Manage Airbnb Multiple Accounts

How to Manage Multiple Airbnb Accounts and Listings

Traveling today has become an integral part of our life. Whatever the cause is, be it studying, need for medical attention, visiting family, or simply vagabonding, but we all take small breaks to travel to different parts of the world, to places that we are not familiar with.

Airbnb assists travelers and visitors by helping them in finding a place to stay for the duration of their tour. Airbnb offers an online platform to both the travelers who are seeking accommodation on foreign land and to people who can provide such accommodations so that they can connect.

But becoming an Airbnb rental manager might not be as easy as it sounds. It is because this job, like any other, has its own set of complexities and challenges. So, today we are going to focus upon one such challenge – having to work with Airbnb Multiple Accounts and listings.

Why does managing Airbnb Multiple Accounts pose a problem?

Having Airbnb Multiple Accounts is a struggle as it can create some complexities, which can hinder your growth as a manager. These areas of concern include:

1. If you have multiple accounts on Airbnb, then keeping a track of the conversations with guests can become an issue as you might not always recollect when or where you left off the conversation or the last time you talked. Sometimes you might miss important queries from guests as there are high chances to overlook messages. 

2. Also, having Airbnb multiple accounts will mean logging in and out of the accounts many times in order to keep a track of things. This will cost you a lot of your time, focus and energy.

3. Lastly, using multiple accounts puts you at the risk of violating the rules and regulations that are set by Airbnb. This can even result in you facing a ban by Airbnb which can ruin the business.

Hence, it is important to manage all multiple accounts and listings very effectively. But how is it possible to achieve that? Well, read further to get your answers!

Efficient Management of Airbnb Multiple Accounts

Now that we have already seen how using Airbnb multiple accounts can mean trouble, let us go through some options that Airbnb managers have at their disposal.

Stick with a single account

One of the easiest options that the managers have at their disposal is to use only a single account. It will help them in arranging all the info in one place. This option is simple and easy to manage given all the properties come under a single demographic context. However, when the properties listed are diverse and would appeal to different target segments then having a single account is not ideal. Also, with a single account, you are at the danger of scoring a single negative review that will reflect on all your listings even if you were reviewed for just a single listing.

Use services of property management companies

Another option that the Airbnb hosts can opt for is to use the services of a property management company. By sharing a small part of your profits with such companies you can be relieved of the pressure of managing everything on your own. This will make your life relatively easier.

Opt for co-hosting choice

At Airbnb, you have the option to co-host. This option will allow you to co-host with other Airbnb experienced hosts who are already running a successful Airbnb business. Thus, you will basically get a guide who will lead you and aid you in becoming a successful entrepreneur. On the other hand, if you yourself are an experienced owner then it can also help you in connecting with the owners who need assistance in setting up their business.

But one thing that you need to remember while opting for co-hosting is that sometimes two people in a group can have disputes. Be wary of that!

Use Airbnb multiple accounts

As a manager, you can decide to hold on to multiple accounts if that helps you. But in case you decide to go with this option, then you will need to figure out a solution to the problems listed above. Constant logging in and out of the accounts can feel tiring and it may also add to your workload.

Use Airbnb Management Software

Another way of managing your Airbnb multiple accounts is by using automation software. By using this Airbnb management software you will be able to send automated replies to your customers’ inquiries. Also, it will help you in dealing with the constant struggle of logging in and out of your accounts with ease. The software will also make it simple for you to manage tasks like bookings, cleaning, etc. with the help of a multi-calendar dashboard and auto-tasks.

The comprehensive Airbnb Property management tool by Hosty offers seamless integration of multiple Airbnb accounts. The Airbnb Multi-Calendar and Airbnb Listing management feature make organizing multiple accounts really simple. For those who want to ensure that Hosty Airbnb Software does what it says, a 14 days trial is available.