Luxury Vacation Rentals

Luxury Vacation Rentals: How to’s

As more celebrities choose vacation rental luxury properties over fancy hotels, the need for luxury vacation rentals increases drastically. Do you have a beautiful property that you think can attract some vacationers looking for the finer things in life? If so, you need to provide an exceptional experience that is second to none in order to make your luxury guests feel like they’re valued. Are you up for the test?

Invest in the professionals.

As an Airbnb business owner you are probably a jack of all trades. This is a great quality for business, but sometimes you have to bring in a professional when you need specific expertise. A great time to do this is when you’re trying to attract guests that are looking for luxury vacation rentals. Consider hiring interior designer to revamp your property, so it’s always looking fabulous. Get a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of your home, so it looks picture perfect. Finally, once you do land a few luxury guests, invest in a high-end cleaning service that will make the place spotless and ready for your next guest.

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Customize the experience.

A luxury vacation rentals is all about being comfortable and having everything that you need for your entire stay. If you are looking to attract the more luxurious traveler, you have to customize their experience. In case they are a foodie provide them their favorite bottle of wine or spirit, or stock up the fridge with fresh high quality snacks. If they are traveling with a pet, present their furry companion with some treats or a comfortable pet bed. Luxury vacation rentals is all about a customized experience, and you can only provide that if you plan. Ask questions and get to know your guest before they arrive so you can provide the best experience possible.

Your customer service needs exceptional.

If you want to appeal to luxury guests with your amazing home, you need to appeal to them with your amazing customer service first. Providing A+ customer service is incredibly important to make sure that your guests feel the Royal treatment they deserve. Always provide accurate description of your properties and amenities.  Quickly answer guests’ questions or take care of their concerns. Be there for their check in to make sure they have everything they need for a stellar stay. The extra attention will pay off in amazing reviews and additional bookings from their friends and relatives.

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Appealing to luxury vacation rental travelers takes some extra effort that will result in some higher paydays. Hosty has your back covered when you are ready to make the move and begin offering luxury vacation rentals. You should take pride in giving excellent service to your customers, the same way we take pride in serving you. Happy Hosting!