Airbnb Maintenance

Solutions Of Common Airbnb Maintenance Problems

To think of it, running an Airbnb business sounds pretty easy, right? Once you’ve acquired and set your property, all you have to do is put up listing of your accommodation and wait for guests to place their bookings. And then boom! You earn a sweet amount of revenue on the side while doing nothing but acting as a host and making your guests as comfortable as possible. Well, when you say it like that it undoubtedly sounds super easy. However, most Airbnb businesses require a lot of effort, patience and more than anything maintenance. Airbnb maintenance is one of the most undermined aspects of the business that no one pays attention to and yet it is a big deal because your guests will only choose your accommodation if it’s sparkling clean. Here is how you can keep up your rental’s appeal while ensuring its longevity. 

Everything Should Be Spick and Span

Extremely important! After every booking you complete and your guests leave, you must do a sweeping clean of the whole place. From sanitizing countertops in the kitchen to disinfecting the bathroom, to changing the sheets, every single thing should be spick and span for the next guests’ arrival. Before your guests’ check-in, you must ensure all electric appliances are working seamlessly, the central heating/cooling systems are functional and any gas ranges/fireplaces in the building should be faultless. This prevents you from accidents, negative Airbnb reviews and complicated future Airbnb cleaning procedures. 

Keep Your Vacation Rental Secure

Safety is the number one priority everywhere! That’s why security is an essential component in your Airbnb, in fact it is one of the main reasons people still choose hotels over Airbnb’s. The perceived lack of security. Make sure your rental has its security upped a notch. Security cameras, alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, smart locks, and first aid kits are all absolute essentials to have on the premises of your rental at all times. These measures ensure the safety of your guests as well as the security of your property, allowing you to protect your investment, alongside your guests. Airbnb maintenance can be made easy when you utilize these kinds of helping agents. Such factors play a major role in earning you a high rating and topnotch reviews from your guests. 

Keep Your Garden Green and Appealing

Nature is the most appealing agent when it comes to vacation rental. No one can turn down a vacation stay when it houses such a huge and luscious green garden. Airbnb maintenance for your garden includes repainting of the walls, fences, and gate. If there is any body of water like a fountain or a pool, make sure to regularly clean that and keep the water filtered and within the required PH levels. A quick way to get your listing shut down is to not be PH compliant. Downpours and gutters must be cleaned regularly with extra attention paid on the days it rains or snows. Pest infestations must be controlled if you house a lot of vegetation and plants in your garden. Moreover, any wooden fences or outdoor decoration pieces should be also sprayed to avoid woodlice making their way into your property’s interior. Maintain a picturesque outlook for your garden and for added effect give your garden a splash of color with the help of multicolor roses, flowers and vines. As mentioned before, your garden’s beautiful outlook will play majorly in your favor and earn you more guests per month. A little decoration goes a long way!