Airbnb 5 star reviews

Reach for the stars. How to get an Airbnb 5 star reviews.

Learn about the sought after Airbnb 5 star reviews and what you can do to achieve it.

For any host, having Airbnb 5 star reviews is incredibly important. It shows your professionalism and your consistent commitment to your guest’s needs. Luckily, getting high ratings on Airbnb is actually pretty simple. You simply need to provide a consistent, valuable, and transparent experience for all of your guests. If you’re diligent and know what keeps your guests happy you’ll be in 5-star territory before you know it.

The Airbnb Review System

Before you start working on getting consistent Airbnb 5 star reviews, you have to understand the review system. There are 7 categories for reviewing  you and your property:

  • Communication: Did you provide quick, meaningful communication?
  • Check-In: Did your guests enjoy a seamless check in process?
  • Cleanliness: Did you provide a clean environment for your guest?
  • Accuracy: Is your rental appears as described?
  • Location: Your location based on the needs of your guest
  • Value: Does the price reflect the experience?
  • Overall: A rating of your guests’ overall experience

You need to excel in each of these categories to get consistently high reviews. Some categories, like cleanliness, are transparent. Simply keep your rental clean, and you’ll usually get a good score. Others, like accuracy and communication, are a little more nuanced. Generally, there are a few ways to ensure that you’re proving the best possible service in these categories.

1) Be transparent.

The reviews for accuracy and value really suffer when you aren’t open with your guests. Make sure you accurately describe your neighborhood, your property, or your amenities, so you don’t disappoint the people staying with you.

2) Be available.

Being available to communicate with your guests when they need something is very important. People like to be able to get answers to questions and concerns quickly. Providing accurate information when it’s needed while being pleasant and eager to help will go a long way.

3) Be organized.

Providing a guest with a streamlined check-in process, a useful map or a care package are fantastic ways to show them that you’re organized. Guest will respect your hard work and provide you with good reviews to thank you for it.

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Now that you know how to get a 5-star review on Airbnb, it’s time to get to work! For some more inspiration, check out our recent post on Airbnb essentials to keep your guests happy.