Airbnb Profile

How To Create An Attractive Airbnb Profile To Get More Guests?

Why Airbnb Profile is so important?
While shopping, whether physically or online, before purchasing anything, we try to learn about the seller. One can attribute this to the naturally curious nature of humans. We, humans, are by instinct eager creatures, and we like to learn more about people and things. Plus, this curiosity and the quench to know more about everything in us also shapes our trust. So, basically, when we are dealing with a seller, knowing some personal details humanizes them in our perspective, which, in turn, creates a trustworthy relationship.

Now, this thirst in us to know people better, before dealing with them, is not just limited to the marketing sector, but it extends to the hospitality sector too, especially in the tough times of Covid-19 pandemic. Because of this, today, before making the travel plans or booking stays, travelers appreciate having a general idea about their host. This creates trust in them about the abilities of the host. Plus, it also gives them a certainty that they can rely upon their host to maintain a level of cleanliness and hygiene at the property. This is significant when pandemia anxiety is high. It can be a determining factor in potentially doubling your bookings.

But the question that arises now is, how can a host make sure that their customers have access to enough information about them. Well, one way to ensure this is by creating a reliable and attractive Airbnb profile. Now, the host’s Airbnb profiles are a much-neglected aspect of the Airbnb listings. A lot of times, hosts don’t pay much attention to them. But this is troublesome, as because of this, the customers’ belief in the host falls short. This impedes host’s growth and profits. 

Therefore, in order to increase your ratings, and to ensure that more and more guests book your listing over others, having an Airbnb profile is an important step. One can think of it as the extra mile that you have to walk to boost your reservations. The more miles you walk, the higher will be your chances of success. But building a reliable profile is not easy. While creating it, you should have a clear idea of what information to display and what to withhold, so that you won’t overdo it. We know that this task can seem a little daunting. Hence, to help you, we have prepared a step-by-step strategy to create an Airbnb profile that you can use.

How to create a good Airbnb profile?

If you want to create an attractive and trustworthy profile, you should primarily focus upon the description, photo, reviews, verification, and information. If you will manage these steps well, then you can nail your Airbnb profile. Let’s delve into this process in a detailed step-by-step manner. 

Prepare an awesome description

Writing a description about yourself can be tough. Many people would claim that they suck at such things. But while creating your Airbnb profile, writing a description is mandatory. It gives the guests an idea about your interests and personal life, and hence, it is an important part of the process.

Now, when you are writing your description your aim is to sell yourself, but this needs to be done subtly. When describing yourself you should opt for a conversational tone and talk about things that guests can relate to. You should sound friendly and approachable, and you should keep your tone light and informal. Some questions that you should try to answer while talking about yourself include:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your occupation?
  • What is your favorite part about being a host?
  • Where have you traveled before?
  • How many languages are you fluent in?
  • What does your place look like? Etc.

Answering such questions should create 4-5 paragraphs of content. That should be enough.

Add a great Airbnb profile picture

Your Airbnb profile picture should be clear and inviting. Many people use pictures of landscapes, cartoons, characters, etc. as their profile photo, but this is a practice that you should try to avoid. Instead, it is recommended that you use your photo as your profile picture. It is so because posting your photo gives the guests a human face to put alongside your name. This helps them in better relating to you, which makes it easier for them to trust you. 

Also, while uploading your picture you should make sure that in it, you look charming and well-groomed. Your eyes should be clearly visible and you should sport a pretty smile on your face. Also, you should remember to click your picture somewhere bright and vibrant, instead of choosing a shady space. 

Take care of verifications

The guests who rent a space frequently worry about scams. Hence, to encourage their confidence, and to relieve them of their worries, you should verify your credentials. You can do so by providing your email address, selfie, government ID, phone number, and work mail. You can also opt to link your Airbnb profile with your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln accounts. 

Doing so will increase your credibility and it will motivate the guests to trust your listing. Also, this way the customers are more likely to choose you over other hosts who don’t have verified Airbnb profiles, this will be good for your bookings. 

Post a reliable reference

If your Airbnb profile features a reliable reference, then it will encourage faith in guests and they will be more likely to believe in your professionalism. Now, for arranging references you can approach your friends, family, or relatives. However, if you can persuade one of your past guests to leave a well-drawn reference for you, then it would be simply awesome. A well-written reference should talk about your reliable character and friendly nature which should motivate other guests to give you a chance.

Update your profile

Once you have made your Airbnb profile, you must keep it updated. Remember, any discrepancy between what your hosts see on your profile and what you tell them while replying to their inquiries can create doubts. Hence, if you have changed your job, or moved to a new place, make sure that your Airbnb profile reflects that change. After all, we don’t want our guests to have any reason to think that you are hiding something from them intentionally.

Maintain a high response rate

The Airbnb software keeps track of your response rate and time. Hence, in order to do well, it is significant that you reply promptly to the queries of your customers and feature a short response time. This will seem re-assuring to your guests which will make it easier for them to rely on your abilities as a host. Now, in order to have a quick response time you can use Hosty’s Airbnb Central Inbox that makes it easier for the hosts to chat with potential guests, check message history, and use filters to find unanswered messages. This will effectively aid you in managing all the queries in time.


Airbnb Profile is important. It gives people a reason to trust you and reliability is highly significant especially when people are dealing with the anxieties of Covid-19. Thus, to make sure that your guests know all they need to know about you, you should make sure that your Airbnb profile is attractive and updated regularly. This will encourage the guests’ trust and boost your bookings!