Airbnb Business Traveler

How Can You Make Your Property Perfect For Airbnb Business Travelers

All the managers who are supervising Airbnb properties are seeking to house as many Airbnb business travelers as possible, as this directly influences their profits. For this, along with the tourist guests, another category of customers that Airbnb managers need to attract is business travelers, because such guests travel more frequently. Due to their work and packed meeting schedules, business travelers are often required to travel all around the globe. These people are generally low-maintenance guests, and they have elementary demands that can be easily addressed. 

Because these guests travel for business meetings, such people only plan short trips, and on that, they spend even less time in the property. Thus, hosting them proves to be a profitable and hassle-free task for the hosts. 

A host can also develop a repo among these guests. Their visits are frequent. Hence a better experience for them means reliable business for the property. They also provide people to people marketing for the business. 

Hence, Airbnb business travelers are popular target customers among Airbnb hosts who are looking forward to maximizing their profits.

With that said, it needs to be mentioned that just knowing your target audience is not enough. Instead, as an Airbnb host, it falls upon you to actively pursue your guests. For this, you should introduce some minor changes to your property that will attract these people. Doing so will ensure that the Airbnb filter does not exclude your listing when the guests are searching for specific properties that match their needs. So, to know more about these minor changes read our next section!

Essential tips to get your property listed under work collection

If you want your property to be featured in the work collection list then you need to ensure that it has flexible cancellation policies, it has a certain number of positive reviews and ratings, and it offers specific amenities and services that are of use to the Airbnb business travelers. If, as a host, you meet these requirements, only then can your property be highlighted as an accommodation suitable for work trips. Thus, to attract Airbnb business travelers, here are some suggestions that you might appreciate.

Reviews and rating requirement

For hosting Airbnb business travelers, there are specific requirements concerning reviews and ratings that need to be fulfilled. 

A lot of times, it happens that people need to go for business meetings on short notices. In such cases, the travelers get a short time to pack their essential belongings and to figure out their bookings. If you want your property to be highlighted for Airbnb’s work collection, then one mandatory condition is that you would need to have responded to 90% of the booking requirements within 24 hours of the inquiry over the past year. Accomplishing this will demonstrate your responsiveness to your guests, which is an essential parameter for hosting Airbnb business travelers.

Another thing that Airbnb business travelers consider before booking with you is your rating. Business travelers expect to stay with seasoned hosts who are familiar with the needs and requirements of Airbnb guests. They prefer managers who have a good track record and who have hosted satisfied guests in the past. Thus, to qualify for the work collection, a host is required to have a 4.8 or higher overall rating and also an average check-in rating of 4.8 or higher in the last year. It must be noted, those hosts who have less than five ratings cannot qualify for work collection.

These are the reviews and rating requirements that hosts require if they want to make easy money by hosting hassle-free Airbnb business travelers.

Service and amenity requirements

Airbnb Business travelers include people who go on short trips for business purposes. Naturally, these people search for accommodations that are cozy and comfortable and where they will be left to themselves, at least for the most part. Therefore, such travelers prefer staying in places that are either ‘entire homes’ or private rooms with private or ensuite baths. So, if you want to attract Airbnb business travelers, then you will need to ensure that your property belongs to one of the following categories:

House, Chalet, Bungalow, Townhouse, Apartment, Condo, B&B, Hotel, Guesthouse, Loft, Villa.

Apart from this, another thing that you would need to ensure as a host if you wish to attract Airbnb business travelers, is to offer your guests specific amenities. So, if your property provides a work desk, secure wi-fi connection, iron, hangers, hairdryers, bed linen, pillow, toilet paper, towel, TV, CO2 and smoke detectors, soap, shampoo, laptop-friendly workspace, etc., only then your listing will qualify for the work collection accommodation.

Lastly, one more thing that you need to take into account for hosting Airbnb business travelers is that these guests go in and out of the property at all hours (during the day and night). It is important to ensure that these guests can self-check-in. For this, either your property should feature smart locks, or you should have a doorman who stays on duty 24/7. 

So, upon fulfilling these requirements, your chances of hosting Airbnb business travelers can significantly increase.

Cancelation policy

People who travel for business purposes have a very dynamic schedule. Like they need to rush for meetings on the drop of a hat; similarly, their meetings also get rescheduled or canceled without prior notice. It happens all the time. Therefore, if you are targeting Airbnb business travelers, then you would have to stay ready for these sudden and frequent cancellations. To comply with this, you will have to offer flexibility around travel arrangements to your guests and select flexible or moderate cancellation policies for your property. This will provide the Airbnb business travelers some space in case they have any changes in their schedule.

Thus, if you want to host Airbnb business travelers, then consider offering flexible or moderate cancellation policies so that your guests do not feel cheated.

How to get added to Airbnb’s work collection?

As discussed above, to qualify for the work collection, there are specific requirements that a host must meet. If you will fulfill these conditions and follow the above-stated suggestions, then Airbnb will automatically add you to its work collection listing. Featuring in this list will mean being seen by the Airbnb business travelers community when they are searching for accommodation for their business trip.

The addition to this category increases the reputation of an Airbnb host. It enables them to charge a certain premium account. They also attract more guests. Overall this means more profitable business.


If you are an owner or Airbnb manager who wants to host low-maintenance and hassle-free guests who will gladly agree to pay market rates for their stay, then consider hosting Airbnb business travelers. But to make this possible you will first need to qualify for Airbnb’s work collection list by fulfilling specific conditions. The automation offered by Hosty’s Airbnb management software may help you ease this process. Once you become eligible for this list by introducing the required amendments, it is going to be easier for you to win more bookings and to maximize your profits. 

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