city. They are unaware of the emergency contact details in your neighborhood. It is best to inform them about all the emergency contacts such as ambulance, fire rescue, police, etc., so that they could reach out for help in time and are safe in all scenarios. As a responsible host, you should also ask your guests to inform you in case of an emergency so that you can act on it and solve the problem as soon as possible. You can use Hosty’s central inbox feature to notify you about each message so that you can handle an emergency ideally. As a host, you can not afford to miss an emergency text from your guest. The software will also display booking details along with each chat message so that you don’t have to waste time searching for the details of the booking and can easily and promptly take an action.

Emergency Supply

Emergencies are unpredictable, and can cause a great deal of damage, so it is always better to have a contingency plan ready. Talking about contingency plans, you should always store emergency supplies. Winter means extra power consumption which could lead to a sudden power cut. In such a case, the guest should be able to use a flashlight or candle. Plan about everything that can go wrong and keep all the required equipment handy. Your guests should have easy access to all the emergency supplies. Keep in mind the storms as well. You have to be ready for any kind of Airbnb safety concerns. 

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Airbnb safety concerns are easy to deal with if you are alert and responsible. The key is to plan and remember the answer to the 3 most important questions for Airbnb safety concerns. To assist you in this process, you can also use management software to ensure that your plans are well executed and you are always connected with your guests. For instance, with Hosty software you will be able to schedule the cleaning, connect with the guest, provide information using automated messaging, and so much more that will help you handle Airbnb Safety concerns in a timely manner.