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How to outsource Airbnb cleaning service in 5 minutes

Foto Airbnb cleaningMaking sure your Airbnb property is professionally cleaned is the quintessential component of getting a great review when it comes to renting your Airbnb. Dirty homes are just simply not tolerated when it comes to Airbnb since your future business is based off your customers satisfaction reviews. Many Airbnb hosts decide to undertake the cleaning responsibilities themselves; however, with the quick booking turnarounds, unexpected bookings and daily addition to their work time, many hosts realize the importance of getting professional Airbnb cleaning. One might think that they can just easily hire a maid and outsource all of their cleaning problems; however, there plenty of factors that need to be considered when searching for a reliable Airbnb maid or Airbnb cleaning management service.

Where to look for a reliable Airbnb maid/management service?

When it comes to hiring contractors for your Airbnb properties there are two main options available: getting a dedicated Airbnb maid or hiring a professional management service. We are going to explore the pros of cons of each in order to help you make the decision.

Airbnb Personal Maid – The Pro’s and Con’s

  • Pro – You can develop a personal relationship and provide work to someone who needs it
  • Pro – You may hire a friend and get the services at a cheaper rate
  • Pro – You have the option to screen multiple people before making a decision
  • Pro– You can train the cleaner to do the Airbnb cleaning the way you want
  • Con – You’re relying on only one person to get the job done
  • Con – Your cleaner is only one person – they have other jobs/work hours and can only do so much.

Airbnb Professional Management Service – The Pro’s and Con’s

  • Pro – You know you’re going to get a very professional level of service
  • Pro – You know the company will be fully equipped with everything needed
  • Pro – You’re dealing with a team of people, meaning they can clean multiple properties
  • Pro – Multiple people also means someone will always be available to clean the property
  • Pro – Professional companies are usually fully insured, covering you for accidental damages
  • Con – The price could be higher than hiring a local cleaner to undertake the role of your Airbnb cleaning.

You’ll definitely need to take time when making the decision of who you want to clean your home(s). The options available depend on a range of variables specific to you, your properties and the margins you can work within. As many Airbnb Management Services offer discounts and bundle packages for multiple homes, typically an Airbnb management service is chosen over a professional cleaner. Especially when the host has a range of properties and can justify the cost within the profit margins and time saved. Finally, let’s look at the 3 main things you’ll want to know when it comes to keeping your Airbnb home clean enough to generate strong reviews.

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How much should you pay for an Airbnb cleaning service?

Obviously the price you are going to pay your cleaner is going to be case specific depending on a range of factors such as how long the job will take, how many properties you have to clean and how regularly you need the place cleaned. Make sure to get quotes off a variety of Airbnb cleaners and compare them with that of an Airbnb cleaning/management service before making your decision. On average, you shouldn’t be looking to pay more than $150USD for a 3-bedroom house, not including linen/washing costs. Some information about Airbnb cleaning fees read here.

Quick Steps For Screening Your Maid

When in the screening process for an individual maid for your Airbnb cleaning, you’ll want to look at a range of factors: past experience and testimonials, the maid’s current workload and available hours, their punctuality and personal cleanliness and finally their ability to communicate clearly. Clear communication abilities will be the most important thing to look for when hiring your Airbnb maid. 

How To Communicate With Your Airbnb Cleaner

By far the most important step will be communication with your Airbnb cleaner, or your Airbnb management service. Setting up a regular date each week/month to check-in will be important as well as always having the constant ability to quickly message them at any time. Make sure you get their mobile number and ask them about available contact hours.

Bonus: Tips For Keeping Your Airbnb Property Sparkling Clean

  1. Undertake deep cleanings every couple of months – Schedule in time to get your property cleaned in depth and not around busy booking times. Simple Airbnb cleaning doesn’t usually allow the time to do things such as moving furniture around and vacuuming under it. Take the time to plan and execute deep cleanings every couple of months.
  2. Stock up in bulk on your toiletry supplies – Buying supplies (especially toiletry) will save you a lot of money over time and also save you quite a bit of time, meaning you won’t have to drive each week and replenish your stockpile. By having a bulk supply you’ll also be ready for some emergency cases where you need to replenish your home ASAP. Have a look online before going into any retail stores and get a good pricing ideas first.
  3. Repair those little damages you’ve let slide by the last few months – If you’re an Airbnb host, you’ll know that over time, little things get damaged and are allowed to ‘slide’; however, over time these ‘little’ damages can build up and start costing you and hurting your ‘guest experience’. Take time to do that deep Airbnb cleaning and fix what needs to be fixed.

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