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How to Rank Higher In the Airbnb Best Listings?

When you are out shopping, or you are merely looking for a book to read, more often than not, you try to search for the best options available on the market. You only want to purchase the best product from Airbnb best listings available out there with your money. This sits right for everyone and everything. Each person, when spending money or investing time wants to exchange it for the best value available.

This is the case with the rentals too. When guests are booking a stay for the weekend or extended vacations, they only want to book the best properties out there and on Airbnb the competition is fierce. While this may seem like good news for the guests, for the hosts, it only means trouble. It is so because this signals how tough it has become to prove yourself the best option in the market and to get your listing noticed.

However, if you want to increase your bookings and to maximize your profits with Airbnb, then you will have to think of something to rank higher in the Airbnb search algorithm. Thus, in order to aid the hosts who want to rank higher in the Airbnb best listings, today, we have formulated a list of some useful tips. Let’s check it out.

Tips to increase your ranking in the Airbnb best listings

Now, it is true that lifting your ranking in the Airbnb best listings is not an easy task. However, this goal is not impossible to accomplish. Thus, in order to help the hosts in improving their ranks, here is a list of few tweaks that you can make to perform better. Here we go.

Simplify the process of booking

Airbnb pays a lot of attention to the guest’s comfort. How easily your guests can reach you, how quickly you reply to their inquiries, how simple you make it for them to process the bookings are some of the critical measures that contribute to your ranking on Airbnb best listings. Thus, when you are selecting the standards for your guests to finalize their reservations, you should take care to minimize the restrictions. Try only to use those requirements that are necessary to protect your interests, the other limits you can manage to part with should be removed immediately.

Cancel fewer bookings

When you are in the hospitality business, many different types of travellers make bookings at your place. It is a common thing to have disagreements with the guests, a common reaction to which is the urge to cancel the booking altogether. However, the hosts should avoid such behavior as canceling booking decreases your ranking in the Airbnb best listings. 

Hence, the next time, you are about to cancel a booking, take a break and think if it is essential for you to do so. And if you conclude that canceling can be avoided, then try not to cancel or refuse a booking. 

Offer the Guest Welcome Book

As we have already mentioned before, the experience of a guest at your place is an essential factor affecting your position in Airbnb’s best listings. Maintaining a fast response rate plays a vital role in improving your rank. Now, one way of ensuring an exceptional experience for your guests is by offering them a guest welcome book when they arrive. This book will provide guests with all the answers that they seek. Plus, it will also reduce your burden as now you won’t need to come up with quick replies to your guests. This will mean lesser chances of missed messages by the host, which, in turn, will ensure better rankings.

Another method of dealing with the guest’s inquiries is by using the AutoReply feature of Hosty’s Airbnb Automation Software. Using this feature will help you in sending instant replies with one click on a button to the guests and in keeping up with their inquiries.

Get your property wishlisted

The Airbnb platform offers the guests the option to wishlist properties that they like and would prefer booking in the future. Getting wishlisted increases your shares, and it also boosts your views. Now, in order to increase your chances of being wishlisted, consider using keywords found on lists dedicated to particular themes like interior design, location, etc. on Airbnb. Another way to handle this is by requesting your past guests to add your rental in their wishlist. This will also up your ranking.

Offer unexpected perks

Everybody likes receiving unexpected gifts and perks. When you are surprised by your loved ones, it makes you feel special. This sits true for your guests as well. When your guests spend their weekend at your place, and they are delivered something special that they were not expecting, it leaves a positive impression and, in turn, helps the hosts in scoring a 5-star review. So, if you are a host and you have the guests visiting your place for a romantic weekend, and you offer them a complimentary meal, then this gesture can ensure you good reviews, which positively reflect on your overall rankings. These positive reviews, in turn, will help you in improving your rank in Airbnb best listings.

Keep your calendar updated

For scoring a good rank in the Airbnb best listings, it is essential to update your calendar on a regular basis. Make it a habit to check your reservations and bookings at least once a day. Staying updated on these things will aid you in keeping things managed and in serving your guests properly. The top Airbnb hosts who manage multiple bookings also do that.

Now, in order to manage the calendar and to keep everything updated, you might want to use Hosty’s Airbnb Multi Calendar which effortlessly maintains tabs on daily calendar activities for multiple Airbnb accounts and listings. 

Earn positive reviews

If you have ever engaged in online shopping, you would know the role of positive reviews in increasing the sale of a product. Every time someone decides to buy a product or service, they first check online reviews on that product, and only afterwards finalize the purchase. It is no secret that online reviews profoundly impact the reputation of a vendor or business. This happens with the rentals as well. Thus, if you want to increase your ranking in Airbnb best listings, make sure to earn positive reviews. You can do so by impressing your guests with professional and timely replies, by offering them clean rooms, and by providing exceptional services, etc.

Offer dynamic pricing

To stay on top of Airbnb best listings, it is a good idea to use dynamic pricing. Doing so will mean changing prices on a regular basis, which will interest the guests and keep them on their toes. This will guarantee that they will keep returning to your page, which will mean higher Airbnb ranking for you. Now, in order to work this out, you can either manually change the pricing daily, or you can use a software to do that automatically.  

Confirm more bookings

On Airbnb, just attracting more guests and getting them to visit your page is simply not enough; instead, you need to focus on confirming more and more bookings. This is so because the Airbnb algorithm considers the ratio of reservations to the number of clicks you received while determining your ranking in the Airbnb best listings. Now, in order to confirm more bookings, consider the issues that your potential guests raise before ultimately deciding not to book your stay. Think about these issues over and try to find a solution for them.

Promote your rental property

Suppose you are looking forward to improving your ranking on the Airbnb best listings. In that case, one way of doing so is by promoting your property on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Doing so won’t only improve your performance on the listing, but it will also help you in getting discovered by search engines. Just provide your rental’s URL and share it with your friends and followers.


Thus, if you want to perform better on the Airbnb best listings, then it is essential to keep your guests happy. Doing so will require you to decrease your response time, to enhance your services, to close more bookings, and to deliver unexpected gifts and perks for your guests. Hosty’s Airbnb management software can help you accomplish all these with minimum efforts.