Airbnb Business Travel

How to tailor your listings for Airbnb Business Travel

As business gets more global, Airbnb business travel becomes much more prevalent. There’s something about face-to-face business meeting that’s just different from speaking on the phone. Because of this, business travel continues to be a necessary part of a lot of people’s jobs.

Thankfully for those in the Airbnb hosting community, we can capitalize on this need by providing great options for guests using Airbnb for business travel.

Being able to tailor your properties to business traveler’s needs is a unique way to bring more bookings and higher revenues to your Airbnb business. Thinking about what drives guests to book your property will help them find you, love your offerings and book with you again when the next business trip comes around.

Here are some ways to tailor your listings to be ready for Airbnb business travel.

A home away from home:

Going on a business trip is tough sometimes. It’s easy to miss the comforts of home. An excellent way to appeal to business travelers is to play up the comfortable, homey aspects of your bookings that hotels can’t provide. A place to do laundry, full kitchens, and outdoor patios are amenities that business travelers love.

Business with a side of relaxation:

An Airbnb business traveler may want to double dip their trip. Using some time to relax and enjoy a new city may be on their to-do list. When talking up the perks of your property, don’t forget to mention pool access, the parks near by, or the great restaurant down the block.

Collaboration equals success:

If a team of business people need to travel together, the option of staying in a large home is a great opportunity for collaboration and synergy. This can also be a fantastic choice for a small start up as multiple hotel rooms can be expensive. The possibility of using Airbnb for business travel can be both cost effective and energizing for their team.

Tailoring your Airbnb listings for business traveler is a great way to accommodate a group of people that will really appreciate a home away from home. The best part? These travelers are usually responsible, come back often, and are willing to pay top dollar for a great space. So if you have what Airbnb business travelers want – you’ll be in business.

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