Airbnb Plus Key Benefits

Airbnb Plus Key Benefits for the Guests and the Hosts

  1. Benefits for hosts
  2. Benefits for guests

Whether you are a host or a guest, Airbnb plus key benefits work for both. But before jumping to the Airbnb plus key benefits, let’s have a look at the story of Airbnb Plus. Airbnb Plus is the novel program presented to both Airbnb guests and hosts. As the name suggests Airbnb plus renders more. Where guests receive more comfort, hosts get more opportunities to earn. 

Since 2008, Airbnb has guaranteed a gratifying ride to both the clients and the entrepreneurs. Airbnb added this service to offer a better experience to the guests. Since Airbnb plus ensures high-quality service there is a set of criteria for the hosts to qualify for this exemplary opportunity:

  • The host should have an average of 4.8+ feedback ratings;
  • The host should record a maximum of 5% rejections of the total booking requests received;
  • The host should report zero cancellations over the last year.

As it is evident from the strict criteria to pass this exceptional bar, Airbnb plus aims to deliver more. It offers the home away from home experience equipped with all the facilities. The following are some of the features additionally offered in the Airbnb Plus:

  • Verified for quality;
  • Verified for style;
  • Verified for fast check-in;
  • Verified for essentials such as refreshments;
  • Verified for fast WIFI;
  • Verified for fully equipped kitchens.

It requires the best efforts to reach the Airbnb plus status. Оnce you achieve this, you can enjoy the additional benefits. But remember – Airbnb status and responsibility walk together. Airbnb Plus crowns you and assigns you the duty to eloquently serve your guests and meet the standards of this novel program. If we briefly explain the Airbnb plus key benefits, we could say that it offers comfort to the guests and convenience to the hosts. 

Now that you are familiar with Airbnb plus let’s discuss the benefits it brings to the hosts and the guests.

Airbnb Plus key benefits for Hosts

If you are not an Airbnb plus host then here is the potential list of benefits you will qualify for after getting Airbnb Plus status. This will surely motivate you to give it all you’ve got.

Expert support will help the host to operate efficiently

Airbnb Plus includes expert support to its hosts to help them offer a better stay experience to the guests. Once you qualify for the Airbnb Plus status, you will be provided with expert support. You will be offered the help of professional photographers to improve your listing visually. You will meet the interior designers who will give you valuable bits of advice to improve your property. You will also enjoy the luxury of priority customer support. Thus, with the help of these experts, you can offer even better service to your guests.

Better position in the search result

After enhancing the appeal factor of your listing, Airbnb Plus will offer better position in the search result. This means in Airbnb Search Engine your listing will be given priority. Your vacation rental position in search results plays a crucial role. Your listing will be noticed only when it is placed on the first page of the search results. Your potential customer will only come to know about you through these search results. So, Airbnb Plus offers you this excellent opportunity to stand out amidst the crowd. This means that you register more impressions and visibility which ultimately results in better earnings for you.

Increased frequency of bookings

Probably, you will experience a flood of requests after acquiring the perfect position in the search results. But the intriguing fact is, Airbnb SEO is not the only reason behind this increased quantity of bookings. Travelers looking for a great experience choose listings with an Airbnb Plus badge. This badge helps you to catch the attention of even more travelers, which results in a higher amount of bookings. The guests are confident of the services available at your property, so your cancellation rate will also decline. This will ultimately result in the minimum vacant days for you.

Airbnb Plus hosts have guests’ trust

When the guests are confident that their host is well equipped in their job, they tend to feel safe and enjoy more. When the guest is satisfied they tend to leave you a better review. Airbnb Plus hosts have this trust due to the strict procedure followed in selecting the Plus properties. There are 100+ factors based on which each property is inspected. Since only the top few qualify, the guests know that they will receive the best service. Usually, if you stand true to their expectations you can get returning guests. These guests also recommend your property in their circle.

The host can charge more

You have to set the prices at a minimum when you compete with 7 million listings. But as you enter Airbnb Plus your competition decreases. There are only a few hosts who can pass the strict criteria for Airbnb Plus. This leads to lesser competition in the Airbnb Plus domain that allows you to increase your charges. 

With the decreased competition and more bookings, you can improve service quality and can raise your prices. When offering premium service, you can ask for premium rates. With all the advantages listed above these additional charges improves your earning significantly.

Airbnb Plus key benefits for guests

Even if you are an Airbnb host, most of you will certainly have been an Airbnb guest one time or another. Here are the benefits of Airbnb plus for the guests-

Guests can book the perfect location for special occasions

Whether it’s a place to stay for a business trip or a gorgeous property for a honeymoon, you will find everything here. Hosts with Airbnb Plus status aim for customer satisfaction and believe in providing supreme service to the clients. The raised bar of the properties and the facilities offered by them allows the guests to book the perfect location for particular occasions. Airbnb Plus offers a personalized stay to the guests. Airbnb Plus takes care of everyone ranging from a traveler seeking a cozy place to a family planning a summer vacation. As a guest, with the tag of Airbnb Plus, you may be assured that you will have a great time free of any type of glitches. If unfortunately, you faced any issue that will be quickly fixed.

Airbnb Plus makes the stay luxurious

This program was introduced to turn every stay into an exhilarating experience. Only properties with exceptional appearance and exemplary facilities are shortlisted. Thus, people seeking the luxuries of a hotel can choose Airbnb now. Airbnb plus raised the standard and assured high-quality service to its guests. The travelers prone to hotels like a certain set of facilities for their stay and Airbnb Plus has standardized the amenities as well. These added features of the Plus program appeal to all kinds of travelers worldwide.

Guests will save time due to the strict standards for the listings

Remember the time when you have to go through hundreds of listings just to find that one perfect place to stay. But now Airbnb has set the minimum quality bar for all Airbnb Plus listings. For a listing to appear in the search result it has to meet a certain standard. So, whenever the guest is searching for their one exquisite destination, they don’t have to waste time surfing through the ones they may not want. This saves a lot of your precious time as you have to choose from a selected group of listings only.

Guests do not face the fear of cancellation

Well if the hosts are prone to cancel the bookings then they will never qualify for Airbnb Plus. As mentioned above only those hosts will be selected that have no cancellation reported for the past year and whose cancellation rate is less than 5%. Airbnb Plus encourages only those hosts who value each and every customer. When booked a property under Airbnb plus the customer will not face the fear of cancellation. It’s a very rare case when an Airbnb Plus host would reject a booking, otherwise, all the bookings are honored. 

Guests can expect premium customer support 

No one likes to face any issues while they are on a vacation or in between business meetings. The truth is you cannot avoid issues but you can resolve them immediately. When you book an Airbnb Plus property you can be sure to enjoy your stay without any worry because you have access to the premium customer support to resolve any issue immediately.

So, these are the additional Airbnb Plus key benefits enjoyed by both hosts and guests. Airbnb Plus is a great experience for all the participants. To achieve the plus status a host needs to consistently deliver the best service to the guests. Working the smart way, utilizing all the tools you have access to, is a comparatively easy way to do this. Try Hosty’s Airbnb Management Software, it helps you to get and maintain Airbnb Plus status for years.