How To Manage Airbnb

Some award-winning tips on how to manage Airbnb listing

So you’ve purchased your vacation rental property, furnished it beautifully and set up your Airbnb profile correctly. Now that you’re ready to rent your Airbnb – what’s next? In order to be a vacation rental management success, you need to learn how to manage Airbnb listings in the best way possible. So how do you manage Airbnb listings like a professional? Keep reading to learn some great tips and tricks for being the best of the best.

How to manage Airbnb like a pro

Understand what you need to do

One of the first steps to proper management is to understand everything that’s involved in managing Airbnb properties. Not only do you have to promote your listings, talk to guests, manage a calendar, and upkeep your properties, you also have to manage the business side of things. Insurance, accounting, finance and cash flow are all things you’ll have to add to your day to day to do list. Being realistic about the time commitment to the task of managing your Airbnb listings is essential as getting overwhelmed can be detrimental to your business. If you’ve taken a long, hard look at the time commitment and need to find a way to make things easier, there are a few options that will make a lot of sense.

Consider a vacation rental manager

If you’re really pressed for time, find out how to manage Airbnb listing by using a vacation rental manager. There is a significant cost associated with this option, but it makes owning a vacation rental simple and stress-free. Learn more about the ins and outs of vacation rental managers.

Automate what you can

With a little ingenuity, you can automate your most often done tasks that will help you save time. Resources like Quickbooks and Google have automation features that can help you make repetitive tasks quicker. Investing in keyless entry systems or self-guided tours of your rentals, can make check-ins/outs simpler and can save you from going to the rental to hand over keys or give a tour every time.

Pro tip: Use Hosty’s SavedMessage feature to save often-used messages so you can respond to your guests quickly and efficiently.

Use a vacation rental management platform

For the most efficient way to manage your Airbnb properties, using a vacation rental management software is a great solution. Looking for the best one on the market? Hosty of course! Hosty is an incredible vacation management software that can help you reach your business goals with virtually no hassle. Our easy to use platform is a wonderful way to organize your listings, message guests, and monitor prices. The best part about Hosty? You can try it out for free! Click here to start your free trial now.

Now that you know how to manage Airbnb efficiently, you have the ability to become an amazing short-term vacation manager. We wish you success in your business! Ready to dig deeper? Click here to read some more of Hosty’s informative blogs.