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Airbnb SEO suggestions to boost your business

Are you wondering how to stand out among 7 million listings? Or are you puzzled about Airbnb SEO and rankings? Press the pause button and relax. Get yourself ready to employ certain ingenious techniques and then strive for the best rankings. Continue reading to learn the secrets of a successful Airbnb Entrepreneur.

Airbnb has been around 12 years to support its entrepreneurs and help them earn their living conveniently and creatively. At the same time, Airbnb management software assists the entrepreneurs to carry out their functions smoothly. Airbnb offers exemplary facilities to its hosts but every host has to earn it. 

Apart from this Airbnb SEO is crucial for all Airbnb Entrepreneurs. SEO helps you achieve better rankings in the search results. If you want the travelers to notice your listing, then you have to compel Airbnb to offer you a top ranking using the Airbnb search engine optimization.

To utilize Airbnb SEO, you have to understand its algorithm first. Airbnb has always ensured that the guests are blessed with the best. The very first step to impress your guest is to provide them with an appealing search result. Airbnb SEO is the process that guarantees a perfect search result to the customers. Airbnb SEO is the operation conducted for sorting the listings based on certain prominent factors. And being equipped with the knowledge of factors affecting your ranking is the key to success. Airbnb SEO is the procedure of studying and applying the following factors:

  • Your title and description
  • The reviews provided by your guests
  • facilities mentioned
  • your cancellation and rejection rates
  • your response rate and time
  • The filename of the image used
  • Search demand and availability
  • Sum of people who saved your listings
  • Total number of bookings you have successfully completed
  • Number of inquiries for your listings
  • Booking rates
  • Regular updates and,
  • Some other factors relating to off-page activities and click-through-rates.

Remember if you want to rank better, then you have to work harder. Knowing these factors is only one step in a long process. But the question is how to use that key to unlock the door to success. If you yearn to be a successful Airbnb entrepreneur then your very first achievement would be to appear on the first page of the search results. This accomplishment will help you to attract more travelers thus increasing your number of bookings. 

Now you are all suited up with the basics to learn 7 Airbnb SEO tips. The following 7 points will help you achieve success in your Airbnb business. Employing the followings tips will boost your listing’s ranking and thus give a raise to your Airbnb business.

Don’t be late and maintain a good response rate

The message response rate is the percentage of inquiries that the host has responded to within 24 hours. And Airbnb considers this percentage crucial. For any business, customer satisfaction is the priority. And if you will disappoint the customer in the first interaction, then your success is in danger. Airbnb SEO appreciates a high response rate and punishes the lower ones. The higher your response rate, the higher is your ranking.

Responding to your potential guests within 24 hours is essential for sustaining a healthy Airbnb business. But sometimes the host is caught up in something important. It is for such scenarios that the host should work smart and utilize Airbnb property management software. Hosty’s Airbnb management software is a great tool that will allow you to conveniently maintain a high response rate. The software offers various features that act as your assistant and will reply to the guests efficiently. 

Airbnb AutoMessage ensures that you stay in touch with your guests. This even improves the percentage of guests leaving reviews. Imagine, as soon as you check-in you get a message informing you about the Wi-Fi password and the nearby restaurants. Surely, you will be deeply impressed by the host, and in no time, you will be contributing to raising their ranking by leaving a 5-star review.

Airbnb SavedReply is your second assistant. This feature can be used to deal with the frequently asked questions. Save your reply for the general inquiries so that you can respond with just one click and remember to prepare your reply keeping in mind every minute detail so that no question remains unanswered.

These assistants will help you increase your response rate and save you time. Response time is also a prominent factor that represents the average time a host takes to respond to an inquiry. Maintaining both high response rates and time will earn you a better position in the search results. This, in turn, will increase your bookings and earnings.

Timely update your calendar and avoid confusion

Airbnb encourages active Airbnb entrepreneurs. If you do not update your calendar on a regular basis you will not only miss a potential booking but also indirectly request the Airbnb SEO system to lower your ranking. If you won’t be active then your listing will wait for the guests to reach the end of the line.

In order to raise your ranking regular calendar updating is incumbent. Most entrepreneurs managing multiple properties across different platforms are not able to update their vacancy calendar frequently. So, they utilize the assistance Airbnb Multi Calendar of property management software. The software keeps double bookings in check. The automation software is an intelligent idea to save you time.

Aim for a 5-star review and earn the front-page views

Airbnb aims at offering an exhilarating experience to its guests. They expect all the hosts to strive for turning their guests’ stay into an amazing experience. To ensure the efficiency of its hosts, Airbnb relies on customer reviews. In Airbnb SEO the listings are ranked partly based on the reviews received from hosts. Thus, you ought to enrich your collection with 5-star reviews. Pleasing your guests will act as a ladder taking you all the way up to the higher ranks. Good reviews are the passage to good ranking. To earn the 5-star review you should offer exemplary service to your guests. The review system works on 7 factors: effectiveness of communication, convenience in check-in, cleanliness, accuracy, location, value, and overall experience. Remember to excel in all these fields and utilize your reviews to grow.

Social media promotion will help you get a better position 

Social media promotions are trending in the business world. Airbnb also applauds your popularity on social media platforms. External links aid you to acquire a higher ranking. After listing your property on Airbnb remember to promote it on various social media platforms. Your performance on social media platforms will decide your position in the search result.

Charge reasonably and Airbnb SEO will increase your ranking considerably

Primarily, guests are concerned about the prices. Thus, in Airbnb SEO pricing is considered as a prominent factor. Guests usually hunt for the listings featuring reasonable prices. Your charges should be in line with your amenities, otherwise, you will appear overpriced. Guests strive for maximum facilities at minimum cost. By offering optimum facilities you can easily establish your listing. If you are looking for increasing your profit by increasing the charges then it may decrease your profit instead. Studying your competitors will help you discover opportunities for your business. 

Discourage cancellations and rejections to encourage elevation and promotions

Airbnb frowns upon the cancellations and rejections. It’s the job of Airbnb to serve its guests and cancellation undermines its service. By canceling or rejecting you earn a bad reputation for your listing. Airbnb SEO takes these cancellations and rejections very seriously. Updating your calendar frequently is an eloquent technique to avoid cancellation.  Airbnb SEO will reward you for the number of bookings completed and at the same time, it will punish for the number of bookings canceled. Rejecting booking requests is also considered a faulty practice and will pull you downwards. Remember, completions can improve your rankings while cancelations can adversely affect your rankings.

Enable instant booking and raise your ranking

Instant booking could be a little tricky but it’s like a magic trick that pulls your listing to the top of search results. Airbnb guarantees facilities to both its hosts and guests. Where guests can avail of the convenient option of instant booking, the hosts can also ensure security by incorporating some rules regarding the same if they want to. 

Airbnb SEO takes into account the instant booking feature for the sorting of listings. To ensure guests’ convenience it arranges the listings that offer instant booking at the top. If the guest requests only to view listings with the instant booking then your listing will be completely out of the picture. Enabling instant booking will efficiently raise your ranking.

Now you know how to effectively secure your position on the front page of the search results. All you have to do is follow the above mentioned 7 tips and offer high-quality service to your guests. 

All the tips mentioned above pinpoint the importance of Airbnb property management software. Among the options available Hosty’s software with a native app is a very good choice. Consider this software your assistant while you are busy improving your rankings. Ranging from Centarl Inbox and Multi Calendar feature to Airbnb Automaiton options, this software got everything covered for you. If you want Airbnb SEO working in your favor, then utilize these tips efficiently and hire the Airbnb Management Software as your assistant.

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