Vacation Rental Upgrades

Top 5 Vacation Rental Upgrades To Make Your Home More Marketable In Winter Season

Everyone knows people love to book their vacations during the summer. But, who said winters can’t be fun? Winters bring the most breathtaking sights but not many people flock to the idea of vacationing in below-freezing weather. However, the fault actually lies in the accommodation options. When searching for summer vacation accommodations, you always find attractive features like pools, bars, bedroom mini-fridges…etc. In the same way, accommodation options in the wintertime should be equally attractive to the eye. Let’s have a look at some winter vacation rental upgrades

Heated Flooring

It is always the small touches that make the biggest differences. And in the winters, these are the things that everyone pays attention to. When it comes to your Airbnb maintenance, installing heated flooring for your guests comes across as a huge relief and enjoyable aspect. No one likes to be walking barefoot on freezing floors! 

A Hot Tub!

A hot tub in winter is like a swimming pool in the summer. Some of the best winter vacation rental upgrades include installing a hot tub in your accommodation. Guests are always more than happy to sit and lounge in a pool of warm, therapeutic waters gushing about them. 

Smart Lock Installation

Seems like a farfetched concept but smart locks are actually the best ideas for Airbnb maintenance. These help in allowing your guests access to their new residence if you are not around to welcome them in. This is usually an issue in winter because of bad weather, delayed flights and late arrivals are quite common thus smart locks are the best idea to incorporate into your Airbnb.   

Epoxy Flooring In A Garage

Talk about farfetched concepts! But, wait…answer this question. What is the most common issue people have to deal with in winter? Slips! The overbearing moisture and wetness in the atmosphere earn many people some nasty falls. One of the easily missed ideas would be to redo the flooring for any outdoor spaces. That includes the garage and front porch. Epoxy flooring is known to be slip-resistant and if water happens to make its way onto it, then a simple mop and rag can wipe up all the mess without any issue.  

Gas Fireplace

Central heating systems are amazing vacation rental upgrades, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned fireplace in their living room. Moreover, in the winter everyone loves to snuggle up next to a fireplace, and that would immensely please your guests.  

Marketing Tips In Winter

Updating the photos on your listing with proof of the new vacation rental upgrades will immensely help your guests to flock to your Airbnb. Simply mentioning the new upgrades in your accommodation’s description is not enough. On top of that, use good lighting in your photos and emotive language when describing the new upgrades. Changing Airbnb title of your listing with added detail regarding the new upgrades is also a good idea. For example, adding the term “with hot tub” in your Airbnb’s title makes a huge difference.