Cleaning Airbnb Property

How To Optimize Cleaning Airbnb Property To Save More Time And Money?

Cleaning Airbnb Property – Why its so important?
Whenever we visit a new place, be it a restaurant or a park, the first thing we notice is the cleanliness and management of that place. How were the linens at that dining place or if there was a garbage bin in that park, are some questions that play a prominent role in deciding if we are going to visit that same place again or not. After all, even if the food was delicious, soiled linens or dirty napkins are sure going to ruin the mood, and even with all the swings and new benches, a littered garden is going to be a breeding space for insects. Hence, it is no good. 

Therefore, the role of cleanliness in determining the rating of a place cannot be emphasized enough. This especially rings true for the hospitality sector, where the visitors make it a point to be sure about the tidiness and maintenance of a property before booking a stay. The Airbnb platform understands this intricacy, and thus, it singles out cleanliness as one of the major standards that all the Airbnb properties have to meet. 

But that said, ensuring cleanliness of your property is a tiring and daunting task. It requires a lot of effort and time on the part of the host. Plus, when this task is added with other responsibilities of the host, it can appear even more unattractive. Thus, in order to help you with the management of this tedious task, we have prepared a list of cleaning Airbnb property approaches that you can consider to optimize the cleaning and maintenance of your place while saving both your time and money. 

What are the different cleaning Airbnb property approaches?

In order to keep your rentals clean and guest-ready, here are a few cleaning Airbnb property approaches that you might wish to adopt.

Approaching a property management company 

Hiring Airbnb property management company for managing the cleaning Airbnb property task is a really good idea considering it can save you a lot of time, which you can later use to plan the growth and expansion of your Airbnb business. This is because the more tasks you can delegate to other people, the easier it gets for you to manage things around you. Plus, with professional cleaners, you have less chances of any slip-ups or failures, which in turn, may result in satisfied guests and more 5-star reviews.

Hiring a property management service does not end with only your property cleaning, but, in addition, the other aspects of your short-term rental business will be looked after as well. Some extra services include keys management, restocking of supplies, and regular maintenance checks. However, one thing that you would probably like to note down here is that even though these services are a great help, they may end up costing you. Hence, it is recommended that you make this decision rationally.

Recruiting a subcontractor

This option for cleaning Airbnb property is one of the most cost-efficient options when compared to the other approaches. Hiring an individual to come and look after the cleaning Airbnb property task is beneficial because it will make the individual doing this work familiar with their job in a short duration of time. Because of this, in some days, the work will become like second nature to him which will reduce any chances of mess up.

However, hiring a subcontractor for cleaning Airbnb property has some disadvantages as well. For example, consider a situation where you have guests arriving at your rental in the evening and your subcontractor calls in the afternoon and informs you that due to sickness they can’t make it to work. At such times, the situation can get tricky as you cannot let your guests step in a dirty room. Hence, you will need a plan B for efficient handling of this situation for which you will have to have a list of other contractors ready. 

Using Airbnb cleaning service

This service is one of the most popular choices among Airbnb hosts to keep their properties clean and well-managed. One of the many benefits of using this service is that it saves you time while also costing less. Of course, how much expenses you will actually cut back will mostly depend upon the Airbnb cleaning business you choose. But the prices should be significantly less than that of hiring a management service.

Now, while selecting an Airbnb cleaning service for managing cleaning Airbnb property, costs are not your only determining factor. Instead, while hiring, you should also pay attention to selecting a cleaning business that has been in this industry for years. It is important because many Airbnb cleaning services are not efficient in their work. Thus, if you will hire an experienced service provider, then the threat of ruining its reputation will probably drive such a service to be more reliable.

Opt for automating your cleanings

If you are a busy host who manages multiple Airbnb rentals or you are just a regular manager who finds it difficult to keep up with the cleaning Airbnb property schedule, the best approach for you is to automate your cleanings. Doing so will reduce your stress as now managing the cleanup schedule will no more be your headache. Instead, everything will get handled automatically.

So, for automating your cleaning work you can opt for the Hosty’s Auto-Task feature. This feature allows you to set the cleaning task only once and let the system infrom your cleaning crew automatically everytime there is a confirmed booking. Hence, if you want to ensure that your rental space always appears clean to the arriving guests, then automating your cleanings is a good tactic.

Managing cleaning on your own 

If you are the type of Airbnb manager who likes to manage work on their own without any help from outside, and you have only one property to look after, then this do-it-yourself approach is definitely meant for you. Using this approach will reduce your stress as everything now will work on your schedule, and there will be no need for you to worry if your help is going to make it on time or not. 

But just like hiring a subcontractor, this approach also has the same disadvantage, that is what if you fall sick? Who is going to take over the work on such short notice in that case? However, it should be noted that if you have someone in your family who can help you with maintenance and cleaning Airbnb property work, then maybe you should go ahead with the do-it-yourself option!


Efficiently managing the cleaning and maintenance work is an important standard for all Airbnb hosts. As a host, it falls upon you to ensure that your linens are clean, your floor is spotless, and everything is in place before the guests’ check-in. Doing so will boost your bookings and encourage the guest to leave good reviews for your property. For this, from recruiting the management company approach to using Hosty Airbnb automation software for smooth management of your cleaning schedule, you can select an option that suits your purpose.