Airbnb Negative Review

How To Prevent The Most Common Negative Airbnb Reviews

Accommodating people at your residence is no easy task! The temper, mood, preferences, and lifestyle of each person vary from the other. One must be very careful, calculative and meticulous with how they deal with each and every guest to avoid an Airbnb bad review. A happy rating on your accommodation earns you a clean reputation and thus brings in a steady stream of new potential customers. Below is a helpful guide for you to receive the best vacation rental review and understand your customers better: 

Why Do Guests Leave Negative Airbnb Reviews? 

  • Property Doesn’t Match The Photos 

One of the most common reasons why your guests might be leaving bad reviews is that you may have misled them. Either you used an old photo of your accommodation and it doesn’t look true anymore or your photos don’t accurately reflect your property. Making a space look bright and appealing is a key point of advertising, but if you take it too far, it will kill your efforts to hold customer retention. 

  • Unhappy with the Service Provided

Either your hospitality lacked in its kindness or there were appliances that didn’t work around the house. There are many ways in which your service must have lacked in quality.  

  • Missing Facilities That Were Mentioned in Your Description 

If you mentioned your house is centrally heated/cooled and your guest reaches to find that not functioning, they are definitely going to leave a negative review on your residence. 

Top Common Negative Guest Review On Airbnb And How To Prevent Them:

  • Ungracious Host

Being polite, understanding and patient is the key to winning your guests’ hearts and leaving a good impression. And the best way to avoid an Airbnb negative review

  • Lack Of Hygiene 

Most guests like to reach their Airbnb and expect it to be in tip-top condition. Good cleaning services are at the pinnacle of importance, so make sure you have a good team.

  • Bad/Unresponsive WiFi

Everyone expects their WiFi performance to be 20/20. Make sure you have the internet running smoothly and fast. Some Airbnb’s even charge for higher speed internets… that is a quickfire way to get a set of bad reviews fast

  • Lack Of Privacy

Windows without curtains or proper installment of doors on bathrooms/bedrooms is a huge NO for newcomers. Ensure the property has high fences also unless it is properties setting calls for otherwise. 

  • Central Heating/Cooling Issues

Your guests, if they’re coming in the winter or summer, usually expect their new residence to have balanced temperatures to avoid discomfort.  

  • No Washer/Dryer

Regardless of personal preferences or not, everyone loves having their sheets and clothes clean after checking in to their Airbnb. Some Airbnb’s also charge additional fees for using the washer or dryer.. once again, It’s really not worth the bad review.

How to Prevent Airbnb Bad Reviews

  • Communication is Key 

Always talk to your guests about any issues, problems or troubles they have. Ask them if they have any and discuss solutions. Don’t let a guest leave unhappy, even if you don’t ‘cop’ a bad review, poor word of mouth marketing can crush your business very fast

  • Apologize and Provide Compensation (Gift Vouchers)

Improve the quality and future of your business by pleasing your displeased guests with compensation for their discomfort at your residence. An awesome company that is currently trending is called “chocolategram”, you can send your guests who have had a bad experience a cheap pack of chocolates as a gift after their poor experience. A cute note such as “I know your experience with us was bitter, hopefully, this can sweeten it up”, usually always works at brining 98% of those unhappy customers back to your team.

  • Get Creative During Their Stay 

Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and sometimes you lack the appliances your guest needs. Maybe they need to iron their suit for a wedding and you don’t have an ironing board… You as a host need to be a master tactician and get creative. Create quick solutions and make sure that the customer has a positive experience. Offer to take them to the dry cleaners or even bring over your ironing board. Customer satisfaction is key, within reason of course.

  • Take Action As Quick as Possible 

Try solving your guests’ problems quickly and not leave them waiting. The longer they sit in disappointment the harder it will be to persuade them back to come back to your team.

  • Keep Your Guests Up to Date with Any Changes/Damages 

If anything goes wrong at the accommodation before your guests arrive, then make sure to communicate it to them. It would be better for them to know in advance.  

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